How To Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Your Face – 2022 ($20,000/MONTH)

What’s going on guys thomas garrett’s Here and in this video i’m going to show You how to make money on youtube without Ever showing your face on camera using a Method that is not only going to blow Your mind but it’s still working like Clockwork today in 2022. and i know You’re probably like yeah yeah it’s cool You can say that and all but let me see Some proof that it’s actually working And i knew you’d say that so right here I got a page showed up of this channel Who’s doing the strategy i’m going to Show you and they’re making upwards of Twenty thousand dollars per month mind You this is just in youtube ad revenue Alone so what i’m gonna do is i’m not Just gonna show you how to make these Same videos i’m gonna actually show you How to make them easier Faster and most importantly make more Money than just with youtube ad revenue Using a strategy that they aren’t even Using themselves and all i ask of you is To simply watch the entire video follow The simple step-by-step instructions in The video And smash the like button that’s all i Ask and it’s completely free to do and Once you do that i can deliver on my Promise so assuming you smash the like Button let’s get into the video alright So like i said in this video i’m gonna Show you how to make money on youtube

Without showing your face on camera and One of the best ways to do that is with The channel right here and this is the Page i was showing you with the 20 000 In ad revenue per month and this channel Is tour opia okay so it’s a youtube Channel in the travel niche and the Reason i think this is one of the best Niches to make videos in is because not Only do they get crazy like crazy crazy Views But You will never run out of video ideas i Mean you can make it about countries Cities states you can make it about Things in those country city-states you Get the idea right um so like in this This strategy i’m gonna be showing you Like literally as long as you can Search on google you can make these Videos and it’s gonna blow your mind Trust me and don’t worry i’m gonna show You how to do everything completely step By step so first off when it comes to Starting on youtube making youtube Videos whatever i always say the the First thing to do and the best first Step is to pick your niche and create Your channel In that niche and obviously we already Have our niche picked right this is the Travel niche as for actually creating The channel itself i’m going to touch on That a little later and give you some

Tips on that because obviously you Already know how to create a channel You’re watching this video right now but Like i said i’ll give you some tips Later but the reason i’m not doing that Part first is because The most important thing is to just get Started so i just want to get into Actually creating the video as fast as Possible because the sad truth is 99 of People won’t even get started so if You’re in that one percent that actually Gets started you’re already ahead of 99 Of people so i’m just trying to help Give you that push to actually get Started because if you don’t get started Nothing else matters okay so with that Being said the first part of any video To get started is the title that is the First thing you need to figure out what Is the video about okay this is arguably One of the most important parts of the Video because it doesn’t matter how good The the video itself is if they don’t Like what the title is about they’re not Going to actually click on it and watch The video and there’s more to it than Just the title but it’s very very Important okay Now there’s a lot that goes into the Title we could go on about that forever But Basically i’ll give you a couple tips Here i don’t want to make this too long

On the title but it is important okay so Right here 30 most beautiful cities in The world travel video you see how that Has more views That’s how i would typically pick a Topic i would try and find a popular Video and a popular topic in the niche And recreate it right But it’s more important than that a lot Of people when they’re just getting Started one of the the biggest mistakes I see Is they’re making these titles That don’t have search terms in them and When you’re first starting out the way Most people are going to find your Videos is by searching for it because You don’t have subscribers watching your Video right so i personally use a tool Called morningfame and you want to make Sure that you have an actual target Search term in the title and the way you Know if it’s a search term with Morningfame i’m not going to show you How to use morningfame i show how to use That in other videos and in my no face Youtube course at no but Basically if there’s a green check mark It’s a search term if there’s an x it’s Not a search term because people aren’t Actually typing that in right so that’s Very very important when i first started On youtube literally basically a hundred Percent of my

Views on my youtube videos were from Search so when people are making these Random titles and not spending any time On them that’s why they’re not getting Any views so it’s super super important Okay But yeah so for this example we’re just Gonna do three most beautiful cities in The world so as you can see i just kind Of took that one 30 most beautiful Cities in the world and used three Instead because we don’t need the video To be 48 minutes long i’m just showing You the process and all that and by the Way you’re welcome to use that same Title as well because once you have this Process down it’s going to be so much Easier to continue doing that and Another point on that rather than just Teaching you how to make one video i’m Going to show you how to recreate this Process over and over again it’s like That quote you give a man a fish he eats One day but you teach a man to fitch he Eats for a lifetime so that’s kind of What i’m doing here and another way i’m Doing that is by showing you basically a Template that you can use and every good Channel especially when you’re not Showing your face you have a template Because a lot of the time you have People outsourcing it so you want to Give them a process or a template so They can recreate it okay so for example

