3 Best Niches To Make Money Re Uploading YouTube Videos (WORKING IN 2022)

What’s going on guys Thomas Garrett’s Here and in this video I’m going to show You the three best niches that you can Use to make money just by simply Re-uploading other people’s YouTube Videos and yes this method is still Working like clockwork today in 2022 but Unfortunately so many people are just Doing it wrong and teaching the wrong Way so in this video I’m going to show You exactly how to download and create The videos the correct way and I’m also Of course going to show you those three Niches but I’m going to show you example Channels in those niches that are Actually doing this method and I’ll be Showing multiple ways to monetize these Videos without any issues at all however You’re going to want to make sure and Watch this entire video because if you Skip ahead or leave early you’re gonna Miss out on key steps that will show you Exactly how to do this method and then Just make sure to smash the like button Let’s get into the video alright so like I said in this video I’m going to show You the three best niches to make money Just just by simply re-uploading YouTube Videos but I Wanna Give You a slight Caveat here because so many people on YouTube they’re either teaching this the Wrong way or doing this the wrong way And people think when you hear Re-uploading that you can just literally

Take anyone’s video re-upload the entire Thing and then just start making money With no issues at all and that’s just Not how it works on YouTube If you Upload a video and it’s just completely Someone else’s that’s going to get you a Copyright strike just plain and simple The video has to be transformative so What that means is you have to either Add in some editing some voice over some Commentary put in some different clips Some text on the screen Etc right so you have to actually put in The work if you want to be successful With a YouTube business now it doesn’t Have to sound so difficult or if you Don’t know how to do it you don’t have To be like oh I can’t do it because I Don’t don’t know how it’s like of course You don’t know how no one knows how Until they start doing it I didn’t know How to do YouTube when I started either But you gotta just figure it out and you Watch videos like this where I teach you How to do it the right way so no we’re Not just going to re-upload other People’s videos and take the entire Thing but you can re-upload people’s Clips from their YouTube videos you can Take clips from different places and Then put it together in an editor you Can use a free editor a paid editor There’s so many ways to do it and I’ll Show you a very simple way to do it

Towards the end of this video but just Understand that you have to do this the Right way there is no Shortcuts To Success period so I hope you understand That and with that being said let’s get Right into Niche number one which is the Car Niche or Automotive Niche right so This is a channel right here Neo Auto And then I have another one pulled up I Have two channels for each Niche pulled Up okay and this is top cars TV so There’s a few different ways to go about The automotive Channel or industry Whatever you want to call it so top cars TV they do more like the list based Videos and in my opinion those are Better at least for me okay now if you Go to Neo Auto right here he basically Picks a new vehicle and he does a Complete in-depth review now both of Them they’re not using their own they’re Re-uploading clips from different YouTube videos different uh ads uh Different Instagram like anywhere they Can find Clips they do it and the reason That works is because they’re adding not Only a voiceover but they’re also Editing the stuff together right so That’s kind of the lane I like to stay In if I’m doing this now let me say one Thing there are a lot of channels where They’re like inspirational voice-overs From like famous people and then they Put Clips on top of that at I’m just not

As much of a fan as that because you can Still get hit with reused content Because you’re not changing the Voiceover right you’re just adding Clips I like when you add a voiceover and you Add Clips you can try both ways if you Want but I’m going to show you the way That I know works for a fact with no Issues okay so I just wanted to add that In but yeah so both of these the same Thing you’re adding a voiceover and You’re adding Clips okay now the clips Aren’t yours but you’re editing them Together alright so all you do you Literally write a script and you do a Voice over and edit the stuff together It’s really so simple you don’t have to Complicate it at all okay so those are The that’s the first two channels for The first Niche the car Niche the Automotive Niche now Niche number two is The news Niche the news industry is Absolutely huge right and it’s gone so Much digital these days so channels like Hip hop daily are absolutely crazy but It doesn’t have to just be Hip Hop news You can have this isn’t my favorite Channel but it can be celebrity news Influencer news Etc the reason I say Rumored isn’t my favorite channel is Because if you look at the content they Make a lot of time channels like this They just use crazy click bait with the Craziest titles that really aren’t even

True or they’re just like hurtful you Know it’s one thing if you’re like Reporting on the news that’s fine with Me people can hate news anchors or Whatever all they want but you’re just Reporting on what actually happened okay There’s nothing wrong with that you’re Adding commentary and again you put Clips in the background let me actually Show you like for hip-hop daily I’ll get Back to rumored why I don’t like it in a Second but for example if I just click On this I don’t have uh my volume on Right now but basically this is like a Music video in the background so what He’s doing right now is just basic Basically commentating on news that Happened to little TJ who is that guy Right there okay so he’s talking about That and I guess the beef between him And a boogie so there’s nothing wrong With that but when you go over to like Rumored right it’s like this title why Cardi B’s parenting is more questionable Than you think how cardi B is slowly Killing her own career it’s just like Those titles I don’t like them I get It’s YouTube and stuff but a lot of time A lot of the stuff Maybe not this channel I guess I’ve Never really watched this channel I’m Just judging off the title but a lot of Channels that are in this industry they Use heavy click bait like they literally

