Freedom Breakthrough 2.0: How To Quit Your 9-5 Job in 2022 (REVIEW + BONUSES)

What’s going on guys thomas garrett’s Here and in this video i’m gonna go over My review of jonathan montoya’s freedom Breakthrough 2.0 and if you don’t know What that is don’t worry because i’ll Get into what it is and how you can Actually get over 21 000 worth of free Exclusive bonuses that no one else has And trust me when i say that these Bonuses can be truly life-changing for You and the reason i’m adding in such Insane bonuses some of which i’m never Giving away ever again and this is the Only time you can get them ever but i’m Doing that because jonathan’s doing a Contest an affiliate contest for freedom Breakthrough 2.0 and i’m going to show You how you can join you can be a part Of it and win your share of the 20 000 In contest prizes so this video could Truly be the most important video you Ever watch and i’m not just saying that Like all these other people try and hype Up their videos truly you can start Making high ticket commissions with Affiliate marketing Pretty fast after watching this Especially because of the bonuses that You’re going to get which help you with All of that but now if you’re like what Is affiliate marketing what is freedom Breakthrough let’s start with affiliate Marketing okay so this is the business Model i started with that really blew me

Up right so it’s better than having to Start like a shopify store or an E-commerce website or all these Different things because with those you Have costs involved right you have to Pay for the shipping you have to pay for The product you have to build a store You have to do all these things but with Affiliate marketing you’re promoting Someone else’s product like for me i’m Promoting jonathan’s freedom Breakthrough 2.0 and if someone Purchases through my link i earn a Commission that’s why i’m offering these Exclusive bonuses which i’m going to go Through but they’re insanely valuable Bonuses that can not only help you but It’s just basically free money so it’s Like a win-win thing and the cool thing Is you can actually do the same thing And we’re gonna get into all that but That’s how affiliate marketing works you Promote someone else’s product you earn A commission i mean even companies like Amazon target walmart they all have Affiliate programs okay so now what is Freedom breakthrough 2.0 okay so this is My review page you may be already Watching the video right here if you got An email about this but if you’re Watching on youtube right now If you click the second link in the Description below it will take you to my Review page

The first link in the description below Is the same link that is on these green Buttons on the page and if we click it It takes you over to freedom Breakthrough’s sales page to where you Can buy it and that’s how you’ll get Access to my bonuses okay but i want to Go through my review page so you can see What freedom breakthrough is all about And see what my bonuses are all about Okay so first off like i said there’s a Contest going on and these are limited Time bonuses that are expiring this is Going to be a little different it’ll Probably be about a month by the time This video goes live because it ends at April 30th at midnight okay but before i Show you like the inside of freedom Breakthrough and all of that i want to Just read through my message right here And show you everything else on this Page okay so this is a very important Message for me if you’ve been following Me for a while you know i maybe do a Review every year or so sometimes less So i’m not one of those review anything Channels i only review and promote Things i actually believe in and more Importantly things that have massive Value to you and trust me when i say That i know what i’m talking about when It comes to actually good programs to Promote because i’ve made over six Figures and i only did it with a few

Programs because i really find those Valuable programs that make you high Ticket commissions this is a six figure Award i’ll put on the screen right here That’s with one of my main affiliate Programs and i’m the top affiliate and Multiple software i’ve crushed multiple Affiliate contests so trust me i know What i’m saying i know how to make money In affiliate marketing and these bonuses Can truly help you do that fast okay so Let’s get back into this so now if you Don’t know what freedom breakthrough 2.0 Is i go over the entire program in my Review above the video you’re watching Right now but in short it’s one of the Most in-depth affiliate courses on the Market and gives you the ability to make Huge high ticket commissions even as a Complete beginner and the whole point of The program is to help give you the Knowledge and tools to quit your Nine-to-five job and achieve financial Freedom which is what me and jonathan Have both done with our online Businesses in a very short time however If you’re brand new to affiliate Marketing and making money online i know Things can be tough that’s why jonathan And i added in some insane free bonuses To not only give you real personal Support that 99 of gurus aren’t even Willing to give like legit so many of These gurus won’t even respond to an

