Copy & Paste YouTube Shorts with ChatGPT and Make $200 Per Day (AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE)

What's going on guys Thomas Garretts Here and in this video I'm going to show You how to copy and paste YouTube shorts With chatgpt and make 200 per day and at This point I think we all know how Insanely powerful chat gbt and AI Technology is but what you may not know Is that YouTube literally just announced This month that you're now able to earn Ad revenue from your YouTube shorts Videos and not only that but YouTube Shorts are 100 the best way to start Growing your own YouTube channel and Making money in 2023 and Beyond don't Believe me but what about all these People flashing up on the screen right Now do you believe them because those Are all comments from people I've never Met before who simply followed the Strategy from my last YouTube shorts Video that I posted just two weeks ago And they're already getting those insane Results in just those two weeks not to Mention they literally all started from Zero with no prior knowledge at all just By using the same exact strategy that I'm about to show you and all I ask of You is to smash the like button and Watch the entire video so you don't miss Out on anything but now assuming you Already smash the like button let's get Into the video alright so like I said in This video I'm going to show you how to Copy and paste YouTube shorts with

Chatgpt and make 200 per day and I know That may sound crazy to some of you so Before we get started let me just show You the niche we're actually going to be Using for this method and proof that you Can actually earn 200 per day with it And this is actually the channel right Here be positive their handle is B Positive 15 and this channel makes Shorts videos only and they're basically Motivational quotes with just a video on The background and then some text and Some music so that's why this Niche is So simple yet powerful because you can Make these in literally minutes and I'll Be showing you how to do all of that With the help of chat GPT and AI Technology of course but as you can see Right here if we scroll down they're Actually earning upwards of 11k per Month and depending on the type of Niche A channel is in that can actually be a Lot higher a lot lower or somewhere in The middle social blade just gives kind Of an average based on a 25 cent to four Dollar CPM whereas a channel like mine Is actually a CPM that's 10 times higher Than that so you can see how this can Kind of be wrong for a lot of channels But just for example's sake I just Figured 200 per day that's about six Thousand dollars per month so I figure That's probably a safe estimate but you Can actually make a lot more money than

That with the bonus monetization method I'll be showing you towards the end of This video so make sure you stay tuned For that you definitely don't want to Miss out on that so now that you kind of Understand what this Niche is about and What's truly possible typically the next First Step would be to create your Channel but because you're watching this Right now I already know that you know How to create a YouTube channel right However there are two very important Things that I need to tell you about Your new channel do not skip this part Number one this isn't really required Just highlight really suggested I Suggest using some type of motivational Or inspirational word in your channel Name you see how they have be positive And then if we go to my example channel Right here motivation connect you see What I'm saying so it just helps people Kind of understand what your Channel's About instantly but feel free to name it Whatever you'd like as for number two This isn't optional you have to do this If you want to make money with that Bonus monetization method I'm going to Show you towards the end of this video And that's by going to your settings Right here and then you go to channel And then you go to feature eligibility So you see how all of these are enabled For me already they won't be for you

With a new channel and this is a new Update that YouTube recently did it used To be for number two you just verify Your phone number you just get a little Code via text message and you get all of These enabled but recently they updated It to where even after you add your Phone number which you have to verify Once you have to verify twice to get the Ability to add external links to your Videos so there's one of three ways you Can do it obviously you have to do your Phone number to get intermediate Features enabled but then you have to Either do a video verification you got To send in a picture your valid ID or You just have to have around two months Of Channel History okay so again just Make sure you do that when you're Setting up your channel it's very very Important but now that you got your Channel set up properly now is time to Actually get some motivational quotes Created and this is where chat gbt comes In handy okay so make sure you create Your free account for chat gbt and then You can literally just go here and say Something like write me five Motivational or inspirational quotes Now as you can see they gave us actual Like quotes from people and maybe just Statements would be more beneficial Because if you look at be positive's Channel they're not literally just like

Quotes from famous people Um but these are fine however there's a Few key issues with chat GPT first off I Found out that Chad gbt isn't available Worldwide yet and the website is Actually down quite often because it's Just too busy from all the people who Are using it but more importantly I Found out that Chachi BT just doesn't Have as much YouTube specific related Data in it compared to a tool like vid IQ which is already a YouTube Tool and It has a new feature called the AI coach Which is absolutely mind-blowing because It's all integrated into YouTube and Everything so we could say something Like uh write me five statements Similar to the ones in B positive 15s 15 videos and as you can see those Are just much better for what we want to Do for this type of video shorter to the Point and the only problem with vid IQ Is it's not 100 free however you can go To the link in the description down Below or go to Thomas Garretts And that'll take you to this page where You can literally get a 30-day trial for Just one dollar so if you want to use The new AI coach just click this button Here and uh that's how you do it but Regardless of how you get your quotes Whether you use chat GPT or you use the AI coach what you want to do is you want To copy and paste those quotes onto a

