How To Use ChatGPT-4 For Creating SEO Content and Video Scripts

Hey and welcome to vid Society in this Video I'm going to be talking to you About Gpt4 so I actually got access to this Right now you can see right here it says Gpt4 currently has a cap of 100 messages For every four hours and I'm also a Plus Customer so I do pay monthly but because This is new they're expecting it to be Over capacited so they're limiting even Paid users right now 100 messages every Four hours but what I want to show you In this video is I've already used this To create a product review for content For my website for SEO and ranking and It is amazing how much better this new Gpt4 does than the previous version so What I'm going to do is show you here a Product review that I had created just a Little bit ago And all I had to tell it was this here I Put write a blog post review using Proper SEO and header tags for the Product insta keywords so as an Affiliate marketer I review products I Promote them I make commissions on every Sale the problem is it can be difficult And very time consuming to be able to Create all this content every time a new Product comes out so I'm just telling Chat GPT the newest model 4 to create This for me so all I did was put this in Here it even output it in HTML so you Can see here it gave us a title A meta

Name and then down here the H1 tags for The keyword we're using it gave us a Full title and then it broke everything Down within paragraphs H2 tags H3 tags Everything down here it even put pros And cons and at the bottom is it worth It with a conclusion now you can see Down here I had the same problem with Gpt4 is what I did in the past is it Would write so much of an article then Just stop sometimes it wouldn't continue In the previous versions and this one I Would just put continue with article and It continued writing it out and even put In here alternatives to this product and It put down some really good alternative Uh competitors to this product which is Great for SEO and it used the H3 tags For these the H2 and the final thoughts I mean everything is outlined so well Here and then down at the bottom it even Adds some of your meta content for your Name and the con and the date that it Was published of course you can change That I left this part out But all I did was I copied this and I Went over to my website at vid Society I Went to my uh Elementor into my post and I clicked on the text tab because this Is where you want to paste in HTML code And you can see if we scroll down Through here how it has your HTML code Such as your H2 your H3 and then your Bullet points or your list and all that

Was added in here and so if we look at The website itself this is what we have And down here is all the content that it Created within a matter of just a few Minutes using your proper H tags your H2 And even your H3 this looks amazing and I'm anxious to see how much better this Is going to rank because right now if You do a search for this product of Insta keywords review I think it's a I Think it's ranked around number three or Four and I'm hoping this is going to Boost it up even further now that I have A lot more content a lot better quality Content on this post and this is the way I'm going to be making all of my posts From now on another thing I want to show Show you here real quick is I'm writing A video script so I can use another tool That I'm using called picture you can Find the link for that below this video Along with a 20 off coupon code to Create an AI video format that I can use On this post now I've already got a Video made for this product but this is Going to be posted on a different site And then all the future products now That I can promote I can use this to Create this amazing script even for Creating videos you can see here this is What I put in I put I'm making a video Review for a product called insta Keywords write a detailed an in-depth Video script for promoting this product

With an attention grabbing intro and a Call to action at the end and it did That here we can see the title Unleash Your SEO potential with uh instant Keywords the ultimate keyword research Tool intro it even tells you can have Upbeat background music And then a host speaks with enthusiasm And you can read through all this you Can pause the video if you want and then It starts going into the content into The main content then it says show the Insta keywords interface on the screen Here we can talk about it show a Hands-On demo of the tool and you can See it is still writing out content for Us to use in this video which we can go And manually create ourselves or like I Said I use a tool called Pick 3 I just Copy and paste content in there and it Automatically creates the entire video For me guys this new chat gpt4 is Absolutely amazing and I'm going to be Diving a lot more into it and as with The previous videos if you've been Watching them on my channel I'm going to Be showing you how you can make money Using this tool with your business if That's something you're interested in be Sure to subscribe to my channel and I'll Notify you of the future videos that I Upload that's it for this one have a Great day

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