The three most beautiful cities in the World This is where it comes to googling right So if you just go right here most Beautiful cities in the world right you Can find a bunch of them so let’s say Paris okay so we’re gonna put paris for This first one right now what you’re Gonna do is you’re gonna take Interesting fact and you’re gonna go Right here interesting fact about Paris okay There you go there’s fun facts there’s All these different facts you can get From searching on google okay and then You you probably want to add some more Things so you’d probably want to add Like uh maybe the history uh maybe a Monument um some good food Or restaurants whatever some things you Think people would be interested about Especially if they’re thinking about Traveling there you wanna put some Things there that they’d be interested In okay and these are all things you can Literally google and copy onto here it’s That simple okay so again that’s all you Gotta do and i’m gonna do this off Camera quick just so i save you some Time i’m just gonna keep it where it’s Just a fact because obviously i think You get the idea but i don’t want this To be super long i just want you to kind Of see the process of it so i’ll find

Three cities and three facts about those Cities and then i’ll leave it at that All right so that took me literally Minutes i ended up with paris france the Interesting fact is the first photo of a Person ever was taken in paris which is Pretty cool um the next one is venice Italy and venice has one of the world’s Narrowest streets right something Probably no one wanted to know but it’s Interesting right Then we got dubai of the united the United arab emirates and it’s home to The tallest building in the world the Burj khalifa but now once we actually Have this template filled out this is When we’re gonna use the software that Pretty much creates the entire video for Us and that software is called nvidia And i already have an account but if you Don’t right here is their pricing now You can pay monthly or yearly it’s much Cheaper if you pay yearly okay i Personally have the unlimited but you Can start for free the one thing i want To say is if you are taking this serious Having a watermark on your video is very Very unprofessional okay so it’s up to You how you want to do it but that’s Just very bad the watermark is going to End up costing you more money than this Is worth okay so i would definitely Start with at least the business but It’s totally up to you now if you do get

Started with the business and not the Free plan make sure you use the code Garrett’s 25. now this is my affiliate Link i get a commission no extra charge To you but if you use the code garrett’s 25 you do get 25 off your entire order Okay so it’s like free money right But now once you got your account set up What you want to do is you want to make Sure you’re on text to video right here Okay now the reason why this tool is so Cool i’ll show you but there’s two ways You you you could do it i’m gonna Suggest one way but the other way is at The bottom here you have what’s called Listicles okay but the problem with These is you don’t really get to use the Text to Video software like i’m going to show You this you have to pretty much use the Custom type video editor inside of this So it works great i just think the other Way is going to be easier for this Strategy okay so totally up to you However you want to do it but we’re Going to use these templates up here Choose whichever one you like whichever Text style we’ll just go with this Corporate one right here okay and you Can kind of watch this And see what it looks like but uh yeah So that’s right there And then make sure it’s on wide 16 by Nine and then hit use this template

Now this is where you’re just gonna Basically You can’t just copy and paste this Because it won’t make sense but this is Like have you ever done those tests at School where they had to be a certain Length and you just kind of added words Pretty much so this is where the Template comes into play so here for Example The the three most beautiful cities in The world that’s our title right so You’re gonna copy that ctrl c Add the headline right so there you go That part’s done now for the story this Is where you’re gonna add those extra Words and it’s very very simple because We already have the template laid out so We’re going to copy that and you’re just Going to go right here okay so you Pasted it right but you’re going to want To say The first City Spell it right the first city That You could say it however you want you Could say the first most beautiful city In the world or you could start with Number three the third most and then Kind of lead them to number one Up to you however you want to do it but You just want to add in some words so it Can be