Say like stuff that just isn’t true and It’s just not something I’m interested In however you can do whatever you want And I want to show you a niche that Works great in 2022 and these are I mean People love this stuff you know so that The news Niche is crazy all right and Before we move on to Niche number three I just want to say Um I’m going to be showing you how to Like download the videos and the Different ways to do that and how to Create the video after I show you the Third Niche I just want to show you Those first so you can kind of get some Ideas and just kind of understand how This all works okay and just so you know Like this channel right here hip hop Daily if we go back go to like their Social blade right here they’re making Crazy money and this can either be a Little higher or maybe somewhere in the Middle it just depends on their CPM I Don’t have a news channel so I don’t Know their exact CPM which is just how Much you get paid per thousand views but If they’re making even half that 10K a Month just from like reporting on news Like that’s very very easy and these Videos are going to be much quicker and Just more simple to make than like some Of the other ones but it really depends On you and what you’re interested in you Know what I mean but yeah so number

Three is definitely one of my favorite One because I’m an animal lover and That’s the animal Niche okay tons of Channels in this Niche you got animal Insider you got dog world and I’m a Super fan of these so I’m going to use This as the example of when I’m creating One just because I don’t know I just Like it but you can use any of these and At the end of this video I’m going to Link to a full in-depth tutorial that’s Going to show you how to do even more That I’m going to show you here and it’s Gonna be with a completely different Niche just in case you don’t like any of These three okay so yeah I mean same Thing here right like 15 poodle mix Breeds that will melt your heart all Right it’s the same exact thing they’re They’re basically just creating Educational content and again you’re Writing a script out and you don’t have To know any of this knowledge yourself You can literally go to Google and Search 10 facts about uh cocker spaniels Right and then you can just write it out In your own words after you see certain Things about them right it’s very very Simple to do this you just have to have Like a process to do it and I show all Of that inside of my no face YouTube Course at no facey.com and that’s why I Go super super in-depth and show Everything but now when it comes to

Actually creating these videos the way I Like to do it I have a super specific Process right like I don’t like Downloading the clips first what I do is I plan the video out I write the script And then I get the clips then you do the Rest but that’s kind of the way I like Going out about it but really quick I Just want to show you kind of like tools You can use to download the videos just So you can see that first and then I’ll Get into the rest of it okay so say you Wanna get some clips about a Saint Bernard so what you can do is you can Just type in Saint Bernard And then what you can do is you’ll see All these videos with like Saint Bernards and there’s also places like Pixels and pixabay and you can just type In any type of dog there but to download Videos from YouTube if that’s what You’re gonna do there’s a tool called Youtube5s.com and then just take the YouTube video link put it there or what You can do is every single operating System Windows uh Mac everything they All have a way to record your screen That’s also another way if you don’t Want to download the full video you Could just record your screen for a clip And then take it that way okay so I just Wanted to give that quick tip on how to Do that but now to actually create the Video in this example we’re going to be

Using the dog Niche because like I said I like it okay and we’re gonna first Start off by going to most popular Because I think that’s the best way to Find a video that will work the best When you’re creating them like you Always wanna basically really model After success like you want to find Proven results and do the same thing in Your own way okay so basically this Title right here 15 poodle mixed breeds That will melt your heart I would do Five poodle mix breeds that will melt Your heart right that’s how I would Start it out okay now we have the topic But now before we actually create the Video you want to do really two things Okay so we got our topic picked now you Want to watch this video I just watched It just to kind of see how they went About it because I’ve never made a dog Channel before but what you want to do Now after you have some information is You want to write the script and like I Said you can literally Google this stuff Which is what we’re gonna do but if you Want to just go off the video and write Kind of in your own words from that you Can do that too okay so I’m gonna just Copy this title right here so I’m just Going to take this title copy it and Then we’re going to open up a document Okay you can use notes or whatever you Want to use okay so I’m just going to