Email or a message online if you ask a Question it’s ridiculous but uh anyway So i said but we also added in some Specific bonuses that will give you an Insane competitive advantage over Everyone else in the market even very Experienced people and those bonuses Will help you make huge commissions very Fast even as a complete beginner so Trust me when i say that these bonuses Alone can literally change your life and I’m not just hyping that up this is 100 True but the crazy thing is even without Any of these insanely valuable free Bonuses jonathan’s program has not only Made countless students their first Dollar online their first ten thousand Dollars online but there’s also one Student ball deep who literally made her First hundred thousand dollars in Commissions in less than six months as a Complete beginner and became the first Platinum affiliate in freedom Breakthrough 2.0 and you can see the Proof right here if you don’t believe me This is jonathan’s facebook group that’s His post about it that’s her platinum Reward just like i have for legendary Marketer so proof in the is in the Pudding right but the best part is like I said they all did it without any of The bonuses you’ll get access to and you Get access to all of them for free But remember you only get access to the

Bonuses when you purchase freedom Breakthrough 2.0 by clicking here or any Of the green buttons on this page Because that way i earn a commission It’s my affiliate link like i said but You don’t have to pay anything extra by Using my link and you get a ton of Bonuses you won’t get anywhere else okay And then i just left it off with this so I said and hey if you don’t get any Value which i find hard to believe that You won’t but if you don’t get any value You can always refund with the 14 day Money back guarantee so there’s Literally zero risk for you Actually there is a risk a risk that if You don’t take action you 100 Won’t leave your 9 to 5 job and it Depends who you ask but if you ask me That is a very big risk but at the end Of the day it’s up to you to make that Decision and the truth is i looked it up I think it’s like 50 i’ll put it on the On the screen but i think it’s like 50 Of people in the world hate their job Chances are you’re one of those people Because if you’re already looking up Ways to make money online and leave your Job or whatever however you found this Video you’re probably in that 50 percent So people watching this video are Probably like 90 of you dislike your job So this is truly what allowed me to quit My job and gave me a life of freedom and

I’m not just saying that or any of that Stuff like i legit did this like before I had any courses or any of that stuff And i still make more money with Affiliate marketing than my courses so i Legit do this okay but again you just Got to click any of the buttons and it Will take you to the freedom Breakthrough sales page okay now there’s Uh my bonuses right here so i want to go Through those and then i’ll show you The freedom breakthrough course and kind Of walk you through everything in there Really quick okay so these are my Exclusive free bonuses again that you Get nowhere else so i have my high Ticket youtube secrets course my high Ticket youtube course is also what i Call it and this is my flagship thousand Dollar course countless students paid a Thousand dollars for this okay there’s 70 simple to follow step-by-step Training videos and it teaches you how To crush it in the make money online Niche and how to make high ticket Commissions with high ticket affiliate Programs that’s literally the most Focused program and the only one i’ve Seen in the market that teaches a Specific niche with specific programs And exactly how to do what i did And it actually gives you instant Approval to the legendary marketer Affiliate program which no one else even

Has access to because i’m one of the top Affiliates for that program the ceo gave Me that you’ll see it in the course but For example this is the course right Here this is a high ticket youtube Secrets course you can see all these Videos in here it’s insane and right Here bonus video get instant access to Legendary marketers affiliate program if Some people don’t believe me or whatever But yeah so it’s crazy and even if like You go Here where’s one it’s a good example Right here steps to building out your Channel this is one lesson but there’s Literally like six videos in this one Lesson right So you could see how many videos and There’s a tick tock full tick tock Course in it right here that i added so That’s hugely valuable on its own that’s Just bonus number one by the way bonus Number two is my no face youtube course I had so many people that started asking Me like hey what if i don’t want to be In the make money online nature if what If i don’t want to show my face on Youtube because that’s what the high Ticket youtube one focus on was like Actually showing your face so i made no Face youtube course that shows you how To do it without showing your face but Also shows you how to do it in any niche Okay and early access was 247

It’s still available you can still get It for that price but i literally just Finished the last module in there so the Price is going up okay but this one’s More like quick videos like there’s only Six modules right here well technically Eight if you include the intro and the Bonus module but it’s it’s much more Simple and less videos right so some People like more in-depth longer courses But this one’s shorter and to the point And step-by-step so that’s that okay so Those are my legit only courses and you Get them for free just as a bonus for Getting freedom breakthrough 2.0 and by The way you also get members only Facebook group like only members are in Here with direct access to asking Questions that’s the only place you can Do that and you get affiliate access to Both the courses okay now this bonus is Crazy this gives you access to all of my Future programs and by the way there’s Gonna be like a bonus page that gives You access to all of these just so you Know but this is free access to all of My future programs that i ever create This includes courses coaching programs And even software literally anything Anytime for any price all for free so i Don’t care if i start a 10 000 coaching Program if you bought during this Contest and you got this bonus you’re in For free literally and this again is

