ChatGPT Content Ranks #1 in Google With Proof For Affiliate Marketing

Hey and welcome back to vid Society in Today's video I'm going to be talking to You about using AI content specifically From chat GPT for your websites and Ranking in Google and I got proof I'm Going to be showing you today to back it Up now over the past probably two months I haven't been putting out too many Videos on AI cause I've just been Digging really deep into it I'm working On a new course to show you guys exactly How to do what I am doing and how to Rank for these products that I'm going To be showing you using nothing but chat GPT and then we have some software Coming out after that that's going to be Unlike anything on the market to create Complete in-depth product reviews from Amazon products ClickBank products Anything like that or informational type Content for your blog so let me just Start off by showing you first This here is one of my main websites That I use to promote upcoming product Launches on because I do something Called launch jacking and this is Basically where I do product reviews of Products that are about ready to launch And so when they do launch they get a Lot of exposure from marketers sending Out emails and so all these people get These emails they go to Google and they Start researching this product type it In the product name plus review and if

Your site is up there then guess what You have a good chance of capturing Those people visiting your website and Converting them and getting that Affiliate commission for the cell So on this website here now this website Does have a little bit of authority Because I've had it for several years so That does help with the rankings but You're going to see here that I'm going To show you inside of my tracker here For some of my keywords that regardless Of that these are ranking and if AI Content did not rank then Authority Really wouldn't matter so anybody who's Out there still saying that AI content Does not rank in Google they either Number one have never done it themselves And tested it or number two they don't Know how to do it and so on my website Here you can see where we do all these Different kinds of product reviews and Let me just give you an example here This was something that we put up this Was today let me just check I don't even Know maybe if this one's indexed or not Paste it in here and do a search And okay that one's not up there let's Start with this one then this was Yesterday so it may be indexed And you can see right here this page 24 Hours ago ranked number one in Google at Least as of today when this launch gets Closer there may be more competition

Coming in people uploading YouTube Videos so it may go down a little bit But it should stay on the first page and This content that we're creating for These pages is done a hundred percent With chat GPT using specific prompts and So this is what I talk about in my Upcoming course that's launching on the 16th I'll put the link below this video Here in a minute and actually I'll take You in and show you what it's going to Be in just a second too but let's just Do a couple more of these okay this one Here also ranked number one this is a Pretty big product that's launching I Think maybe tomorrow Do a search for it couple videos LinkedIn and then here it is right here So if we jump over to a tool that I use Called serp Fox this is what I use to Track a lot of my keyword rankings you Can see a lot of my keywords for these Product reviews some of them just two Words some of them three or four but Still ranking on the first page of Google Now over here you can see the Volume on most of these says zebra and That's because these are brand new Products they haven't been launched yet Most of them and so there's no data on Them yet to be gathered so obviously They're not going to have any kind of a Search volume yet but there is Competition because people are out there

Doing the same thing that I am which is Making reviews for these types of Products trying to rank them so they can Capture all those people who's out there Researching for these products uh but One thing I want to show you though is I Want to show you proof okay I want to Show you the these things do convert and Let me just jump over to my email this Is just from Warrior plus and you can See this is from today and yesterday This is all through the fourth and so Far today and you can see these cells Coming in from different products that I Have on this website now all of these Sales are not from the website alone in The website traffic because I also do Email marketing and some of these cells Come from that too sometimes I will Share a post in my Facebook group or Something like that I may get a few Sales from that but a lot of these sales Are coming from my website just people Who are searching the internet for these Product names plus review they're Finding my site and they're clicking my Affiliate links and they're buying the Product and so we can scroll on down Here and you can see all the way down Through here from the fourth then the Third and then the second In the first uh just from several Different products here that have Recently went live so yes you can make

Money doing this now starting off if You've never built a website before and If you're buying a brand new domain name On a brand new website it may take you a Little while to get some authority to That website so it starts ranking better And showing your posts but you don't Have to use this with Warrior plus you Can use this with any product so maybe You're an Amazon affiliate you can make Product reviews on Amazon products which Many of them are much easier to rank for Because a lot of them don't have much Competition and you can do that you can Focus on high ticket products 500 or More I actually have several websites I Do that on and I have a survival website I recently build using an expired domain And I actually teach how to do that in My course too it's an upsell purchase if You want to learn how to and where to Buy expired domains that have authority And then you can instantly turn that Into a a website that's ready to go Start ranking your keywords all that is Going to be taught in the course too so Let me just jump over here to my Training course and this is what it is This is what the training center is Going to be it's nothing outrageous it's Not no 10 20 50 hours because who has Time for that you can probably go Through this entire course in a couple Hours and get everything you need to

Know how to do what I do with my Websites so basically there's a series Of videos here I think there's 13 of Them and what I do is I talk to you a Little bit about affiliate marketing Where I think it's going different AI Tools that I use and then I show you how To set up a WordPress website most of You a lot or a lot of you probably know How to do that already but if you don't I show you how to do that I show you how To use chat GPT to pick a domain name It'll actually give you all these ideas That you can use and then I also use Chat GPT to give me a list of categories That I can use for for my website and Then also I use it to create all of my Pages all of my legal Pages my terms my Privacies disclaimers it will create all Of those for you and then we get into The more of the in-depth stuff where I Have specific prompts that I use such as Creating informational posts so maybe You're not doing product reviews but You're trying to get traffic because Maybe you're trying to teach people how To build bird houses or maybe you're Just trying to build articles based Around how to lose weight doing certain Keto diets or something so you can learn How to create these types of Informational posts using the prompts in This training here we then go over some Google guidelines because this is very

Important if you want to do product Reviews and I show you the prompts that I use here under the product reviews Video the follows Google's guidelines to Give you those exact things that Google Wants which is why so many of our posts Are ranking so well and then I also Decided create another video here to Show you how to use mid-journey to Create images this is something that I've been using now for a while and I am Just blown away by the quality of these Images that you can create on just about Anything you can think of and you can Use these on your blog too so if you Don't have to go out there and buy stock Images and another upsell that I'm Offering is a series of my 54 done for You theme templates so if you guys go Out there and if you build these Websites for a living or if you want to Buy them and sell them or just build Them for affiliate sites and set up an Auto type post for them you can do that And just have these up within a matter Of 30 minutes or so using these done for You themes and so that's why I call this AI affiliate Suite because it's based Around Ai and it's a suite full of Information about affiliate marketing How you can get started and how you can Do it very quickly and you don't have to Outsource no more of your content or Article writing or your product reviews

I have done so much of that in the past Spent probably tens of thousands paying People to write content for me product Reviews and honestly most of them did Not turn out near as well as what chat GPT creates for me using these specific Prompts that I have so this product is Going live on the 16th if you want to Know how I build these types of websites You can go to AI I'll Put that link below this video as well With some other links to resources and Even products that I use for my business That you guys may be interested in but When you come to AI affiliate Suite you Just want to put your email address in There and then I'm not going to spam you I'm not going to do anything else but I Will notify you when this product gets Closer to launch time as well as each Upsell the pricing so you know a hundred Percent what it's going to cost if you Want to invest in this course in this System or any of the upsells before you Ever get started I believe the rest of This year is going to be very exciting With AI technology and advancements it's Going to make we're trying to stay up up To date with that with these courses and Even have some software soon you can use To even streamline this entire process Even making it much faster and much Easier so that's it for this video hope You guys enjoy your day

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