How To Make YouTube Videos WITHOUT Showing Your Face (7 BEST FACELESS METHODS)

What’s going on guys Thomas Garretts Here and in this video I’m going to show You the seven best methods for how to Make YouTube videos without showing your Face but don’t worry because these Aren’t going to be some difficult Methods that nobody can do because I Made sure that not only were these these Seven best methods but also the seven Easiest methods that anyone can do Starting today from zero and all I ask Of you is to Simply smash the like Button and watch the entire video so you Don’t miss out on anything with that Being said let’s get in the video Alright so like I said I’m going to show You the seven best methods for how to Make YouTube videos without showing your Face and we’re going to hop right into Method number one which is screen Recording more specifically screen Recording a tutorial this method is Probably my personal favorite just Because it’s pretty much what I do in 90 Of my videos the only difference for This would be you just record the screen On its own instead of having that little Camera in the bottom right corner like How I do in my videos as for how you Would go about actually recording the Screen itself there’s so many different Free and paid ways to screen record but The nice thing is every single device Whether you have an Apple or Android

Phone or a Mac or a Windows computer They all have a free way to record the Screen and just one quick tip before we Move on to the next one the reason I Love these tutorial videos isn’t just Because I do them it’s because to be Successful on YouTube your videos have To either be entertaining or educational And let’s be honest learning something And then being able to teach someone That same thing and educate them is much Easier than learning how to be Entertaining especially in 2022 people Just get bored so fast so that’s why I Find that tutorial videos and teaching Someone something is the best no matter Which of these methods you use to make Them so just keep that in mind but now Method number two is a slide Presentation and presentations are Another one of my favorites just because At this point every single person Probably on Earth just about has seen And probably even created a slide Presentation before whether that’s in School or at work and because everyone Is so used to seeing them they’re great At teaching a lot of different topics And especially great for longer topics Like for example I used a presentation For my free YouTube course video that Was over an hour long but when it Actually comes to creating or designing Your slides you can go as crazy or as

Basic as you want personally I like to Keep mine pretty basic but that’s just My personal opinion they both work great What’s nice though is pretty much every Presentation software out there whether You use PowerPoint keynote Google Slides Or whatever they all have some sort of Templates you can use for free however If you didn’t know canva is another free Software that you can actually create Entire presentations with and they have Some insanely cool free templates and if You don’t know what canva is it’s just Like a design software that’s what I use To make all my YouTube thumbnails and Tons of other things so super dope and It’s 100 free but now method number Three is a dope one and this is Animation videos and when it comes to an Animation video I’m not talking about Like a YouTube channel built around like An animated character although there’s Tons of YouTube channels doing that now And they’re absolutely crushing it but The problem with that is it’s just super Difficult to do and it either requires a Lot of time and experience creating These animations or a lot of money to Pay people to do it for you so what I’m Talking about is doing simple animated Whiteboard videos using a software like Dudley or video scribe that pretty much Does 90 of the work for you and that’s Where you can basically use their

Built-in animations add text and even Upload your own images and then it gets Added to a video basically on a Whiteboard and when it comes to actually Using these whiteboard animation videos You’re really just going to use them to Either teach someone something or tell a Story and one of the channels that does The storytelling side of this the best Is Patty Galloway and Patty is actually A consultant to a bunch of huge YouTube Channels I think he even consulted with Mr BEAST’s Channel and he has his own Own channel where he does these like Whiteboard animated videos all about top YouTubers and how they’ve built their Empire and stuff like that so if you’re Interested in animation type videos Check his channel out now method number Four is b-roll footage if you’ve never Heard of b-roll footage before basically What you’re watching right now me Talking to the video this is what’s Called a-roll footage and then for Example if I was to put a video up on The screen with me doing some weird Looking things that would be called B-roll but for this method what you Would do is you would just use b-roll Footage for your entire video where you Don’t show your face and then you can Either add music or voice over to the Background and this method works great For a ton of different channels but if I