Limited time expires april 30th and this One is something i have never done Before and i will never do again and This is giving you the the ability to Leverage my bonuses but in a very Specific way okay not only am i giving You free access to this entire review Page if you want it but you can also Leverage all of my bonuses on this page As your own to help you make more Commissions with freedom breakthrough 2.0 okay so this is something that very Few people can even do But are even willing to do you know what I mean like even if they can do it most Aren’t willing to do it but the thing is This is the single most useful bonus to You right because when you’re in Affiliate marketing especially promoting High ticket products you either have to Give people direct access to you like Direct support to help them or you have To give them A ton of value through bonuses and and Private groups and stuff like that so Being able to leverage someone else’s Bonuses especially mine that took me Months and months and months to create And build that’s huge okay i’m never Going to do that again and it expires After the contest okay but you can only Leverage them To promote freedom breakthrough i guess If you want to promote legendary

Marketer i will but i’m not going gonna Let you do it just for any program out There only the programs that i’ve vetted Because i just don’t want random people Who are like doing scammy behavior with My programs you know what i mean so That’s very important but this can truly Make you huge commissions on its own Truly okay so yeah all of those together Besides this one being priceless which It truly is it can make you so much Money but the total value for my bonuses Is 10 491 dollars okay Now we have jonathan’s bonuses and this Is something that he just sent me a Video of and uh this is basically a live Group coaching for youtube though and This is also limited time so i’ll just Show you a quick little bit of this Video let me get my headphones on if You’re looking to buy freedom Breakthrough 2.0 through thomas Garrett’s i have an exclusive offer for You that is not offered anywhere else This is not even offered inside of Freedom breakthrough 2.0 this is a Totally separate program so you’re Looking to crush it with youtube there’s Going to be a coaching program with me And this is offered only when you buy Freedom breakthrough through uh through Thomas garrett’s check it out now i Opened up a youtube coaching program Where i basically told my students hey

I’m going to show you how to go from Zero subscribers to a thousand Subscribers and being monetized within Either two weeks to a month okay this is Specifically for creating youtube Channels whether it’s a faceless channel Or a branded channel and it’s a coaching Program with a small amount of students Only 31 students which they all paid a Thousand dollars to be inside of this Program so you see how insane that is Literally a small group where he Actually walks you through step by step So that’s huge not only do you get my Courses which give you different Strategies in different ways whether you Want to create a branded channel or a Faceless channel i call them no face Channels but you can literally do it and Then you can also be in the group Coaching and ask questions and follow His strategies and he said it i mean They each paid a thousand dollars to be In there you get it completely free and Bonus number two okay so this confuses a Few people i guess What how freedom breakthrough works is Actually the first module here is a Three-day challenge okay it’s called the Three-day business breakthrough Challenge and basically he walks you Through they’re like super long videos And he walks you through like step by Step how to start doing affiliate

Marketing okay and you can get access to This on its own for like seven dollars i Believe and i’ll put the link to that That’ll be the third link in the Description if you want to get access to Just that but i have to tell you you’ll Only get access to just this module you Won’t get access to any of the bonuses Nothing but that will like kind of give You a glimpse into the world okay Actually i will give you one bonus if You sign up for just this i’ll give you The tick tock course in my high ticket Youtube secrets course on its own but That’s it okay you have to upgrade i Forget which i think in day three you’re Able to to upgrade unlock the freedom Breakthrough program right here so If you upgrade you still get all the Bonuses but those limited time bonuses Those are only available if you sign up Before april 30th okay so i just wanted To add that in because i guess some People get confused but the cool thing Is you can actually white label that and What that means is you can have like a Page like this this is like a Website builder basically it’s called Click funnels but you can import People’s websites like you can import This page you can import his literal Course and sell it to people okay so It’s basically Leveraging it in a different way but