Read properly right so the first city That you have to visit Is paris france right it’s paris or Um This is the capital of france right Whatever or however you want to say it Is paris the capital of france it’s the Capital right i think so but regardless You kind of want to do it like that and Then after the period after the sentence Is over i always hit enter and then Um an interesting Fact about paris that i bet you don’t Know And then you do a comma and then you Just copy and paste this right there and There you go okay the first photo of a Person ever taken was in paris Easy and then you would do that for the Rest of it i’ll just do it off camera Real quick okay so again that took Literally a minute or two so here i’ll Read what i said make it a little bigger For you and i said the first city that You have to visit is paris the capital Of france an interesting fact about Paris that i bet you didn’t know the First photo of a person ever taken was In paris the second city is venice the Floating city italy right so you just Kind of want to spice it up a little bit Right and i said the interesting fact About venice that no one ever asked is They have one of the world’s narrowest

Streets and then the third city is dubai Of the uae and then put enter right There dubai is also home to the tallest Building in the world the burj khalifa Okay so obviously that’s a pretty short Video but uh yeah so i’m just gonna Leave it at that just to make things Simple and not take up all your time Because you’ll understand how things Work okay Now what you want to do is you want to Make sure auto suggest images and videos Is on this is very important and then Hit next so really quick i’m just going To show you kind of what it does so Basically with ai technology it takes Those the text and turns it into a video Right exactly what it says it does but You see it has like basically what we Wrote and then it has different videos And images and pictures all that kind of Match up with the text now sometimes You’re gonna have to change a couple Things but it’s it’s pretty like Compared to using a regular editor it’s So easy literally and uh the first thing I’m gonna do is an advanced editor right Here they automatically add music to the Background so i’m just gonna Like pause that so we’re not listening To it or whatever so right here i’m just Gonna hit edit and uh turn this off for Now okay obviously you don’t have to do That but that’s what i’m doing right now

And then i just went back to storyboard At the top okay now when it comes to Actually like changing things i would Change this one i just don’t like that It’s like a phone image and sometimes ai Doesn’t work perfectly but if we hit Play here So also I chose the wrong Template i also don’t like how it hides The background So give me one second all right so i Went and changed to a different template Just using the same script and Everything just so uh you know i used The swift template the corporate one i Didn’t like i like the swift one much Better i mean look at it it looks so Much better but basically i mean It actually selected much better images And videos i think they almost always Use images sometimes they use videos But if you look at this i mean you don’t Even need to change any of them so Sometimes it does better than others but Yeah so basically again uh the swift Template is dope i mean that looks so Sick look at that And by the way if it if it happens like That where the text is too big you can Literally just hit edit there And then it takes you to like the Advanced editor the custom editor and You can just change the font or like the

Font size i guess you would change to Like 112 And then if you go back to storyboard Then you can test it to see if it It’s the right size basically so now Let’s hit play So now you see how it’s on two lines now So sometimes you’ll just need to change Like the font size or change a couple of Things but it’s all very very simple Right now um let’s change this to Like a different thing just for example If we were going to change it right so You see they actually have two medias Here And there’s a couple ways you can do This so if you wanted to use a video for Example let’s just type in paris here Now this first video right here let’s Just drag it over this first piece of Media right there okay so now what you Can do is you can trim it to the length You want or what you can do is you can Trim video to fit scene But that is going to end up kind of Making that too long right because it Also has this one right so what you Would want to do is you would want to Delete that and then now it’s the right Amount i only ever use one piece of Media for each clip that’s just what i Do it’s up to you how you want to do it But that’s just what i personally do so Just make sure again if you’re going to

Use a video okay so we’ll just drag this Here for example even though that one Looks sick right but you just drag over That trim video to fit scene and then Done okay that’s how you do it if you’re Doing a video but if you want to use an Image you can use the image right there And type in whatever you want if you Can’t find an image you like just simply Go to a website like and then You can also type in paris here they Also have videos by the way but you can Find images here like that one looks so Sick right and then you would just Download it okay And it’s right in the bottom left corner Right there and now if you just go back Here you go to uploads and then upload Media And then you just grab that image you Just put double click it and now you can Just put that right there you see what I’m saying it’s so so simple to do now The last thing now that this is all done You want to add like an outro there’s a Couple different ways to do it the most Simple way is just going to be saying Like thanks for watching make sure to Subscribe or whatever right and you can Just start by adding a scene here and You literally just say thanks for Watching remember to subscribe And like the video or whatever that i’m Just gonna keep it basic and then you