Document I'll just open up a Google doc And post it right there and now that we Have the actual quotes for the video we Just need the tool to actually create The videos and that tool is in video and Again you're going to want to click the Link in the description down below and Get to this page and you want to go to Pricing okay now they do have a free Account but the problem with that is you Can actually export the videos so you're Really just looking at either the Business or the unlimited plan and when It comes down to it it depends if you Feel like you're gonna upload more than 60 videos per month if you are then you Got to go with the unlimited otherwise The business plan should be good and Then you just got to decide if you want To do a yearly where you pay 108 Annually which turns into 15 a month or Pay the monthly and pay the thirty Dollars a month and it's the same with The unlimited 60 a month or with yearly Thirty dollars a month and they do Actually have a new lifetime business Plan for 3.99 build one time which is Crazy that's brand new and regardless of Which one you choose I actually have a Coupon code for you which is Garrett's 25 which can give you 25 off your entire Order so whichever one you go with make Sure you use that code and once you've Created your account this is where

You're gonna be inside of in video and For this video I'm going to do things a Little different than my last video so For this one we're going to actually do The text to video option I've never Showed this for shorts for him before But click that and you want to go to Portrait right here okay and now you Want to pick this is the one I think is The best it's the historical facts one So click that one and I like this one Because it's kind of like an intense Looking template they give us and it's Perfect so again just uh make sure that You're on portrait 9×16 and then hit use This template now this is when we're Going to go back to our document so out Of these I personally like number four The best I think it's uh it's gonna be Good for this type of video so we'll Take this and we'll highlight all that And we'll just copy it and then we'll go Over here and then we'll just paste it Right in there and literally all you do Is hit create scenes now the first thing I want to do is personally with this Font right here it's gonna look better All capitalized okay of course if you're In Google Docs you can actually do that In here and if you go to format and then You go to where is it I think it's in Text Capitalization you can go to uppercase That would have been easier if we did it

That way but we'll just type it okay so We'll start by saying be brave and all Capital and then what you want to do is You want to delete the comma And then you want to split text at Cursor okay that way it puts it on like A new line basically okay so now we'll Say be courageous be courageous is that Right and then you split it again and Then you say and Never give up okay Now obviously we're not going to use This video right here with a horse on it Okay so go to videos right here and You're going to want to use something Like inspirational you could do working Out lifting weights or just type in Inspirational we'll do lifting weights And just so you know you can actually Hover your mouse over it and kind of get A preview of the video just to see if You like it before actually choosing it And for these you're going to want to Make sure because we're going to be Making it vertical right so you're going To want to make sure it's going to look Good on it you don't want it to be like Too wide of a video this one might work We could test it so you would just drag It right there and then what you want to Do is you want to kind of take your Mouse and make sure you have the part of The video you want and this isn't going To be a long video at all and we can

Trim this after so we'll just add the Whole one but if you wanted to like Start it at a certain spot what you Could do is put your mouse there and Then you could just drag this right There and then you would start right There okay but we'll just use the full One for this one it's not going to Matter we'll hit add and you see how it Got cut off right there there's two ways To fix this you could go to crop right There or you could just delete it and Then you can add it again like that and Then hit add and then it'll do it like That and you can kind of just like size It how you want Um so let's see if we can get it to Where it's not cut off and it still Looks good Um that might be all right but now we'll Hit play [Music] Yeah I mean he fits in there pretty good And you see the text didn't pop up we'll Fix that in a second don't worry but That looks good you basically wanted to Make sure the video is set but now you Can go up here to editor and then on Layers right there the text is this Purple one right here so you basically Want to drag it to the start and then we Can watch this quick and see how it Looks Foreign

