AI Multimarketer Review and Demo | UNLIMITED Emails, SMS & Whatsapp WITH ChatGPT

Hey and welcome back to vid Society so If you use chat GPT and if you do Marketing Online email marketing SMS Messaging or even WhatsApp you may Really be interested in the product I'm Going to be showing you today called AI Multi marketer now below this video I'll Put the links to this product and other Resources you may be interested in but Let's jump into this so I can show you What it's all about so this is called Ai Multi-marketer and I think starting off It's only going to be like 18 at least During launch week so if you're Interested in this you may want to pick It up as soon as you can And it's going to give you access to a Lot of features where you can import Contacts from emails from SMS or WhatsApp and then you can bulk send Messages to them as many as you want They have different Services you can Integrate to set up for your SMTP for Your mail configuration for SMS Everything is here that you need to do This with so what I'm going to do is Show you where I got mine set up and I've already been able to send emails With it so let's jump over here first And we can click on chat gpt3 templates Now here we can add email templates to Send SMS templates and even WhatsApp Templates so let's say we do email Marketing I could come up here and click

On add email template now what I'm going To do is just copy this text here and Paste it in this box but this is just Like chat GPT so you can type in Anything you want here to tell chat GPT And then it's going to create an email For you based on that now there are a Few upsells with this product you may Not need any of these upsells but Depending on how much marketing you do Or how in-depth you go with this type of Marketing you may want to pick up a few Of those and one of those is going to Give you a lot of extra done for you Email prompts already created for you so You just point and click and then just Maybe edit a few words now currently I Do not have this option enabled in my Account so I can't show you this but There is another demo video on the main Sales page you can watch that shows you How this works otherwise you can just Simply type in anything you want here And then click on search on chat GPT and It's going to create the email for you Just like this now once you have your Email created you can simply copy the Subject here paste it in your subject Line you can edit this if you want to Obviously you want to replace maybe the Keyword of the the product name or Whatever it is and you can save your own Templates here by doing this now the Other option is you can come down here

To templates list and you can see all The templates that you've created here In this area once you have them now one Of the first things you want to do is to Get your configuration set up now for me I'm going to be using this mostly to Send emails so I want to come down to Where it says mail configuration and Down here this is where you can either Sign up or add the information you need From your SMTP provider and you can see Here you can sign up for free SMTP Accounts through these places now most Of these offer a free account up to so Many emails per day per week or per Month and then from there you can Upgrade for a pretty small fee pretty Reasonable fee now the one that I use is Called SMTP to go I don't see that one On here but all you have to do to enter Your details if you use a different SMTP Than what's up here is to come down here At the bottom click on edit under or Beside of SMTP and then here are your Configuration settings where you just Enter your details and submit it and Then it's going to use that to send out The emails now under SMS API Gateway You're going to see some options here You can use if you send out SMS messages And then under the WhatsApp setting you Can simply come in here and just fill Out the details you need for this to Send out messages on Whatsapp you'll

Also see an option here that says create Opt-in script so this is going to give You the option to create and opt-in form To put on your website to collect leads If you want to do it that way for me Personally I use other Auto responders Where I collect my leads and then I can X support those leads and then come in Here to my phone book contact and then You can either manually click add new Contact and put in their information Here or you can import them or export Them and you can do that both with SMS And then also under the email addresses You'd simply go under contacts Click on add new contact and you can see Here where you can add them manually or You can import contacts using a CSV file And they will all be added here for you To use and to mail now once you have This set up all you have to do is come Down to the messaging and mail part and You can see here where you can bulk send SMS messages so if we click on that one You can see the options that you have Available here for that and it works Similar to the chat gpt3 templates that We did earlier basically you're going to Put your information in up here of who You want to send your SMS messages to Whether it's an individual whether you Created a group that has multiple Individuals in it or you can even use a File and upload to send to and then from

There you're going to come down you're Going to give it a script click on Search on chat GPT it's going to create The script for you and then you can Submit it and it works the same way with WhatsApp let's go ahead and open that One so you can see what it looks like Very similar the layout's pretty much The same for all these options we'll Next get down to bulk email click on Send email and then here we can choose Who to send email to I'll just go ahead And give you a quick example because I Added my email address in here so I'm Going to click my email address and then If you created a group that has multiple Email addresses in it you can select That under the optional information if You want the send from name and the Reply to email address to be different Than what you have in the settings you Can update that here and then you're Just going to tell it to create a script For you it's going to create it and then You can send it so let's go ahead and do That okay so what I did is I just typed In here write an email script to promote A product called AI multi-marketer this Product would generate AI content for Sending emails and SMS messages we're Going to click on search on chat GPT Give it just a minute here to create the Email for us now that this has created What we would want to do is come down

Here and edit it so I'm going to copy This part of it which is the subject and Paste it in the subject area and then I'd want to come down here and properly Format my email so I'm going to take Just a minute here to do that okay so it Took me a couple minutes I broke up this Content obviously I could do more if I Wanted to but just for this example I'm Going to leave it like this and also up Here at the top you can see in a subject Where you can add emojis now to do this Just go to Google search for emojis and You'll find several websites that has Tons of them and you simply just Highlight them copy them come back here And paste them and it'll show up here in Your subject lines which always helps to Increase your clicks on your emails so Once you're done with that you can Either choose to send now or send it Later I'm going to go ahead and send it Now and submit it and we're going to Jump over to my email here in just a Second so you can see what it looks like And here's the email we just received it From me to me says discover Ai Multi-marketer and then if we click on It it's going to take us in and show us Our email that easy all you have to do Is either start building an email list And collecting those email addresses or The ones you already have you can import Directly into here set up your SMTP

Provider and you can start mailing now There's also in-depth training provided So if you get stuck or hung up on Anything in here you can come over and Click on training and in here you're Going to find a short video a long video That's more in depth and then a Breakdown of each section showing you How to do everything with a AI Multi-marketer so a decent tool picking It up now for about 18 it gives you some Great features that you can use if you Do this type of marketing that's it for This video guys if you enjoy these types Of in-depth reviews be sure to subscribe To my channel comment below let me know What you think and I will see you on the Next one have a great day

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