Just go to video right here or image and You just type maybe subscribe maybe There’s like a subscribe button here and There is okay so let’s just find one Here we’ll use this one okay so put that There and it’s only 5.3 seconds long so We’ll just use the full video and hit Done and there you go okay again you Probably want to use the audio so we’ll Go back to advanced editor real quick And we’ll use this music so you want to Go to edit volume and fade i think three To four percent is pretty good you can Test it out if you want but that’s what I’ll use it as three percent And now if you want to add a logo or do Any of that stuff you can i’m gonna Remove it just remove it from all scenes But the video is done and actually one More thing that i should show you is Something a lot of people struggle with And it’s pretty important i’m not gonna Lie so This is technically the last thing you Would need to do for the actual video Itself and that’s a voiceover okay There’s multiple ways to do this you can Record the voiceover you can record it On your phone and upload your voice over Or you can do automated text-to-speech Okay for example if you’re going to Record the voiceover what you do is you Hit record right here and you can see me Talking right here is causing those

Waveforms so i would say In this video i’m going to show you the Three most beautiful cities in the world And then you hit stop and then i just Had to hide my camera real quick so you Could see this but you just want to grab This at the start and drag it to where You start talking which i think was Right here i’m going to show you the Three most beautiful cities in the world All right so then you would just push That right there and then you go at And you see it got added right there And this scene it’s too long right so Let’s just make it smaller And then you just go right there Something like that so that’s option Number one okay now you could do Automated text-to-speech and that’s like Robot voice okay that’s probably second Best honestly you could get away with Not using a voiceover on these videos But it’s always better to use voiceovers Um but you could just do Basically what i said in this video I’m gonna show you the three most Beautiful cities in the world you can Look through all the different ones and Choose the voice you want and then just Hit generate voiceover if you want to Listen to it in this video i’m gonna Show you the three most beautiful cities In the world okay add it to the scene And i’m just gonna delete delete this

One and then move that over there now It’s too short so we’re gonna have to Make this Longer Okay so you get the idea but i’m just Gonna delete that so make sure you use Some type of voiceover or you just don’t But again it’s always better too and now Once you’re done you’re just going to go Here to download And Export now real quick while that’s Downloading i just want to give you a Couple tips about the actual channel Itself like i said i do at the start so Basically You want to have a channel created which You know how to do but you want to have A name make sense with the niche right So tour opia Their name makes sense with travel like Tour right and that’s pretty simple to Do like this is just my test channel Right here called moneyland it was a Channel about make money online or an Example channel so we could do travel Info that’s just a name i came up to and There’s a couple other things you can do Like making a description channel art All that but the most two most important Things is the name And your channel profile photo or your Logo and you can do it like how tour Opia does and they just have royalty

Free footage on their profile picture And their channel art right so like you Download from pixels like we did or what I personally do is i have like a Template and all i did is i just changed Moneyland to travel info right and i Downloaded it already so basically go to Branding right here and you change the Picture so change and you’d go that’s in My desktop right there and then travel Info okay you just hit done right here Let me get a little smaller and you just Hit done if you wanted to change the Banner image obviously i would change That too but we’ll just for example uh Go to downloads and that picture we Downloaded This is a terrible picture but we’ll Just do it for example purposes okay so Then you hit publish right there and now Our channel is going to make more sense For the niche we’re in and that’s just a Quick little tip okay you want to make Sure you did that and again there’s much More tips on that in my no face youtube Course but now the video should be done So let’s just watch the finished product Quick [Music] [Music] [Music] So yeah i mean that’s pretty insane how How easy it is to Make these videos obviously that was a

Short one but you get the idea right so Let’s download this video clicking Download or download right there And we have the video completed okay or At least the example video Now when it comes to uploading the video There’s really two other things besides Uploading the video which i’ll get into And those are arguably the two most Important things okay so to create the Video we’re gonna go to create up here And then upload video Then you’re just gonna drag this video Right onto here now the title again we Already have the title so three most Beautiful cities in the world is our Title All right There’s a couple of things you can do Like the description i’m not going to Get into it too much but Some would say the thumbnail is the most Important thing and just like with the Actual logo i made just like how i Created that in canva i also created the Thumbnail in canva and this is basically Just copying what they got right there Just in my own way and All i did was i added a photo and added Some text here it’s very very simple to Use canva i’m not going to show you how To do that because this video is already Getting long but that’s all stuff again I show in my program i’m not just like

