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Hey and welcome to vid Society in this Video I'm going to show you a brand new Plr or private label rights product that Just launched today this is 48 videos on Finding your ideal business Niche now What makes this course so powerful is When I go looking for plr products I Like to find ones that give you a lot of Resources that you can use because a lot Of these products I like to resell and That's a big benefit of private label Rate products you can actually take These products and resell them as your Own there's actually a lot more than That you can do with it and we're going To be talking about that in that video As well as going through this and I'm Going to be showing you what you get With this and different things you can Do now below this video I'll put a link That will take you to the sales page if You want to pick it up I know this week It is going to be discounted I think They said regularly it's going to be Like 97 and I think you can get it for Around 20 or less today or this week so Be sure to check the website site for The latest pricing so once you purchase This you're going to be able to get Access to a link that'll take you to the Seller's Dropbox account where you're Going to find all the files in here so If we look at this you can see there's Different folders here there's one on

Audios which is great because with plr Products if you don't want to use the Videos they have you can just use their Audio files for it so let me just jump Into this and you can see this is broke Down into 12 different modules and if we Go into one of these it's going to give You all of the audio files for each one Of those videos so if we go into one I'll play it just for a second In this video I want to give you a Simple but useful tool from Google to Research different Trends and you can Use this anywhere YouTube Google Amazon So it's really good for Niche research And topic research and product research So that kind of gives you an idea of the Quality of the video this isn't one of Those plr products where it sounds like A robot's talking this is a real person Talking in 48 different videos that you Can use so let me show you all the Modules with this if we jump down to the Actual videos and go in this folder There's a text document down here called Modules and video titles and if we click On it you can pause this video to look At this but this shows you every video Every title and every module that's in This course it is jam packed with Content and look at some of these videos Four minutes six minutes seven thirteen I mean this is a really in-depth course That has a ton of value to it and so all

The audio files can be found here and You can resell these just as the audio Files if you want to now before I go any Further I want to show you what you can Or can't do with all with everything That you get here because owning plr Products this is what makes it so Powerful So this product can you can resell this Product you can resell it and bundle it With other products it says here it can Even be used as a bonus for another Product it can be added to a paid Membership you can add it to a training Course you own you can it says can add Bonuses to the product for sale can be Sold as a physical product a digital Product uh you may rename it you may Edit the sales material you can edit the Content of the product it says you may Even use a source code and material to Create new products you can translate it You can says it can be used to build a List so this here in my opinion is what Makes plr products so powerful there's Actually two different ones that I'm Going to be talking about now yes you Can resell it and that can make you a Lot of money but what I like to use plr Products for is one building a list so I Will build an opt-in page and I like to Use a platform called system I'll put a Link for that below this video where you Can actually sign up to for free you can

Build a funnel for free where you can Start building your own email list for Free and collect up to 2 000 contacts There are upgradable options once you go Beyond that but it is a great tool to Use as a starting point if you want to Start building a list but with this Product you can build an opt-in list and You can give this away for free if they Opt in to your email list which means You can start future marketing to these People who are now joining your list or If you have a YouTube channel you can Start sending them uh video updates so If you upload a new video to YouTube you Can send them out an email and say hey I Upload a new video to my YouTube channel Like I do and let me just give you an Idea of of how this can be used let me Jump over to my website so this is my New vid Society website and if you click The link below this video this is the Page it's going to take you to which Breaks down everything about this Product the upsells the pricing and Everything and if they come up here and Click on subscribe for updates it's Going to take them to a simple people Opt-in form for my newsletter now yes I Could boost conversions to this by Offering a plr product in other words I Could have somewhere in this content Saying get access to 48 videos teaching You how to find your Niche by opting

Into my newsletter and once they opt in It's going to redirect them to a page Where they can get access to All 48 Videos and this is a super powerful way To build your list now the other way if We scroll on down here you can see that You can't post it on YouTube just for People to watch for free it can't be Added to a free membership site and it Can't be given away for free except for Building a list as a lead magnet offer Which is exactly what I was talking About now I said there was a couple of These that I really focus on so building The list is one and the second one is That the product can be used as a bonus For another product so if I'm selling a Product or if I'm an affiliate promoting A product I can say look if you buy this Product through my link you will also Get these 48 videos for finding a niche For free and then you could set it up so Where they get in contact with you or You can set it up to your autoresponder So they get access to those products Once they purchase through your Affiliate link now let's jump back over Here real quick because I want to show You some of the other stuff that's Included with this because you get some Business Niche extra materials most of These are like PDF documents for each One of these categories so for example Choosing a niche you would come in here

Should you follow your passion and it's Just a PDF document that kind of goes Over some stuff and each one of these Sections has a lot of different content That you can use that you can just put Together however you want to to either Resell it or give it away for email Opt-ins or as bonuses or even just Reselling And then down here is the niche sales Video so they do have a sales page video You can use they have transcripts for All the videos so that can even be a Bonus where they can get access to those And then you have obviously the videos Themselves so if we jump into here and If we go down let's just look at this One again tools for finding a niche you Can see there's two videos in this Section and let me just play one of These real quick so you can get an idea Of the quality of them In this video I want to give you a Simple but useful tool from Google to Research different Trends and you can Use this anywhere YouTube Google Amazon So it's really good for Niche research And topic and so there you go and so out Of all these 12 different modules There's 48 videos in this that you can Use for yourself for learning which is a Course in itself for less than 20 bucks If you're having a difficult time and Learning to find a niche this is going

To help you to do that and then once Again you can use it for so many other Things for reselling giving away as Bonuses building an email list and so on Now this product I will be adding to the Plr section of my website so if you jump Over to my website at and Come up here to categories and if you go Down to plr we're going to be building Up a huge section here of plr products Uh high quality plr products that you Can use four things like I mentioned Throughout this video and I think this Is one of the easiest ways for people to Get started with online marketing Because they don't have to come up with The product of their own they don't have To have all the equipment the recording The software to go out and record their Own to have their face on camera it's All done by other people but yet you Have the rights to use it as your own so If you're interested in this product I'll put that link below the video as Well as the link to the free funnel Builder where you can even get started On building your own opt-ins and funnels And growing your list for your online Business that's it for this video If you Guys enjoy these types of videos where I Throw in a little bit of training with Product reviews I give you ideas of how You can make some extra money online With these products that I'm reviewing

Be sure to subscribe to my channel and I Will see you on the next video have a Great day

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