$91,000 on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Your Face (HERE’S HOW…)

This channel right here makes an Estimated ninety one thousand dollars a Year in ad Revenue alone and what's Crazy is they do it without ever showing Their face on camera so in this video Not only am I going to show you how you Can recreate these same exact faceless Videos completely step by step but I'm Also going to show you how to make money In ways that this channel doesn't even Do themselves so if you're excited make Sure to smash the like button and let's Get into the video alright so here's the Channel that I was showing you that made That 91k and AD Revenue but if you look At their videos right here most of them Are in the psychology Niche but that's Not what I want to show you here what I Want to show you is how pretty much Every video they do at least their most Popular ones are all what's called Listicle videos and that's just like top Five top 10 top 15 type videos and that Works for any Niche so that's the type Of video we're gonna do and I'm gonna Pick out one of their most popular Videos to kinda model off of that Because it's important to kind of repeat What's already had success that's how You can get the same result without Trying to guess you get what I'm saying So let's find a video here and I mean You can see it all I mean they're all Basically listical videos so let's do

This one because I like that Niche so It's the 10 best foods to boost brain Power and improve memory and the first Step to recreating these videos that you Have to do is making the title your own So you could do the 15 best foods or the Five best foods just change the number It's really that simple so now that's The first step of creating these videos Already done but now for step two we Have to write the script we can do it Our own way or we can use a tool called Vid IQ and vid IQ is a YouTube tool that Has a bunch of different features but The newest one is the AI coach which is Kind of like Chad GPT but basically you Can use it to write a script for you Okay if you know tons of stuff about This or you want to go do the research And write it yourself from scratch That's fine but I'm going to show you an Easy easier way okay so let's click on This video here for a second and I'm Just going to take this title and copy It okay I'm literally going to say write Me a script about and then I'm just Going to paste in the title right here So write me a script about the 10 best Foods to boost brain power and improve Memory so I'm going to change that to Five just so it's not a super long Script just for example purposes and Then all you want to do is hit send and As you can see it's going to write the

Entire script and to get access to vid IQ just go to vidiq.com Thomas Garretts And they actually have a 30-day trial For one dollar that you can get on this Page okay so definitely check that out And as you can see it wrote the whole Script right there okay so what I would Do is I would just take this and I would Copy it and then I would go put this in A document like you could put it in like A Google doc or something so let's do That quick and you could just leave it At this but the problem is it's Completely written by AI me personally If I'm trying to do this for real I'm Gonna go in and kind of change some Things around make it sound more like a Human you get what I'm saying so for Example you can see for number one they Say first up number two they say next up Number three they don't say anything so I would try and make them all like Congruent right so I'd be like all right So first we're gonna talk about fatty Fish second we're gonna talk about Blueberries and then third we're going To talk about dark chocolate fourth nuts And see you hear what I'm saying so you Can kind of do it in order and make it Sound like a human actually wrote it so I would go in change some things around For this example I'm not gonna do that Because I don't want to waste your time I think that's pretty obvious we've all

Had to write something in school before So just kind of change it up and make it Sound more like you like a human wrote It okay so I'm just gonna delete all These uh extra things right here because We don't want those and I'm going to Show you another tool we're going to use To basically make the video for us okay So just give me a second all right so I Got all that extra stuff deleted here Now like I said the next tool is gonna Basically make the video for us and that Tool is something I've talked about Before it's my favorite and most simple Video editor that also has some AI Involved in it and it's in video and it Is a paid software they do have a free Plan but you can't actually like export The videos on the free plan so make sure You at least go with the business it's 15 a month if you pay for the yearly but If you go for the monthly it's gonna Double the price of the business plan And the unlimited plan totally up to you Whichever way you want to go about it But definitely at least get the business Plan but now once you're in your account Of in video this is the dashboard and Then what you're going to want to do is Go up here to create new and then you're Going to want to go to text to video now They have tons of different templates Here it's really up to you what you want To choose it just kind of depends what