Was to give you like my two favorites That use this method the first would Probably be showing how to do something Because you know I love my tutorial Videos an example of that would be like How to cook something or how to build Something or how to even design Something and then my next would Definitely be a review Channel and you Can do review channels for digital Products in all types of different ways But for this method you would actually Use b-roll you recorded of physical Products like laptops other electronics Or really any physical product and then You would just be doing a voiceover Again and explaining the products you’re Reviewing so now that you understand Kind of what b-roll is Method number Five is stock footage and stock footage Is just basically footage that someone Else recorded and has uploaded to a Website that you can actually use and You can use this also as b-roll footage Like I’m doing right now but again for This method you would use the stock be Your whole footage for your entire video Again with like a voiceover or music in The background and some types of Channels that instantly come to mind are Going to be like rain music or also just Like health and wellness videos where They’re like teaching something a lot of Times they’re going to use stock footage

In the background and then just a voice Over on top of that and it’s super easy To just make these videos because Literally all you do first is record the Voiceover right so you’d write a script Record the voiceover and then you would Put that into some video editing Software and then all you do is just Upload stock footage onto the screen That matches up with what you’re saying In the voiceover as you’re saying it so For example if you were talking about Money you would put up an image or video Of money on the screen it’s very very Simple and there’s tons of places to get Free stock footage like pixels and Pixabay and then you have paid options Like story blocks but now method number Six is definitely another one of my Favorite and this is using a text to Video or done for you software so for Example the main software I personally Use and I’ve talked about on my channel Before is in video and they have a text To video portion of their software and It’s so insane because you can choose Templates here so for example let’s just Pick a template here right and now what You can do is you can put your entire Script here or you can actually take a URL and copy a blog post and it will Take the script from there and I’ll show You what happens so let’s just put an Example like how to make money doing

Videos videos are awesome I love making Videos okay obviously this is a terrible Script but I just want to show you for Example what it can do okay and then for The headline how to make money making Videos on YouTube okay so now we’re Gonna hit next and as you can see it Actually puts text on the screen and Adds an image or a video of stock Footage so it kind of combines the last Method into one and does it for you and If you don’t like any of these images For example you go right here to videos Or images and then you just type in Let’s say video okay and you see they Got one right here with this guy holding A camera so you could just put it right Here drag it on top of that one if you Don’t like it and then you just trim the Video to fit scene and hit done and now You have that right there and you can Edit everything like if you don’t like The colors of text or all that but I Will say one thing really quick if you Are going to use Nvidia they do have a Free plan however the problem with the Free plan which you can use if you can’t Afford anything else go for it but you Have a watermark on the free plan and That makes your YouTube videos look Unprofessional to say the least so if You can afford it I’d always suggest Going with the business now it’s going To be 50 off if you go with yearly which

I definitely suggest because monthly is Thirty dollars a month now totally up to You can cancel anytime but regardless Whether you go with free or paid when You do purchase or if you purchase use The code Garrett’s 25 for 25 off your Entire order okay so that’s just what I Want to say if you are going to use it But again there’s so many ways to use in Video and I’ve showed it in multiple Videos but if this isn’t something that You’re interested in another option for You which is also method number seven That’s to Outsource and what that means Is go into websites like Fiverr upwork there’s Thousands of them probably maybe not That much but hundreds at least and There’s tons of these ways to find Freelancers online that will work for Pretty inexpensive considering how much Time it takes to make a good YouTube Video so you can find people who make Thumbnails for five bucks who write Scripts for five bucks now editing’s a Little more expensive things like that That take more time obviously but if you Have more time then you have money then I would suggest doing it yourself but if You don’t have a lot of time and you Have a lot of money this is definitely Something to do and in my course at no not only do I teach you how To do everything step by step and I

Really suggest doing it yourself if you Have the time but if you don’t have the Time I have a full module that goes so Much more in depth into Outsourcing and Talks about the best ways to find people How much you should pay Etc however if You can’t afford to Outsource and you Can’t afford my course right now don’t Worry because you can click the video on The screen to watch a free YouTube video Where I show you more about Nvidia and How to get started using that soft work And that’s all I got I love you guys and I’ll see on the next video

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