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Hey and welcome to vid Society in this Video I'm going to do a review for you On a product called flip Guardian now This is a really impressive tool that Can help you to grow an email list or to Build an email list really fast and easy So let's jump into it and I'll show you What this is all about now below this Video I'll put a link that'll take you Here to my website where you can get a More in-depth review of flip Guardian Where you can also access their website And see demos for using flip guarding I'm going to go through some of these And show you what these are in fact let Me jump over here to their website here Real quick because there's a few things I want to show you before I jump into The back end of this software and show You how it works so basically what this Is is a tool that allows you to turn a PDF into a more of an engageable type Ebook online the flips but along with That you have options where you can lock It where you can collect email addresses Where you can accept payments where you Can send them emails after they enter Their email address so you can send them The rest of the book so right here it Says here That you can give readers the ability to Preview your content then introduce a Lead gate to add targeted and engage Prospects to your favorite Auto

Responder service enabling them to keep Reading and optionally download the Content after they subscribe to your Mailing list so it really doesn't matter What industry you're in if you have a PDF document you can turn it into what They call a lead gate where you can Collect an email address in other words Maybe you only want to show them the First two or three pages of it to pull Them in and then for them to access the Rest of that PDF document they have to Enter their email address or maybe they Have to pay Seven dollars or five Dollars or whatever it is and then they Get access to the remainder of that Document now one of the great things About this is that there is no Complicated software or plugins to Install and nothing else required in Fact they even have their own hosting That hosts all these Pages as you're Going to see here in just a minute or You can embed them on your own website Site so let's jump over to my review Page here and what I want to do is I Want to open these up because I want to Show you these examples and just how Powerful this can be So this is the first flip Guardian Example and this is just a basic PDF Document showing how flip Guardian Works Basically you upload a PDF document and Then it creates this page here which you

Can edit the background you can edit the Title all this stuff on this page you Can edit and it's hosted on their Website which means you don't have to Have WordPress hosting or anything else Now once you have it all set up you're Going to see where you have some options Down here at the bottom and you also Have arrows and if you click it Look how amazing that looks so if you Have an ebook on here this would Actually be a lot more interesting to Read in my opinion because it's just More interactive in fact if there's Links you can even make them clickable Here's one uh you can see where they Changed up the background in this one And added some images and stuff to it But let's go ahead and flip through here And see what happens so let's say this Is your ebook and maybe you're sharing It on your social sites your Facebook Group or even on YouTube videos and this Is really interesting to your Subscribers so they're going to be going Through here and they're going to be Reading through this and saying oh this Is exactly what I'm looking for as they Start flipping through and they start Reading it Oh okay I gotta unlock it to get full Access so they then have to put in their First name their last name their email Address then they can unlock and

Download the rest of it you get their Email address which is captured through One of the integrated Services through Flip guardian and they have the majority Of all autoresponders in there like I'm Going to show you here in just a minute So here's another example of flip Guardian being embedded in a post so Maybe you do have your own website and You want to add a PDF document to your Post to make it more engaging and if you Scroll down through here you can see how Nice this looks you can start clicking Here and start going through the Document and reading it the links here All you can you can hover over them Making them clickable and just giving Them all kinds of great information or Even adding one of the options to Capture their email address and here's Another example of one here where they Had changed the title and also this Little sub text here which you have the Option to do and down here is the Document and if we start flipping Through it 10 steps to achieve anything We can go through here and then all of a Sudden down here it says unlock full Access with your first name your last Name your email and then here's an Option freebies offer and news good news Then tick here so you can tick this box They can download this document and Print it so this here if you think about

If you do anything with maybe coloring Books or puzzle books just imagine the Opportunity here that you would have to Be able to limit their access just to The first couple pages but then if they Want the rest of it they either have to Pay or enter their email address to get It and I want to give you one more Example of how you can earn from using Flipguardian too so let's say maybe you Have a landing page similar to this with A PDF document embedded in it from flip Guardian and you can see here this one's 10 pages so if you start flipping Through it they're learning all about This product this looks great they want More information at the end of it it Says unlock full access to product Launch Secrets by buy now for a dollar Ninety five and this does use the stripe Integration so if they click this it's Going to take them to where they can Purchase it and then it's going to send Them an email with full access to that Document now let's jump into the back End of flip Guardian so I can show you How it works it's actually very simple To use so when you get access this is What you're going to see now you may be Limited just a little bit based upon Whether you get the pro version of this Knot which gives you a few of the extra Features but if we come up here to Campaigns and click on create new

Campaign and basically all you have to Do for this let's just say I have a Document that's based around learning How to do web designing I can type in Campaign name for web designing and then Your product name if you hover over this It says shown on Gates and billing I'll Just put how to do web designing Campaign category you can create as many Categories as you want to to separate All these and then you're going to Upload your PDF documents I'm going to Click browse and pick mine click open And then we're going to give it just a Second here it says it's processing the PDF And it's already been uploaded now down Here it says we can allow them to Download it yes or no we can allow Sharing yes or no and then you can also Enable preview of the first so many Pages so maybe you only want them to Preview the first six pages you can do That we're going to come up here and Click on Save Then you got your campaign type so Ungated means they get full access to it Or you can do password access and so They have to have a password in order to Access the rest of the document when They do it shows them the full document Or you can do a simple redirect to Another page or you can do an advanced Redirect here you're going to put in

Your unlock password that they're going To need in order to unlock the document Once that's done that's all you have to Do or you can do collect leads so maybe You want to build an email list which I Think is ideal for this type of a Product here you can do a simple Redirect so after they enter their email Address it's going to redirect them Maybe to a different landing page that Has full access to that product or you Can just show the full document right There on that page so you don't have to Host any other Pages or have web hosting Of your own then you can set up your Autoresponder and also optionally to a Zap or a webinar so for auto responders You can see here they have all different Options for autoresponders probably the One that you're using they have on here Or you can do a custom form code even or You can do a webinar to like webinar Jam Or every webinar or use your zap hook or If you use product Dyno ipn you can Integrate it with that and then Afterwards it will send them an email Optionally you can choose yes or no here From and then the uh the from address Your subject and then this here would Give them full access to that as well And then you have your gate styling so This here is how or what shows up for Them to enter their information so if You want their first name last name

Email the button text the button caller And then if you want it required for Them to accept the terms and privacy Policy then you have your page settings So you can set up your page however you Want to you saw the different designs And the demos I showed you you can see The other options here as well now some Of these I believe The Branding is What's available in one of the upsells As well as adding annotations and even Adding videos which is another optional Upsell for the pro version if you picked It up so you can add maybe like a little Video intro before they even see the PDF Which is a great way to introduce them To it or maybe even how it works once You're done you simply come over here Click on save and exit and then it's Going to save this into your campaign Management and then it's going to give You a link where they host it you simply Take this you go to it you can see here I didn't edit none of my background or The text so this is the default text but This is the page they get the PDF Document and then they can just flip Through it just that easy and then here I have it set up to unlock with an email Address and they get the rest of it Overall I think this is a super tool for Businesses whether or not they even want To collect email addresses just a great Way to Showcase PDF documents on your

Website for businesses for brochures Even just for better engagement but then If you do want to build an email list or If you do want to charge extra to sell PDF documents then you have that option As well but if you want to check out Flip guarding I'll put the link below That'll take you here to my review page Where you can get more details about it That's it for this video guys if you Enjoy these types of in-depth reviews of Products please subscribe to my channel Let me know Below in the comments and I Will see you on the next video have a Great day

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