Amazon Affiliate Plugin For WordPress | AffiliNinja Review and Demo

Hey and welcome back to vid Society so I Know many of you are using WordPress to Do your product reviews with promoting Different types of products and I want To show you a really neat WordPress Plugin I recently found I added it to One of my WordPress sites here for my Home reviews video Channel I want to Explain how I have this website set up And what I'm using this new WordPress Plugin for to help boost my conversions With my affiliate products now as always All the resources I mentioned will be Listed underneath this video in the Description box if you want to go there And check them out yourself this WordPress website is a reflection of my Home reviews YouTube channel that I have Where I do product reviews for physical Products on Amazon and I have a whole Course about this if you guys don't Already know it's a YT How I do this how I get these products Free and earn money from it now but what I want to show you in this is this is a WordPress website that I set up and I'm Using my YT Evo plugin to automatically Import my YouTube videos and content Into this website so I really don't do Much with this website at all it kind of Runs on its own so for example if we Come down here and if I open up a couple Of these links here you're going to see Where my YT Evo plugin Imports this

Video it Imports the title it Imports The content from the video as well as The transcript and then I have some ads Down here on YouTube but what I'm going To be showing you in this video is that This new WordPress plugin that I found That I'm using it lets me put boxes Anywhere I want to on these posts to Promote or recommend products from Amazon so let me show you one of those Let me jump back up here we'll go to This one here this is my latest product Review And you can see right underneath this Video it has a box here it has an image It has the title of it the price and a Buy now button now this was created for Me just by entering the URL for this Product it automatically adds my Affiliate link and everything right Under this video so this looks so much Better than just having a link Underneath that says click here to visit Amazon now another one I want to show You let's jump over to this one these Were some solar lights I reviewed and You can see this is another option here These are like top selling products you Can set these up to go on your WordPress Post also and then if I scroll on down You can see that there's also comparison Type images that you can put on your WordPress post and you can edit Everything on here to customize anything

You want the images the titles The Columns the rows how many ever and I'm Going to show you all that here in just A second okay so here we are in the back End of my WordPress dashboard now this Plugin is called affiliate ninja and Like I said I'll put the link below you If you guys want to check it out all you Have to do to get this set up is you Enter your license key up here in this Box and then down below you're going to Enter your Amazon product API key Settings so if you are already in a Amazon associate or an Amazon affiliate Then you can log into your account and Let me just go ahead and do that because I can show you where it's at okay so Here I am inside of my associates Account and if you go under Tools you'll See where it says product advertising API this is where you're going to create Your API key and your secret key that You can use to enter in this box and in This box and then you're going to enter Your partner tag here the marketplace Mine is that's what I'm using And then here you can enter any Asin Product name to test it to make sure it Works so for example I already had this One where I tried it before you click on Test and then you're going to see where It pops up here so it shows you that it Is working if it's not working then You've got something in these settings

Wrong here now once you have those Settings done you're going to come over To your posts and under here you're Going to come over and click on edit With the block editor or with the Gutenberg editor you cannot do this with The classic editor or Elementor or Anything else like that so if you have Those you would have to convert it using Gutenberg in order to use this plug-in So for example one of them right now you Can see this one here I edited with the Classic editor if you have the classic Editor all you would have to do is click On block editor and then if you click Anywhere in here you're going to see a Little pop-up here at the top that says Convert to blocks so if you click on That it's automatically going to convert It to Gutenberg blocks just like this It's still going to look the same as Your post but then you can come in here And you can add and use the blocks then So let's jump back and I want to show You how I had mine set up so first we'll Come in here to the fedoni projector I'm Going to click on the Block Editor to Edit it And you're going to see here this is it Right here so here we have the video Where it embedded it and then this is Where I add it so if I wanted to add say Another one I could just come down here And we'll hit enter make another line

Here and then hit one plus And then browse all And then over here you're going to see a Philly ninja and then the different Types of boxes they have so there's Currently six of them there's a product Box there's a top pick box A rating box the comparison table Recommended products and a pros and a Con box I'm not going to go through and Show you all of these you can learn more From their website how each of these Looks but if you go to product box this Is by far the easiest one to use so if We click on it you can see down here Where it adds another box and then all You have to do is you can manually edit All this stuff if you want to if you Have your own images you can upload them Here or select them from your media Library you can change the title but What I suggest you do for this option What makes it the easiest is to come Over here on the right hand side and You'll see some options here this one Says search via acen and this is by far The easiest way so if you come up here And say you're on an Amazon product page That you want to promote this product And all you have to do is come up here To the top in the URL and if you go tier To the end of the URL you're going to See where it says DP slash and then After that this is going to be the Asin

So if you copy this And you jump back over and paste this It's going to automatically populate This for you including your affiliate Link based upon the settings that you Used when you set it up And now you can change this so if I Wanted to I could click in here and Change the title even and you have all Different kinds of settings over here so You can you can show product subtitle Show product description and if you Don't want all this you can take it and You can delete it you can edit it However you want to to show only what You want to show I'm going to go ahead And take this off for now and this one But down here you can see you also have Settings for your image so if you want You can make your image bigger you can Make it smaller and depending on what WordPress theme you're using and the Width of your WordPress post you may Want to adjust this so it fits best for It You can also adjust the product title The H2 tags all the callers the pricing The buttons everything with these you Can edit so let me jump back over here And let me show you the other one I did With the comparison table that was on This one We're going to edit it you can see here This is the one that I used here now

With this one you can't enter an Asin For each one it'd be great if they have It set up that way but for now all I did Was I went to Amazon I saved the images Uploaded them to my media library and Then all you have to do is let's say I Want to delete this image I can click Delete And then here it says choose I already Have it in the media library so I'll go Here Click on it select and there it is again Now if I don't want three of these let's Say I only want two of these I can come Up here and maybe delete this middle one And then just have to let's say I just Want to keep it like that we can do that Too and then you can add whatever you Want for the title the rating and then Also for the buy now button you simply Highlight the text here in the button And then you're going to come up to link And you're going to add your link to it And it's ready to go just like that And then scrolling on down here is the One for the comparison This is just as easy to use because once You add it you add it just like the Other ones so you're going to go up here Go to an empty space go to your blocks Browse all and then you're going to Select comparison table and you can see If I add the default one this is what it Looks like and then to change it all you

Do is you delete these images that they Have up here so hit delete delete delete And then you select uh text image rating Button this is going to be an image so You do image and then you can choose to Upload an image or from your media Libraries would go here pick your image It adds it would do that with the other Two and then over here you can change These options so you can see on mine Down here how I change the text to fit What these products were and then you Also edit your options here within the Box and then you add your links to the Buy now buttons and then you're done Simple as that so it's pretty easy to Use and then once you're done you just Come over here update it save it and You're ready to go we'll give it a Minute and come back back over here and View it and you can see my video you can See we only have two here now because I Deleted the other one and then scrolling On down we have the comparison table Here so this is a really great way if You want more exposure for products You're promoting on your WordPress sites Maybe you're just writing individual Reviews yourself and a great way you can Do this for a lot of these products is Using chat GPT especially when it gets Connected and more accessible from the Internet so where you can do uh you can Have it create articles or content for

You for pretty much anything after that Because it's going to be able to access Those URLs individually and take that Content and rewrite it and then you can Simply put all that on a website you can Add images like this and have a really Nice page full of great content images And even a video if you have one of Those too so a neat little plugin if you Guys want to try it out links below this Video and everything else hope you found This video useful if you did please give It a thumbs up subscribe and I'll let You note when I upload more videos have A great day

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