Paste that in there and and we’re doing The five now I’m just doing this for Example so I’m not going to write the Entire script right now but I just want You to kind of see the template and the Process I would use okay so you got the The title right there now if you know no Poodle mix breeds you’re going to want To go to Google and then you just type In poodle mix breeds and you can see all Of these popped up right here so golden Doodle you can literally click on it and Then it will tell you all these Different things about it so right here We’re going to take golden doodle right So then you would go breed Number one golden doodle right and then You could say like uh cool fact about And then you could say Um are they big or small you know just Put some stuff interesting facts about Them okay and then you would literally Do that so you would just do the same Thing for each one so then you got Labradoodle and you do the same thing It’s very very simple and once you have Like a process or like a template it’s Just easier to just kind of repeat that Does that make sense so that’s how you Would do it and then the most important Part is at the end of each script or the End of each video you want to have a Call to action you can do this in Multiple different ways you can have a

Call to action to have them subscribe And hit the like button right you’re Calling for them to take an action right Like And subscribe or you can have a way To make money which is another Monetization method the way I like the The truly the monetization method that Changed my life is affiliate marketing This is where you can promote other People’s products and earn a commission And all you have to do is put a link in Your description and you don’t have to Fulfill the product or do anything you Just make money obviously you need People to watch the video and click the Link but that’s what I suggest doing and Every single one of the channels I Showed you they just focus on YouTube Monetization like YouTube ad Revenue That’s obviously one of the best ways to Make money as a YouTuber but it’s always Better to have more than one income Stream okay so at the end of your script You could say something like hey thanks For watching click the link in the Description to X so before you know what To say there you got to have a product Right and one of the the easiest ways to Get affiliate products is to go to Places like ClickBank and ClickBank is a Marketplace where there’s hundreds and Thousands of people who upload their Products on there and then you can just Create a free account and promote it

Okay so for example once you create your Account you can just go to the Marketplace right up here and then you Can just search dog right and then you Want to go to keyword relevance right Here okay let me hide this And then you want to go to gravity Okay so you see right here brain Training for dogs that’s perfect because If you’re making a bunch of videos about Dogs people who have dogs are going to Be watching and they’re going to be Interested in this product and you can Make on average Thirty One dollars every Time someone purchases so that’s how you Would do it and a good way to know what To put in your script is just to click On the product right here and kind of See what it does so it develops your Dog’s hidden intelligence to eliminate Bad behavior and create the obedient Well-behaved pet of your dreams okay so You could word this however you want but You could say hey thanks for watching Click the link in the description to get The brain training for dogs to help Teach your dog to be more well behaved Or whatever okay so that’s just in uh an Example right and you could use any Product in any Niche there’s tons of Ways to get products but that’s just a Quick example and just a bonus way to Make more money okay but none of this Matters if you don’t actually create the

Video the right way so how are we going To create the video like I said there’s There’s free editors there’s paid Editors there’s all these different ways But in this video we’re going to use a Tool called Nvidia but you have to have An account now there is a free account But the only thing I want to say about The free account here is it does come With a watermark okay if you’re just Completely broke and you cannot afford Anything all right you could use it but Like I do not suggest doing that Especially when you’re starting a Business you have to take it serious That Watermark will end up costing you Much more money than the 15 a month okay But do know that’s the yearly cost okay So if you’re going to pay monthly it’s Double now if you use code gear it’s 25 When you sign up you can get 25 off your Entire order okay so I’d suggest at Least going with the business that works Fine okay but but regardless of what Count you decide to get this is what Nvidia looks like once you’ve created Your account and it really makes Creating videos like this so much more Simple and you’ll see why and usually I Use the text to video option which is What the tutorial at the end will show You that I’m going to link to at the end And that way is definitely the easier Way but I want to show something I’ve

Never shown before that I think could be Helpful with these niches so you Definitely don’t want to miss this okay So we’re going to go with the pre-made Templates and we’re just going to do This in a different way okay so once You’re on pre-made templates scroll all The way to the bottom and you’re gonna Have to like let it keep loading as You’re scrolling unless your computer is Like crazy fast or something but just Keep going until you can’t go anymore And as you can see these are listicles Okay so that’s perfect because we’re Doing a list based video about poodle Dog breeds right so just pick whichever One you want there’s tons of different Ones if I make this a little smaller you Can see there’s tons of different Different ones here okay and yeah so Just pick whichever one you want it Really doesn’t matter just pick which One you like okay so we’ll just go with Uh this one so you just want to go to Wide right here and then use this Template now this is like the advanced Editor in in video but the cool thing is It’s all like templated you see it’s got Text it’s got the numbers it’s got all This and then down here is a music file So we’re just gonna go to mute that way It doesn’t annoy you and now basically All you’re going to want to do here is Change the text and then change the