Keep saying that but it’s so true if you Don’t have the money to pay for that Which is very inexpensive i’ll link a Video at the end which goes a little More in depth into these things but Basically that’s our thumbnail and a lot Of people say that it’s the most Important thing title and thumbnail Because those are the two things people See right away and it doesn’t matter how Good the video is if they don’t click The video because of the title and Thumbnail They won’t see the video right so Basically you wanna make sure you have a Good thumbnail okay so we’re just gonna Well i can’t do it on this channel Basically to verify your channel all you Gotta do is get a text message but you Just hit upload thumbnail it would let You and then you would just click the Thumbnail okay i’m not going to verify This channel there’s no reason for me to But it’s very simple Here i’ll show you how you would do it So you just click here and you verify You can also verify in your back office But all you do is you enter your phone Number and then you verify it it takes Two seconds but i’m not gonna do that Right now you get the idea i think the Most important part though if i’m being Transparent With any business really is

To make money okay i i can’t tell you Honestly If i was Not making money from youtube i don’t Think i would be making youtube videos That’s just me being 100 transparent and I think 99.9 of business owners and probably you Think the same way so the most important Thing for any video is actually making Money and this is the thing i said that This person is not even doing and yeah You can make money from ad revenue but At the start you can’t make money you Have to be monetized on youtube which Takes a little time you have to have a Thousand subscribers and 4 000 watch Hours So A way you can start making money right Away is with affiliate marketing so Remember when i was like you can use my Link for In video but i earn a commission that’s Because it’s my affiliate link i earn an Affiliate commission and there’s Actually a way to do that in the travel Niche and all i did is i googled best Travel affiliate programs and if you’re Brand new some of these affiliate Programs aren’t gonna Like accept you but basically just like Go check out all of them if you need to Like one of them will accept you some of

Them just use like their own website Some of them use what are called like Affiliate networks and those are going To be more easy to get into like for Example let me see so yeah right here They run through the commission junction Affiliate network so basically you would Sign up for affiliate junction to be Able to promote those products so just Look into it i’m not going to show you Exactly how to do that but basically It’s very simple you go to their Affiliate network website sign up and Then you just get a special link and you Put it in your description it’s very Very simple i don’t want to complicate This video too much but that’s how you Would do it okay now when it comes to Actually finishing the video i just want To focus on that right now because i Know some of you don’t understand that Part but basically in the description Besides your affiliate link i personally Write a little bit and you could Basically say this in this video i’m Gonna show you the three most beautiful Cities In the world what that does is it helps With seo because if you’re not getting Views you’re not going to make any Commissions you’re not going to get any Subscribers and that’s really the most Important thing that no one talks about

So if you actually want to get views Make sure you’re doing this the proper Way this is called seo like you’re Optimizing your search engine Optimization okay and then also you Could maybe list out the three cities so It could be city number one city number Two city number three right and then Just write a little bit about it okay And then at the bottom you would put Your affiliate link to blank right so That’s where you would have your link And that’s basically how you want to Structure it and then they do have tags Which really tags are like the least Important thing so right here is where You would add your tags we’re not going To get into that but basically you just Hit next Next Next And then you go to public And then publish And your video is published and that’s Pretty much how you do it and again i Know i skipped through a couple of those Things and the reason is because i don’t Want to make this video too complicated Like i said at the start as long as you Actually get started you’re ahead of 99 Of everyone else all the specifics and Advanced things can be figured out as You go but if you want to get a jump Start and understand all of those things

Prior to starting definitely go to my no Face youtube course at no And i may be a little biased but i truly Believe that’s the best way to get Started with anything in life is to Learn from someone who’s actually doing It and has done it successfully so again No if you want to use in video Links also in the description down below Oh and don’t forget i said i’d link to That free course so you can watch that And learn all those advanced things Without paying me which it’s not even About money for me i just want you to Succeed so you can watch that video Right here that’s all i got i love you Guys See you on the next video

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