You like you see they're all different You can kind of look at them and see Kind of what they look like I'm just Gonna go with fun coffee facts okay so I'll click that one and then just make Sure you're on landscape 16×9 which is a Normal long form YouTube video and then Hit use this template and as you can see This is where you're going to enter your Script okay so we're going to go back to Our document take this so just copy Everything but the title and then go Back in here and paste it okay so you See that's the whole script and you're Usually going to want to separate it Because you don't want your sentences Too long but if I hit create scenes Right here they say hey that's too much Text for one scene do you want us to Rearrange it for you hit yes okay so you See they kind of separate it after each Sentence which is perfect and then just Hit create scenes all right so as you Can see it kind of automated the whole Process it added text and images or Videos on the background and there's a Few things you're going to want to do Here the first thing I would do is I Would look through all of these and then You see how like this scene is super Long right here and the text is super Small what you can do is you can Actually split that up into an extra Scene so like right here after this

Exclamation point what I would do is I Would go right there and then you want To go split text at cursor and that just Makes it so the text is smaller and you Can read it better you get what I'm Saying and then you want to go through All these and kind of just make sure They make sense because a lot of the Time it's not going to be perfect but What you can do is like right here this Is dark chocolate right go to videos Right here and all you got to do is type In dark chocolate I like using videos You can also use images it's totally up To you but we could just take this one Right here and put it there and then hit Add you see what I'm saying it's really That easy all you got to do is just Click a couple buttons and uh like right Here for some reason they have a seal Here Sometimes it like doesn't do it perfect You got to remember this is AI so just Go to like blueberries you can just grab Some blueberries and put it there and Then before you hit add just make sure You trim video to fit scene and then you Just hit add so yeah now you got Blueberries there instead of a seal Sometimes they just put some random Things or they use the wrong word for The AI so that's why you want to make Sure to go through all of them and make Sure that you like the video or image on

It okay so just make sure you do that Take a few minutes at most okay and then What you want to do is you want to go to Editor right here and then on all the Videos they automatically add an audio Like background thing and you can either Just delete it so just click on it and Hit backspace or if you want to keep it Just click on it and then go to volume And Fade up here and then over here just Make sure it's quiet enough where it's Not like overpowering because you are Going to add a voiceover which is the Most important part okay so what you're Going to want to do is go to voiceover Right here and there's really a few ways You can do this the most simple way is Just recording your voiceover inside of In video and literally if you have a Microphone or you're using a laptop with A built-in microphone all you do is you Would go right here you would hit this Record button and it's gonna count down And then you can see I'm talking and It's doing this right here so then once You're done you'd be like hey there Brain boosters welcome back to our Channel hit stop and then you can listen To it right here okay there brain Boosters welcome back to our Channel Okay so then you would just kind of trim That to right there and then hit add so Now if I zoom in a little bit basically You can do it one clip at a time and

Then just shorten the clip or if you Want to do the whole voice over at once You can do it that way and one other Option if you don't have a microphone or A built-in microphone for your computer You can just use your phone Voice Memos App so for each individual scene you Would take your phone Your Voice Memos App that every phone has and you would Click start recording and you would just Say hey there brain boosters welcome Back to our Channel done and then you Would send it to your computer you could Email it to yourself whatever and then You would go right here to voiceover and Then you would hit upload your voiceover File upload it and do the same thing Right there it's very very simple and Again just make sure you shorten each Scene because some scenes are going to Be longer if you talk slower you might Have to make the scene even longer so You never really know until you get into It but let's just hit play and see what It sounds sounds like hey there brain Boosters welcome back to our Channel And you see right when I finish talking It goes to the next scene okay now if You're like I don't want to do a Voiceover there's plenty of ways to Outsource voiceovers for example you can Go to something like Fiverr and pay Someone five dollars to do the voiceover For you and then you would just send