Background it’s literally that simple so We got our little script right here We’re going to take the five poodle mix Breed script we’re gonna copy that go Back here double click right there and You see this text pops up so then just Paste it Right in there okay so now you see it Kinda is too big so now you either want To just stretch it like that or you can Change the font size right up here and Then you’re going to want to change this To five obviously and then you want to Delete the the five right there okay so You get the five poodle mix breeds that Will melt your heart and you can move This up and there you go now you want The background okay so you can do this a Couple different ways the reason I love In video is because you can literally go To video right here and just type in Poodle you don’t have to download any Videos do anything it’s just all built In this is what makes it so amazing so You got different little poodles right Here so we’re just gonna go take this One and what you do now is you want to Click on it and hold it and then drag it Over this one and you want to replace it So now you can hit trim video to fit Scene you can make it as long or as Short as you need it to be I’ll just hit Trim video and then you just hit add Okay so now that’s the background and

Then if you go to the next scene just by Clicking here so for one you’d go back To your script and you would type in Right here golden doodle so go back here And then you could say breed number one Or just put the breed there and then you Could move it up and make it bigger if You wanted to right so it just makes it Really easy to use this template and Then again you can go to video and then Just type in golden doodle and then you Could just take this that doesn’t even Look like a golden doodle maybe it is I Don’t know but then you would just take It drag it replace and then trim video To fit scene and add okay now this is Where you can do a couple different Things all right if you wanted to you Could make that scene longer and then Rather than adding more text on the Screen you could just add the voice over Okay because you have more stuff you got A cool fact about Golden Doodles and You’re gonna say if they’re big or small Right so I should probably put this back On but you’re gonna say that about the Um golden doodle so you could literally Just say it in this scene where it just Says this on the screen or you can add More text on the screen okay so Obviously the way adding less text is Easier and the other channel that Whatever this channel is Dog World they Don’t have all the text on the screen so

You’re welcome to do it however you want Okay but just for example if you wanted To add an extra scene right all you Would have to do let me make this a Little smaller you just right click it And you could literally duplicate it Right and then if you wanted to just do Delete that you delete it and you can Put whatever text on the screen you want You could say golden doodles are known To be able to find nut allergies in People I think that’s what Wikipedia Said and then you could just have it Like that okay so that’s basically the Gist of how the the most important parts Of Nvidia work you add the text you add The video and you do it that way however If you wanted to like upload a video From YouTube right so if you want to go Back to this video right here and you Want to download some pieces of this Video to put it in a video what you do Is you take the the URL right here You’re going to copy this you’re going To want to go to that yt5s website right Here and then you’re going to paste in The URL right there and hit start And 720 is the highest which is fine you Hit get link right here and then you hit Download okay and you see it just got Downloaded right there and back on in Video If you go to uploads right here so Uploads you just drag it in there or What you can do is you can go if you

Want to have like separate folders if You have different types of content or Whatever you can go to folders right Here and then like I created this YouTube dog example folder so then you Just click on that and now you can drag It in there and now it’s in that Specific folder if you’re more organized Right so that’s how you would do it and Then if you wanted to add this among the Huge list do the same thing you would Drag it on there and you could replace It and then obviously you don’t want the Full eight minutes you just kind of drag This to the spots you want and then There’s a dragger on the other side Where you drag it like that and you pick The spot you want and then you hit add Right so it’s all very very simple to do Um A couple things that might come up you See this one if you click on the one and You go up here to text effects it’s this Little brush thing you can click that And that’s where you would change the Background color that’s something you Might want to do right if you want to Change it to like red or whatever color It doesn’t matter you can actually hit Replace all and that will change it to All of the ones so you see that’s not Green anymore it’s red okay so that’s Just something that might come up but Literally that’s how you do the scenes

Okay but the most important part like I Said you got to add a voiceover and the Scenes right so the voice over you click This little microphone so I always Suggest doing it yourself at the start You can use literally like your computer Microphone if it’s on your laptop if you Have a little cheap plug-in microphone You can use that you can also Outsource It so you can go to places like Fiverr And pay to have people do the voice over Yourself so you would just send them Your script and they would do the Voiceover and then you would upload it Just by going to upload right here or if You want to do it yourself you just hit Record voice over and then you hit this Record button for some reason my mic’s Not working so I’m just going to do this For example okay so basically you would Just say whatever you want to say and Then you would hit stop and then you Would hit add okay and then that’s your Voice over right there and that’s how You would do it but yeah that’s Basically how to use Nvidia to create Videos re-uploading other people’s Videos and that’s in my opinion the most Simple way to do it but there’s tons of Ways to do it right and I show much more Advanced strategies in my no face YouTube course at no face yt.com I just Know this video is already getting Pretty long I didn’t want to make it

Super super long but don’t feel the need To go purchase my no face YouTube course If you can’t afford it because you can Click the video on the screen right now And it’s completely free in-depth video That shows you kind of more in depth Into using Nvidia with a little Different strategy and a different Niche That tons of people love so definitely Check that video out here that’s all I Got love you guys I’ll see on the next Video

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