ChatGPT: This Is Better + Login Issues and ChatGPT Prompts

Hey and welcome to vid Society in this Video I’m going to be talking about chat Gbt how to get around the issue with the Server being overloaded and you not Logging in and I’m going to show you Some really cool prompts that I’ve been Using lately that are very impressive Now below this video I’ll put some links That you may be interested in also Normally when you are able to log into Chat GPT this is what you’re going to See unfortunately this has been an issue With a lot of people lately so what you Can do is you can actually use their Playground version of chat GPT and log In anytime you want to so let me jump Over there this is the playground and I’ll put the link to this underneath the Video so you can just go directly to it But it’s forward slash playground If you want to type it in yourself So this here gives you the answers just Like chat GPT would but you’re able to Do more on this and when you go through And you go through some of this Documentation and the examples and when You learn how some of this stuff over Here works on the right hand side it Gives you a lot more control over what You can do when you’re trying to create Your content or whatever it is you’re Using chat GPT for now so far I have Never had any issues logging into this

Playground version of chat GPT Now using The playground is a bit different than Chat GPT for one it does cost but right Off they give you eighteen dollars up Front on your account that you can use Toward the content you create which Should last you a long time and you can Always subscribe to get more which is What I did so if you come up to your Personal account and you go to manage Account you can then add your own debit Card or credit card and you can just Type away and get as much content as you Want now what I’m going to do is give You some prompts that are pretty cool That I’ve been playing around with and Some of these you can even find under The example so if you click on this link It’s going to take you to this page Where you can search or sort by Categories and you can see all the Different things that you can use chat Gpt4 along with some examples and Prompts you can use so to start off with Let me go ahead and paste in a few Sentences here that I copied offline now This talks about photosynthesis and if You don’t really understand some of this Stuff and how it works even as an adult This can be kind of hard to understand So what you can do is let me just go up Here and really doesn’t matter if you do This before or after but you can tell it To summarize this for a second grade

Student and what you always want to make Sure you do is come to the end of your Content and hit enter that tells it You’re done with it and then click on Submit and then it’s going to go in and Rewrite it and so it did rewrote it into A much smaller sentence plants use the Energy from the sunlight to make food They turn light energy into sugar which Helps them to grow and stay healthy Super simple to understand if you don’t Want to go more in depth with it well Maybe you like to tell stories or you Want a story to tell like a pirate so You could do explain to me like a pirate How to find Buried treasure And I’m also going to say be specific And then hit enter and let’s submit this And here we go Ahoy there if ye be Wanting to find buried treasure you need To be preparing yourself for an Adventure and you can go ahead and read This but it’s just really cool how you Can use different characters to create Content for you now here’s another Prompt that I want to share with you That can be very useful especially if You take notes let me go ahead and just Paste this content in here I have and I’m telling it to convert this shorthand Into a first hand account of a meeting And so let’s just say for example you Know you’re taking down notes you don’t

Have a whole lot of time to write Everything so you can just paste Something like this in here paste in the Few notes that you took and then what we Can do is come down here and click on Submit And then it takes this content and turns It into something that’s more readable At the meeting Tom reported that profits Had increased by 50 percent so that’s What it got from there and then Jane Then mentioned that the new servers were Now online and then you can read the Rest of it here I’ve also seen and heard About a lot of people using chat GPT for Creating ads and so you can actually do That and it will create really good ads For you so for example let me just paste This in here it says write a creative ad For the following product to run on Facebook aimed at parents the product Learning room is a virtual environment To help students from kindergarten to High school excel in school so let’s go Ahead and submit this and see what it Comes up with for some ad content Are you looking for a way to help your Child excel in school look no further Than the learning room learning room is A virtual environment designed to help Students from kindergarten to high School reach their educational goals so This is really good and I love the way That it words this kind of stuff because