Them your script have them record the Voice over and then you would go here Upload it it's very very simple but just Make sure you have a voiceover that's The most important part and that's Basically your video okay so once you're Done you would hit export and then right Here make sure it's 1080 and then hit Export now while this video is rendering What you want to do is you want to make A thumbnail for your video again if you Really want to you can go to Fiverr and Pay someone five dollars it might even Be less you could probably get a couple Thumbnails for five dollars so if you're Like I don't want to do it you can do That but if you want I use canva it's Not like difficult like Photoshop or Anything and it's you can literally Start with a free account you don't need The paid account I do have the paid Account but you do not need it okay so I'm going to show you how to do it Completely free just use the link down Below to get a free account but just go To create design once you have your Account and you're going to want to go To custom size right here a YouTube Thumbnail Is 1920 by 1080. okay so Create new design now if we go back to This video right here let's go back what I like about this thumbnail is it's very Very simple they don't even have any Text at all and you can do thumbnails in

Many different ways right like you can See they have a lot of text on some they Have a little bit of text no text so try Different things but for this one we're Going to recreate this because it has 2.2 million views so obviously it worked Okay so what we're gonna do is back on Canva the first thing you want to do is They had like a dark background right so Go to elements here and just type in Like uh let's see black gradient Background I don't know okay so here's The thing if you have the pro account You see right there that's only going to Be free if you have the pro account but This one right here doesn't have Anything so if you have the free account You can use this one if you have the pro Account you can use any of these other Ones okay but I'm just going to use the Free one so let's make this bigger Right there Center it now the next thing they had Was a brain right so let's do a brain or Maybe we'll do a empty brain as you see The video just got done but we'll do That after this okay so again this is Pro this is free okay so we want the Free one so we're going to click that And we're going to make it bigger Center It again obviously you don't want it This color so click on this white part And click this plus to add new color I Would make it like a light gray I don't

Know something like that probably and Then this other orange part right here Click on that and then just use the same Color you just used okay so that's Pretty good and then what do they have Broccoli right so let's do something Like I don't know this one looks good And that could be good but I I think it Would actually look better if we flipped It so click on the broccoli and just hit Flip horizontal and do it like that and It kind of fits in the brain a little Better right something like that okay so That's what I would do and then if we go Back and look at theirs again they kind Of have a spotlight in the background so Let's see if we can find I don't know Like uh White Spotlight and again you see that This one is free there's no Pro on it so Let's use this one see if we can make This look good just make it way bigger And then what you want to do is you want To right click it and you want to go to Layer and you want to go to send to back And now it's behind it so that's not Terrible okay but you could probably Find something better you could even Type in like white gradient maybe you'll Find something better for free yeah like This one here let's delete that this one Right here probably going to be better So let's make this big And you see it's black so we want to

Make this white yeah this is going to be Way better so right click that go to Layer send to back and yeah that that's Good and now this uh this thing right Here you might even want to make it a Little darker right so you can make it a Little darker gray just so it stands out A little more like that and then go to This one right here and then just choose That same color okay so there you go the Thumbnail is done so go to share Download and then PNG download and now Right here we got our video and our Thumbnail okay so now what we want to do Is we want to go to YouTube and actually Upload the video alright so this is just My example Channel that I use for YouTube videos and you definitely want To make sure you have a specific Channel Made for your YouTube like for the Videos you're going to be uploading so If it's like a psychology based Channel Or a food based Channel use that in your Name this was when I made my motivation Channel so it's motivation connect right It makes sense and I'll link that video At the end of this video so you can kind Of see how I made this stuff I don't Want to waste your time doing that Because I'm sure most you understand how To start a YouTube channel okay but what You want to do is you just want to go up Here to create and then hit upload video And then we'll just go to select files

