How To Make $100 A Day With Cryptocurrency (3 BEST METHODS)

What’s going on guys thomas garrett’s Here and in this video i’m going to show You how to make a hundred dollars a day With cryptocurrency and i’m not gonna Sit here and be like all those other Videos where you just oh just buy and Sell crypto and and i’m this genius Trader because trading crypto as a Beginner is just the last thing you want To do to make money with crypto trust me I don’t know the statistics but i’d say Probably like 90 of people who start Trading crypto in stocks as a beginner Lose so that’s not what we’re gonna talk About but i am going to teach you three Different ways to make 100 a day with Crypto and the third way is actually Something i’m doing right now to make Much more than 100 a day with crypto and It’s absolutely insane so make sure you Stay tuned for that okay but now before We actually get into like the meat and Potatoes of this video i kind of want to Share like my experience and backstory With crypto as well as just a little bit About crypto in case you’re brand new And never heard of crypto before which I’m assuming most of you have but i’ll Get into it just a little bit for those Who don’t but i think it’d be kind of Cool just to share kind of my experience With crypto right now and in the past Just because i’ve never really talked About it so i think it’s a little

Interesting and i’ll make it quick don’t Worry but basically first off crypto is Kind of like Digital currency at least that was the Idea of it starting to kind of have Something Digital and decentralized from like the Government controlling it you know what I mean but it’s turned into so much more Than that i mean sure you got the Currency aspect with like now defy Decentralized finance just going crazy Which we’ll talk about more later in This video but you got crypto gaming you Got all types of stuff because really It’s the technology behind crypto which Is this blockchain technology and i Don’t want to get too much into it but It’s absolutely changing everything with Gaming nfts you got currency d5 you got All these different things and it’s just It’s really crazy and The even crazier thing is is i think a Lot of people look at it still as like a Scam or i don’t know some people like my Generation the younger generation is Really More hip to it you know what i mean They’re not As like they believe in it you know what I’m trying to say like it’s kind of like When when the internet first started There were so many people Or even cell phones that were like cell

Phones are gonna die off internet’s a Scam you know what i mean and that’s Kind of how it works with any new Technology okay so i think like i said The younger generation Kind of understands that and they’re Like i said more hip to the idea of Crypto in general or even investing in Crypto okay and yeah so that’s basically A little bit about crypto and for me i First heard about crypto literally and I graduated in 2010 okay and i believe It was the summer of 2010 or 2011. now My friends were doing stuff they Probably shouldn’t have done you know Most of you if you’re into crypto you Understand what silk road is but the Reason i mentioned that is because it Used to be really difficult like he was Trying to explain to me how to buy Bitcoin i’m like first of all what is Bitcoin you know and then it’s like he’s Explaining how he has to do it i’m like I ain’t doing that that sounds way too Confusing but nowadays it’s much easier Which again i’ll get into that but um my Experience really without going too far Back i mean the first time i actually Invested was in 2017 in this big run-up Okay there was a bunch of icos going on Which is like crypto’s version of going Public like an ipo and those basically Ended up crashing All of it and they don’t really do that

Anymore but uh i also sold when it Started going down i panic sold right i Got scared i ended up making a little Bit of money but if i had just held on i Would have made a bunch of money okay So i didn’t end up actually getting back Into crypto until right around here in July when crypto and tech stocks all Dropped like 50 and yeah so that’s when I actually got back in to crypto and Stuff and from that i i told you guys i Created this investing channel but these Videos actually it started on my main Channel right here and i made well i Made a couple videos back like when i First invested but actually this video Right here about floki it did really Well so i created this investing channel Right and i had planned on doing this But i ended up making the videos all About floki and i ended up getting in Talks with the flokie in a team so now i Actually post those videos on the flokie Inu official channel so like i said i’m Super into crypto now and that’s you Know that’s kind of my backstory without Going too in depth and wasting too much Your time but yeah so that’s that’s what It is okay now the The thing about this video is i want it To be useful for anyone does that make Sense so like whether you’re a beginner Or an expert now the first two are kind Of more towards beginners but the third