[Music] Stop at about right there at about eight Seconds so you just want to make sure There's enough Um time on the text but not too much Okay so right there is where we want to Cut everything so this one's locked if You Mouse over it you'll see it's locked So you want to unlock right there and Then you can either just select each of These and drag it like that or you can Hit here and just click the scissor and Then hit backspace to delete it both Ways work okay so now you have a couple Options you can delete this sound and Use the viral sounds of YouTube shorts Which I do suggest but this sound Actually sounds pretty cool so I would I Would do both okay for this example I Think we're just going to use this sound Because it's super cool and on my last Video I showed how to add the viral Sounds and I'll link to that video at The end of this video just in case you Missed it but you can't lie that sounded Intense right the last thing I would do Is I would probably move the text up to The center and for the tab text you can See like some of them are on two lines I Like to have them on one line this one Might be hard to get on two lines but we Could do let's try like 110. Yeah I mean that's a little small even I

Think it would just do 120 And then for this one just double click It and I would probably just put them on Two lines like that and never give up Like that I think that looks a little Better and you can also reduce the uh The spacing for the line if you want it A little closer together I do like 1.2 Maybe yeah that's a little better okay So that's how I would do it now once That's done hit export and then 1080 and Then click export all right so the video Just got downloaded it's right there so Now I'm going to go back over to my Example Channel and we're gonna hit Create and then you're just gonna upload Video so we'll just click right here and That's our shorts video we just created And hit open and for the title you could Actually just like kind of relate Something motivational or inspirational To what was in the video so it was Basically about saying never give up and You could say for the title something Like uh what does giving up guarantee That you'll never success seed hashtag Shorts and then hashtag motivational Alright so that's what I would do you Could do a little more but we'll stick With that and the description doesn't Actually matter really nothing else Matters besides making sure that it's Not made for kids and then you just want To go over here to next and then none of

This matters hit next next and then While it's still processing really you Want to make it unlisted but we'll just Do public for this example I don't want To wait 14 minutes I gotta pick my Daughter up soon but we'll just hit Publish and we're not done yet this is The actual shorts video right here what We want to do is we actually want to go To use that bonus monetization method And that method is with something called Affiliate marketing and the website We're using is ClickBank which is like a Huge affiliate hub for products that we Can promote and earn a commission okay And I saw a few people saying that they Think you have to pay money for ClickBank now but it's 100 free just When you click start here don't answer Any of these questions just click skip This quick start guide and then create Your account okay it's still free I Promise and once you're inside of ClickBank go to your affiliate Marketplace and then you could just type In like motivational and see what pops Up I honestly don't know what products They have you know that might not even Be a bad idea using like uh some sort of Fitness Products for like motivational You could also go over to the categories Right here and they have like spiritual Products and stuff like that Um I'll just pick this icaria juice one

Because the gravity score is one of the Highest which means a lot of people are Having success promoting it and making Money but you could use any product all Right so we'll just hit promote right Here because we can make up to 139 Dollars per sale okay so hit promote and Then you just hit create hop link and This link right here we're gonna copy That but you're not done yet and usually I use bitly but some people have been Having troubles with bitly so we're Going to go to and this is What we're going to use to actually Shorten that long affiliate link so you Literally just paste that long Link in Here and you can choose like an alias For the end of your link but we'll just Hit make tiny and this is the link now Okay so that link you can copy it and Now back on your video right here rather Than putting it in your description Because no one sees the description from Your YouTube shorts you're going to want To go to your comments right here and Then you want to paste it in there and Say something like uh ready to lose Weight check this amazing product out so We'll just comment that and then you Want to make sure that you pin it to the Top of the comment so now when people Are watching this short and people click On the comments because almost everyone Does they can see that and if they're

Interested you can earn a commission When they purchase it and that's because Of affiliate marketing like I said and Affiliate marketing is what truly Changed my life but really it's because Of YouTube that has allowed me to earn Commissions with affiliate marketing and That's why I believe YouTube's truly the Best platform in the world like it Changed my life it changed my daughter's Life forever and I just hope it can Change yours too so if for whatever Reason you don't like this method I Highly suggest checking out my no face YouTube course at no because Not only does it teach you everything I Know about YouTube going from 1 000 Subscribers to almost 400 000 in just a Couple years but it also shows you how To do so many different things on YouTube without ever showing your face On camera and I'm adding a new YouTube Shorts bonus lesson in there so Definitely check that out no And if you want any of the tools I Mentioned in this video they're Linked In the description down below but if You're like Thomas I don't want any of That I definitely don't want your course Don't worry you can click the video Right here to check out my last YouTube Shorts video if you missed that and That's all I got I love you guys see on The next video

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