And our video is right here so we'll Just double click that and the title Again if we go back to our document our Title is right there okay so let's copy This and then just paste that right There and again yours would probably be The 15 best foods or whatever it is okay But that's what we're gonna do for ours And the description we'll do in a minute But we'll leave that blank right now for The thumbnails we'll upload our Thumbnail click that upload thumbnail That thumbnail looks sick I'm not gonna Lie Um and then what you want to do right Here is no it's not made for kids and Then for the tags tags are a lot less Important right here tags are a lot less Important than they used to be that's Just a fact everyone knows that but if You do have vid IQ and you downloaded Their Chrome extension they'll give you A bunch of like suggestions for tags Right here so just select a few of their Suggestions right there or just Basically just make sure you enter in at Least your title okay so like if you're Just doing it off the top of your head You add your title you say uh best foods To boost brain power right but again They're just not that important okay and Then what you want to do is just click Next right here and the end screen is Definitely something I suggest doing

It's what I do for all my videos where I'm like all right if you want to watch This motivation video click the video on The screen right here and it helps People kind of watch more videos and it Builds a stronger subscriber base on Your channel so obviously if it's your First video you can't do that but once You have more videos you would just hit Add and then add a video to the end and Uh yeah that's what I would do for that Then just hit next no copyright issues Found next and then once you're done you Would go to public and then hit publish Okay but we're not done just yet so what We're going to do is we're gonna make it An unlisted video and then we're gonna Hit save okay because we still want to Edit that description so I'm going to Close this for now and then back over Here what I want you to do is go to a Website called ClickBank and this is an Affiliate Network where you can find Products that you can promote as an Affiliate and if you don't know what That means basically you're just Promoting someone else's product and for Every sale you get you earn a commission Okay it's very basic but just make sure You click right here start here and then Don't do this just hit skip this quick Start guide and then hit sign up right Here okay I already have an account so I'm just going to log in all right so

Now once you're on the marketplace at The top after you've created your Account there's basically a category for Everything okay so we'll just hit all Right here and if you're in the health And fitness or the green products or You're in Psychology so maybe Spirituality would be good for Psychology there's basically something For every Niche okay this product was About health right so maybe we'd want to Go to hell health and fitness and just Click on that and then what you can do Is you can actually sort it and I Personally would sort it by gravity okay So let me move this over here I would go Gravity high to low and what gravity Means is it's basically what people are Having the best success with promoting And I would probably stick with one of The the higher tier products just Because they're already selling so you Know they have a good sales process okay So just for example let's choose this Diet offer so what you want to do is hit Promote right here and then you just Want your nickname right there is your Account name and that's going to be Automatically entered in there if you're Signed in so then you just hit create Hop link and this is our link my video Is kind of hiding it that's our link Right there and what you're going to Want to do is hit copy and now you want

To go to this website right here Bitly.com all right so you want to Scroll down a little bit right here and Then you just want to paste in that link That we just copied okay so now this Long ClickBank link which is your hop Link or your affiliate link if we hit Shorten it turns into the this nice Small link that looks much better on a YouTube video okay so just hit copy and Now back on our channel right here our Video you're going to want to go to Details and then right here all you do Is get the number one diet product today And then paste it in there and then you Would just hit save and now everyone who Goes to that video if they're interested In diet or health they might get that Product and then you make a commission And that's the power of affiliate Marketing but just make sure that your Channel is verified on YouTube and you Don't just Spam affiliate links right Because YouTube doesn't like that if You're a brand new channel so just be Smart and be patient because you're not Going to make money instantly like it Took me six months on YouTube before I Made a dollar so don't feel bad you can Definitely do it but you just got to be Willing to put in that work and be Patient that's just number one you got To be patient okay but now if you're Interested in affiliate marketing though

I did just launch a new affiliate system With my buddy Jonathan and you can go to Www.theprofitmachine.com to learn more About that but if you want to learn more About YouTube and how to do YouTube Without showing your face definitely go To my no face YouTube course at no Facey.com oh and by the way if you Wanted to watch that motivation video That I was talking about you can click The video on the screen right now And that's all I got I love you guys I'll see on the next video

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