One really i wouldn’t call myself a Beginner and i didn’t know about it for A while and when i first found out about It and now like i said i’m doing it it’s Changing my life so i don’t care how Much experience you have These can truly help you okay and not Financial advice but it could make you Money too you know so let’s just hop Right into that and the first way is Basically the the most simple way okay This is what i would suggest not Financial advice if you’re a beginner You just go here let me turn on my phone Okay so right here you can download any Exchange okay like for example i used to Use coinbase for everything Unfortunately their fees are pretty high But they’re like the most I mean they’re like the biggest at least In the us they’re the biggest okay So you got coinbase you got kraken you Got voyager you got all these different Uh centralized exchanges okay The first thing i would say is just go On any of these exchanges so coinbase Um and literally you just deposit some Money and then you can either set up Like a recurring deposit or the current A recurring purchase of bitcoin and Ethereum those are the two biggest i Don’t See Either of those going anywhere you know

What i mean um so personally if i was Gonna say this is the easiest way to Like Get into crypto safely it’s probably Just investing crypt in uh bitcoin and Ethereum Like dollar cost average they call it Basically buy consistently over time And just hold it you know what i mean And that’s decent okay that’s like the Most basic way okay i’m not gonna show You how to actually buy crypto it’s so Simple you add your bank account and you Buy it right and the cool thing about Coinbase is you see i have usd coin Right there right so the cool thing is a Lot of people say oh you can’t you can’t Uh You can’t buy anything with crypto all These exchanges are starting to come out With uh debit cards and i actually got One from uh coinbase so that’s my Coinbase debit card right so i can Literally spend my usd coin with that Visa card anywhere so that’s just super Cool okay but now like That’s just like the most basic thing if You’re into crypto you already Understand that but i think Bitcoin like if you added it up over the Entire time since it’s been around it’s 200 percent a year it’s gone up so i’m Not saying that’s what’s gonna happen But basically you can count on it going

Up every year even if it goes down some Years over time it will go up okay and Not financial advice who knows what’s Going to happen i’m just saying that’s Why people like michael saylor elon musk They buy bitcoin and hold it right Because it’s a hedge against inflation It’s like digital gold all these reasons Okay and uh yeah so that’s the first way Now number two kind of combines that With another thing so basically if i go Right here i mentioned voyager this i Think i did at least that’s another Centralized exchange right next to Coinbase there now i personally use Voyager as my main centralized exchange App now For one main reason okay so this is Gonna take a little more money to Actually make a hundred dollars a day But basically um coinbase you can just Hold your crypto some things do this but Not like voyager so if i just scroll Over Right here you can see annual percentage So what that does is you’re staking your Crypto and all you have to do is Literally hold it on there so if you Just were holding bitcoin and ethereum Here you would make four point seven Five percent for bitcoin and four point Two five percent for eth a year okay That’s crazy so for example you know you Put a hundred thousand into bitcoin

You’re gonna get forty seven hundred Dollars um A year right so that’s like what four Hundred dollars a month or something so Obviously you need a lot more to make a Hundred dollars a day with this strategy Like actually staking but it really adds Up okay so If you’re just gonna hold bitcoin and Ethereum i would personally suggest Using it on an exchange where you’re Actually getting paid like for example Usd coin right here nine percent but on Coinbase you only get one percent okay So now they might change it in the Future and voyager is also coming out With a debit card uh they haven’t came Out with it yet but just so you know That’s that’s number two okay but again You’re gonna need more money to actually Make that much however number three like I said is my favorite and this is like Staking on crack and you can make 100 a Day with a lot less money so let me show You this let me hop on my computer okay So right here these are my wallets okay So these are my defy wallets so Decentralized finance remember i was Mentioning that at the beginning and Like i said i have it staked right here And it’s staking on crack because for Number three it’s called yield farming Okay it’s something that’s still so new Because defy is so new but basically for