Instead of earning 50 commissions or 75 Percent if you upgrade you get a hundred Percent okay so that’s insane now bonus Number three is youtube ads breakthrough Me personally i i like keeping it at the Start at least i like keeping it all Organic stuff okay and i truly believe That’s the best way to go at the start Because a lot of people me included when I started i didn’t have a ton of money Right so what i did is i used Sweat equity and whether that’s making Tick tock videos youtube videos or no Face youtube videos it’s all free except For maybe getting like a microphone if You’re doing youtube but with tic tac You just take your phone and you record It tick tock is the fastest way to start Making money in any niche literally it’s One of the the greatest um the greatest Things That that has been out in so long i mean If you don’t know my story that’s Actually how i blew up is through tick Tock my tick tock started blowing up During the pandemic and it blew my Youtube channel up so i love tik tok It’s a great thing okay and bonus number Four i briefly touched on that but 75 Commissions for life okay But you only get access to this if you Upgrade again so you have to buy freedom Breakthrough either through my page or If you upgrade from the three day

Challenge okay But then bonus number five is his Private facebook community and don’t let The 297 value throw you off jonathan’s Private facebook community is way more Valuable than that guaranteed so many People in there who are just constantly Posting their first sales and it’s crazy It’s such a good group and uh the total Value from jonathan’s bonuses are eleven Thousand sixty seven dollars so that’s Over 21 000 and free bonuses and then Down here we just got some testimonials And then i show you how to receive your Free bonuses so literally these are the Simple three steps you click any of the Green buttons on this page you purchase Freedom breakthrough 2.0 on the next Page And then you just email your receipt or Just email me and all verify in the back Office but uh yeah so that’s literally All you got to do now let’s just briefly Go over freedom breakthrough 2.0 so you Can see everything you get access to in Here and his course is huge i mean it is Huge i thought my high ticket youtube Course was huge this is huge okay so He’s got let’s see here 12 modules and then he’s got all the Bonuses it is insane So right here he teaches a lot of stuff Actually that i don’t teach mine is all Focused on youtube because that’s where

My strengths are right and i i just love Youtube it’s it’s insane right now my Most popular video i uploaded in august Of 2020 still makes me 4 000 A month literally every month it’s Insane and that’s just ad revenue by the Way i make more from affiliate marketing And courses and stuff so it’s crazy what You can do but he teaches a lot of other Things he teaches the affiliate stacking Ecosystem and what that is is that’s Just basically using click funnels which Is like a website and then email Marketing and and that’s truly like the Power of internet marketing is the Follow-up with email and that’s not Required but it is very very powerful Trust me but so he teaches that he Teaches the affiliate funnel email Marketing that all kind of plays Together then he teaches youtube tik tok Facebook all free traffic strategies and Then he has like ton of other strategies With like facebook because facebook is Huge with high ticket affiliate Marketing there’s people just absolutely Crushing it with facebook because the Difference with facebook is you can Actually reach out to people whereas on Youtube you just upload videos and then People see yours it’s more automated but It’s different right so yeah and he’s Just got ton of high value people who Made hundreds of thousands or even

Millions of dollars like nathan lucas he Made over a million dollars in just Legendary marketer with affiliate Marketing he’s got interviews with him And different other people right here And teaches tons of other strategies so That’s pretty much Everything i wanted to show you about That trust me if you have any questions I will answer them in the comments down Below as long as it’s before the contest After that i’ll still let you maybe get Access to my courses but those limited Time bonuses i’m never gonna do again And those literally are expiring at the 30th at midnight okay so just don’t wait Remember you have 14 days to Refund if you really don’t find value But these bonuses are unlike anything You’re ever gonna find okay so let’s go Back just one second i’ll show you the Bonuses again because these are huge Okay again you get my high ticket Youtube course you get my no face Youtube course you get all of my future Programs forever and you can leverage my Bonuses as your own to make more Commissions okay and those are just mine Remember jonathan’s got the live group Coaching which is huge he’s got the Three-day challenge white label he’s got The youtube ads breakthrough 75 commissions there is literally no Other high ticket program that has done

That or will ever do that it is insane You’ve got to understand how you’re Literally making more money than Jonathan is okay and that’s huge he’s He’s really doing a lot and he’s made Multiple millions with this program and Paid out over a million dollars to Affiliates okay so this is life-changing Money literally and of course his Private community so those are all the Bonuses over 21 000 worth of free Bonuses just for getting freedom Breakthrough 2.0 i don’t know what else To tell you if you like it just hit the First link in the description or Clicking the green buttons on that page And you can get access right now and get All of those bonuses if you have any Questions put in the comments down below And that’s all i got love you guys i’ll See on the next video

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