ChatGPT + Microsoft Bing | NEXT WEEK? New AI Search Engine

Hey and welcome back to vid Society so In this video we're going to be talking About chat GPT and its integration with Microsoft and you can see here in the Title of this that Microsoft plans to Update Bing with a faster version of Chat GPT in the coming weeks and I'm Already starting to see posts on Twitter Of previews of what this looks like as It slowly rolls out and people are Getting glimpses of it and even trying It out and so that's what we're going to Be talking about in today's video Because this could be huge in fact this Could possibly turn the table finally With Bing and Google what are your Thoughts on that do you think that Integrating this type of AI technology Into Bing can make enough of an impact So we start seeing more users going to Bing than to Google so if you're not Familiar with how all this is taking Place here Um just a while back Microsoft invested Over a period of several years 10 10 Billion dollars into open AI which is The creator of chat GPT and because of This they're going to integrate it with Their search engine to bring search in a Whole new way and just to give you some Brief stats of this the launch of chat GPT on November 30th was met with Overwhelming success as it amassed an Impressive 1 million users in just five

Days and as of January 2023 chat GPT has Over 100 million users and if this comes On board to being in the upcoming weeks This is going to even multiply more so What's this going to look like one being Well we're getting some glimpses of it And here on Twitter yes I finally set up A Twitter account for vid Society if you Guys want to follow me I will be posting My updates on here for my YouTube videos And some other things so you're more Welcome to do that but you can see here I just did a search for chat GPT and Bing and you can see where a lot of These people are starting to see this Change in bing and we got some Screenshots here and it looks like this May be what the new search is going to Be when Bing updates which looks very Similar to the search box on chat GPT so Could it be the same thing but with the New chat gpt4 which is supposed to be Much faster and have a whole lot more Data and something else that I'm Wondering also is if this is like a Replica of chat GPT integrated with Bing Then why would we need a subscription to Chat GPT if we can just come to Bing and Do all of our research here I'm not sure If the search functions available on the Bing search are going to allow you to do Everything that chat GPT does or if it's Going to be more of a question and Answer type thing but you can see down

Here in this box that they screenshotted It says you can get art and crafts ideas With instructions for a toddler using Only cardboard boxes plastic bottles Paper string so it's going to give you More than just answers it appears They're going to also dive deeper into Things such as giving you instructions On how to do things you can see here a Post that was made just yesterday says The new AI powered Bing chat GPT Expanded with up-to-date web results and This is something everybody's been Waiting for because when you search in Chat GPT it's only updated up to 2021 Although some people has been getting Answers for things that are current such As questions about Elon Musk owning Twitter but you can see here it says Unlike chat GPT which is trained on data Collected up to 2021 the new Bing will Be able to access current information When you ask a question the AI will Interpret it and make several searches Related to your request it will then Compile the results and write a summary For You Bing will highlight particular Phrases and cite where it got that Information from allowing you to verify The claim so this is going to save a lot Of time if you go to Google or Bing in Search right now you get a list of 10 Results 20 results or whatever and you Have to go through them yourself to

Compile all this data well now it's kind Of reversing and it says here it will Compile the results and write a summary For you but then it's going to highlight And give you the links to those Resources so you're getting just the Answer but you're also getting links to The resources if you do want to learn More about that now just like chat GPT It says here that you will be able to Interact with Bing like a chat bot it Says Bing will be able to carry on a Conversation with you for a human-like Research experience it'll prompt you to Start talking to it it says after I ask Bing about popular movies from 2022 it Gave some suggested follow-up responses It replied to its own question and ask a Follow-up question of its own It says here word ask which movie are You most excited to see and it goes That's a tough questions I find all These movies interesting in their own Way but I had to choose one it'd be Avatar The Way of the water which we Know is a newer movie so here's another Screenshot and in the upper left you can See you've got two options here one for Search and one for chat so it looks like The regular or normal search feature is Still going to be available at least for A while but you can use chat GPT here Under the chat option and it says your AI powered answering machine where you

Can ask it complex questions such as What are some meals I can make for my Picky toddler who only eats Orange Colored food or you can get better Answers do you ever search for Google For uh what are the top selling types of Products or should I buy this or should I buy that this is something that the New Bing is going to be able to help you With based upon all this data that it Compiles so you can ask it what are the Pros and cons of the top three selling Pet vacuums or you can get creative Inspiration such as write a haiku about Crocodiles in outer space in the voice Of a pirate so this here tells us that You're going to be able to tell it to Write stuff and do stuff for you still So if it's going to allow us to do all This stuff that we can do with chat GPT That means that that could be drawing Those visitors from chat GPT over to Bing to be able to do that which is Really going to expand this search Engine and grow it so if you haven't Been using Bing for a while now may be The time to jump into it and start Getting used to it because I have a Feeling this is going to be the new way For searching here's one more image I Wanted to share when someone was able to Get access to this tool briefly he said Tell me about yourself and your features As much as possible and clarify whether

I am using chat GPT 4 features now I'm Not going to read through all of this You can pause this video if you want to And it says down here in this fourth Paragraph it says according to some Reports Microsoft may be adding chat GPT Features to Bing search in the coming Months some sources also suggest that Microsoft will integrate chat gpt4 a Faster and richer version of chat GPT in The coming weeks so I don't know about You but this is pretty exciting but at The same time it's a little bit scary to Think that AI technology has come this Far already and what the kind of changes Could be over the next few months or Even years that's all I got for you in This video if you guys want to follow Along with me on YouTube please Subscribe or if you want to follow along With me on my new Twitter account I'll Put those links below this video that's It I'll see you on the next video

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