Example let me just show you what i do Here okay so basically you see i got Dark knight and night swap it’s the same Project just on two different Blockchains so you’ve got the binance Blockchain and the phantom blockchain Phantom’s pretty new binance is much More like finances the exchange the huge Exchange biggest exchange in the world And then they got the the binance coin They got the busd coin which is like Pegged at a dollar but basically it’s The blockchain so basically you can see I have this much staked and this is how Much i’ve made just by having it staked Here and i’ll get more into this but This is in like 16 hours i farmed it Less than a day ago okay so it’s super Crazy right and basically how it works Is um well i’ll get into that but Basically the biggest decentralized Exchange on finance is pancake swap here Okay so basically rather than going on Like coinbase and putting in your bank And buying it with fiat currency what You do is you have like a defy wallet Like metamask and you buy crypto Transfer it there and now you just swap It okay but to swap it You have to have liquidity okay so on Coinbase basically that company has a Bunch of crypto and they’re the Liquidity providers but what you don’t Know is what they’re doing is they’re

Going to defy websites and they’re just Staking that money and making way more So when you see companies like voyager Where you get nine percent or four Percent for bitcoin what’s crazy is if We go to like night swap for example Which is the one i use like i said you Can see here here let me connect my Wallet so for example night swap has Their own bitcoin farm right here okay So how these farms work is you can take Half bitcoin this is bitcoin b it’s just Bitcoin on the binance smart chain the Binance blockchain and half Bmb equal amount bmb and you make an lp So it’s a pair and you provide liquidity On this decentralized exchange which is Night swap now people can actually go Here and trade for this token and you’re Getting rewarded this apr for providing That liquidity okay so obviously this is Much higher than the 4.75 that voyager Gives you now obviously that’s great but When you go to night swaps main farms Which are the knight busd and the knight Bmb It’s absolutely insane and i used to Think seeing these numbers are scams and A lot of these defy websites they’re not Good but night swap has a whole Ecosystem around it which i’m not going To get into in this video but i believe In it okay and if you compound it daily Obviously you could just cash out the

Money and do whatever you want with it Trade it for other things but if you Compound it daily you’re getting over 800 And this is always changing just so you Know it depending on the price and how Many people are in the farms but the Reason i use night swap like i said the Ecosystem but also it’s new it’s a lot Newer than like pancake swap i think i Closed out of it let me open it again Real quick so if i go over to the farms On pancake swap you can see their apr Even for their cake bmb farm which is Their main farm the cake token bean Pancakes token is 36 now that’s great But you see the liquidity here 237 Million and on knights main farm with Their token it’s 8.3 million okay so It’s much less but that’s actually Really good when you look at the market Cap of night compared to the market cap Pancake swap again there’s so much that Goes into this ecosystem that would blow Your mind which maybe i’ll talk about in Another video comment below if you want To learn about that and by the way i Just wanted to add this part in so Basically right here where it says night Earned those are the rewards that i’m Getting for providing this liquidity Okay so basically if i wanted to harvest It and get that night into my wallet so I could either compound it or trade it

Whatever that’s how i would do that and So i have 423 night as my rewards and Each night right here is worth 0.516 so If we go back over to this website you Can see right here to be claimed is 217 So obviously like i’m not showing you Those numbers to break i hope you don’t Think i’m like oh he’s so rich i just Want you to see that this is actually my Wallet because i know a lot of people Lie online but yield farming is crazy But at the end of the day you gotta Understand actually providing liquidity And being in this defy space has more Inherent risk than even just staking on A centralized exchange which has more Inherent risk than just buying and Holding bitcoin which obviously has more Inherent risk than buying like the s p 500 so i just want you to understand That like yeah like that may seem like a Lot of money to some but it’s not a lot Of money in the grand scheme of life and At the end of the day i worked my ass Off to get it and i’m willing to take The risk right and hopefully i explained Everything well enough i didn’t want to Make this video super super long so Again i’ll make some more videos on this Because i do enjoy it and hopefully you Enjoy it as well but uh yeah that’s Pretty much all i got i love you guys I’ll see on the next video

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