It’s just something that I’m not very Good at myself how about writing up a Recipe and you know the ingredients for It well you can just paste it in here so You can say write a recipe based on These ingredients and instructions it’s Called Frito pie and the ingredients are Right here the instructions are empty so Let’s see what it’s going to tell us And now you have a full recipe with Instructions Now let’s say you got some free time on Your hand and you’re just wanting to Brainstorm and come up with something to Do and maybe there’s some things you Like so for example let me just paste This in here let’s brainstorm some ideas Combining YouTube and making money Online let’s just see what it gives us So we’re going to come down here and Click on submit And it’s going to give us a bunch of Different ideas such as okay maybe you Can create a YouTube channel dedicated To teaching viewers how to make money or A channel that reviews making money Online opportunities you can create a Series about people who’ve made money Online and you can read through the rest Of these but it gives you a lot of ideas Maybe you’re just thinking about Something whether It’s for work whether it’s for fun Whether it’s for hobby you can get a lot

Of ideas by using chat GPT let’s say you Work at a store or even a restaurant and You’re about ready to do an interview And you want to come up with some Questions really fast to ask the Potential new employee well let’s ask Chat GPT and see what it comes up with So all we have to do is paste in here Let’s just say create a list of eight Questions for my interview with a Potential new employee at a restaurant Click submit And here we go it’s going to give us Eight questions that we can now use to Ask which are all very relevant now the Way that I love using chat GPT is for Creating content for videos that I make I have a lot of different YouTube Channels and sometimes I just don’t have The time to come up with content on them So now I can just tell chat gbt to write It for me it does then I use other Content tools like Pick 3 to create the Videos for me all automatically so for Example let’s say I come in here and I Just put in write a thousand word detail Article for a YouTube video how to cure Toenail fungus naturally we’ll click Submit and while it’s writing this I’m going to jump over here and show you This is the tool that I use cold Pick 3 I’ll put the link below this video in Fact there’s even a 20 coupon code down There if you want to try it out yourself

But you can paste in a script here and It will automatically convert it into a Video for you and what I did was I Created a video here based upon a script Um like this that I had it create for me Now I know I said write a thousand word Detailed article it didn’t do that and That’s because I forgot to change the Max length right here and I’m just going To crank this all the way up and let me Delete this And we’re going to resubmit it And while it’s doing that if we jump Back over here I’m going to play this Just for a second so you can hear this Because where chat GPT creates the Script picture creates the video and Then I use other tools to create the Voice overs and add it all together Which takes me 20 30 minutes to do for One video in fact I did this one Yesterday while I was sitting in the Hospital so let me play just a minute of It for you it’s the one thing that no One wants to talk about but it’s there Lurking in the shadows and waiting to Strike with its ugly yellowish claws It’s toenail fungus and it can ruin your Pedicure dreams and make you shy away From sandals in the summertime it’s a Problem With the right treatment so what is Toenail fungus exactly toenail fungus is A fungal infection in the nail bed that

Can cause the nail to become discolored Thickened and brittle it’s caused by a Group of fungi called dermatophytes Which are found in warm moist areas okay I’m going to stop it right there but you Get the idea and whereas before it would Take me all day if not a few days to Create a video like this it now takes me A half an hour to do it using these Types of tools and so here is the new Article that it’s written for us and It’s not quite a thousand words but it’s Much longer than the other one and I Could always come to the bottom and tell It to write more expand more be more Specific or whatever and it would do it But I now have content for another video That I can make where I could just take This content copy it I can come back Over to pick 3 click on proceed paste This in here and it’s going to put Together a whole other video for me that I can use to have uploaded to my YouTube Channel to promote affiliate it products My own products be informational Whatever it is I’m trying to do on YouTube and once I’m done with this if I Want another video related to it I would Simply come down here and click on Regenerate and now it’s going to create More content which is different that I Can use to make another video with and I Can copy this content come back here Paste it in create another video so I

Can create several videos every single Day on a specific topic or even Different topics and upload to my YouTube channels and I don’t know if you Guys have been using this tool much or Not but for me and my business this has Been one of the most life-changing tools That I’ve used in my business to save me Both time and money and so you can try It out for yourself come over here to The documentation and the examples so Where you can really learn how to use This because we all know that there’s a New gpt4 supposed to be coming out this Year and if we don’t get caught up on This stuff we’re going to be left behind That’s it for this video If you guys Enjoy this type stuff be sure to Subscribe to my channel and I’ll be sure To let you know when I upload new videos

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