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Hey and welcome to vid Society in this Video I'm going to show you guys a free Screen recording tool you can use to Record reviews for products digital Products or even do your own training Videos courses or whatever it is you Need to record from your screen now Normally I would recommend to use a tool That I use such as Camtasia but it's Expensive and why do that when there are Free Alternatives So Below this video I'll put the links to all the resources I'm going to mention plus other links That you may be interested in if you do Video marketing so this is a video that I recorded here a while back for the Release of my new product and basically What I did is if you go through this Video you could see where I walk you Through this horse and I show you what It is simply by recording the desktop Screen now this is a powerful way to Promote different types of digital Products courses or even physical Product in fact if you own my YT Influencer course I even show you how You can record uh physical products that You don't even own and make affiliate Sales from those so what we're going to Be looking at is a tool called screen Rec and if you want to check it out just Go to or just click on the Link below this video it'll take you Here to this website where you can

Download it 100 free at least as of Today it is free now with this you can Record up to five minutes if you Register for a free account which just Requires your name and your email Address and a password you can record Unlimited videos and even get two Gigabytes of cloud storage to store it In the cloud now if we scroll down on This page what makes it so powerful is Of course it is free but it's very Simple to use and not only can you Record your screen but if you have a Webcam and if you want to record your Face you can do that too you can also Take screenshots so not only can you Record video but you can capture Individual images they will give you a Link that you can even share with others If you want to you can annotate your Screenshots you can share it it does Have complete privacy there's analytics And even content manage where you can Tag your files and add them to different Collections so all you have to do to get Started is click on download free Now once you save it to your computer You're going to be redirected to a Screen that looks like this which tells You how to download it if you're using Chrome Firefox or Internet Explorer or Edge next you can start recording that Fast just by hitting the alternate plus The S button on your keyboard but before

You do that you'll want to go into your Settings and make a few changes So down here on the bottom in your Taskbar you're going to see a bunch of Little icons on your computer you should See one here that looks like a red Target if you don't have that click the Little arrow it's going to show you the Rest of your icons up here you'll Probably find it in this area and all You have to do is click it and drag it Down here among your other icons that Are showing and then you'll be able to See it now once you do that you're going To right click on it And you're going to see you have some Options here first of all alternate s Allows you to bring up the recorder so You can take a screenshot or you can Start video recording next is your image Gallery so once you sign up for a free Account you're going to have access to a Gallery after that you can also go to Your settings and here on your settings You can see where I am logged in where I Created a free account I have two Gigabytes of free cloud storage Unlimited recording I can even record in HD or 4K and there are no watermarks and It's for personal and commercial use and Then down here you can choose which Webcam or microphone you want to use That you have hooked up to your computer Next is your recording quality I

Recommend you use HD for this this is Going to give you the best quality and Take up the least amount of room on your Computer and your cloud storage but if You're not concerned about that you can Always do 4K and get the highest quality Video but it will take longer to edit And render then down here you want to See where it says shortcut start stop Capture so this is the code you're going To use when you want to start and stop Recording so let's go ahead and close This and try it out so right here it Says to get started all we have to do is Hit alternate and S so let's go ahead And do that Now we can see a purple box pops up here If you don't see this yet it simply Means you haven't registered for a free Account make sure you do that it is free It says here left click and drag to take A screenshot or video so remember the Area that you capture here you can Either take a picture of it or you can Take a video so if you want to record Your entire screen you want to come up To the top Corner click and then drag it All the way down to the bottom Let up and when you do that you're going To see where you have options now to Take a screenshot or to start video Recording so let's go ahead and start Video recording so now we're recording The video you can see my mouse moving on

The screen you can also see this video Here and let's go ahead and scroll down A little bit and let's just say for Example maybe we're doing a review on This product well why would we want to Do that for it's free well yes it's free But think about it if you do a review on A product like this you can rank for Keywords such as free screen recorders Or best screen recorders for recording Your desktop these get a lot of searches And if you have a YouTube channel that's Monetized with ads it can bring in a lot Of traffic a lot of views which can Ultimately earn you quite a bit in ad Revenue now another way to think about That is you can also record something Like this and then show how you use it To make money online and then share it And then maybe put affiliate links under Your video or related products like I Have underneath my video in the Description box okay let's go ahead and Stop recording we're going to hit Alternate s again and now it says your Private sharing link is ready I can open The link here or I can open up the Gallery and view it so the recording's Been saved not only on my hard drive but Also in the cloud now if I want to view This all I have to do is come down to my Target and click on it Go to gallery And as long as you've created your free

Account you're going to be able to Access this because this is your cloud Storage where it's going to hold up to Two gigabytes of whatever it is you're Recording or taking screen captures of Now you can see that I have two Different recordings on here this is the One that I just recorded if I hover over It I can preview it I can get a Shareable link that I can send to Somebody else maybe I want to show them Something let's say for example I found Some kind of a bug in their software I Can record the screen get this link Share it with them so there's a lot of Benefits to using this tool other than Just recording videos and editing them For product reviews Or I can delete it I'm going to click on Preview and now we can see the video Player here and we can see my recording Now on the bottom left you're going to See here where I can copy the shareable Link once again or I can also download This and save it to my computer why Would I want to do this if it's already Saved to my computer well it's kind of Hard to find the files that it saves to Your computer because they hide them Away pretty good so if you can't find Them you can always come in here preview Your video and download it and save it To some place where you know where it's At on your computer

Now if we scroll to the bottom you're Going to see a list of FAQs and if we go Down here you're going to see a section Where it says where does screen Rec Store all of the recording so if I click On this it's going to show you here for Windows this is where it's going to be At now if you can't find this really all You have to do is just take this part Here where it says streaming video Provider copy it Go to your folders Go to your C drive and come up to search And paste streaming video provider in Here Now once you do that you want it to give A time to search and then it should Bring up the folder and show you where It's at so you can click on it and Access your videos now if you have Problems finding where your videos are On your computer you can always send Them a support ticket just like I did And they actually replied within five Minutes which was very surprising for a Free tool so what do we do now that we Have our screen recording done and we Want to edit it we want to open up a Free editing tool called cap cut once This is open you're going to click on New project import all I have to do is Click on the video that I just created Click open And now we have it inside here where we

Can edit it so I can bring this down to The timeline and from here I can drag This bar over and I can start editing it And removing all the parts that I don't Want it's as simple as that when this is Done we're going to export it save the File to our desktop and upload it to YouTube simple to do with two very Powerful and free tools to use hope you Guys enjoyed this video if you did Subscribe to my channel like this video And I'll see you on the next one have a Great day

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