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Hey and welcome back to vid Society in This video I’m going to continue Building out my brand new website using Chat GPT for all the content so if You’ve been following along with me You’ve you’ve seen where I’ve used chat GPT to find a domain name and then also To start creating my content and in this One I’m actually going to take you Inside of my website show you how I’m Creating the content how I’m adding it To my website so you can follow along With me if you want to and the whole Purpose behind this is just to really Test this and to see how Google handles AI content how well it ranks it and when Or if we start seeing Google de-ranking This type of content so this is my Website here I’ve not done a ton of SEO To it but I did do basic SEO to help Everything to rank better so the name of This website is organic remedy Co and I Found this theme for free within WordPress it’s great for blogs it’s Clean it doesn’t have a lot of Distracting content which I didn’t want And then here you can see that I’ve Already posted two reviews so I’m going To go over one of these with you and Show you what I’ve done and then I’m Going to go in and create a new one and Post it to my website and show you just The minor changes that I’m making to it So let’s go ahead and jump into this one

I posted it yesterday and you can see This is the post and once again there’s Nothing distracting on this page other Than the article itself and then I have A link here this is not my affiliate Link yet right now it links directly to This page where they can go buy it I’m Going to hold off on adding my affiliate Links until things start getting indexed And we just see what happens with it so For each title of post I’m making it the Product name plus review all this Content here came directly from chat GPT The only thing that I did on here really Was make sure that the title was in H1 And then the subtitles were in H2 or H3 And that there were also bullet points Added along with it because search Engines especially Google loves bullet Points now on one of these articles I Also linked to the other one for some Internal linking because this is also a Big factor in SEO and rankings So what I’m going to do is go ahead and Go in the back end of WordPress and I’ve Installed a few plugins on this one I do Not like the new editor for WordPress so I install the classic editor and still Use the classic widgets that’s just what I prefer and so we’re going to go up Here to post And we’re going to click on add new And we’re going to create a new post to Add in here so the first thing I’m going

To do is jump over to the products that I’m promoting here on this website and This is the one I’m going to be doing a Review on today which is called H glow Formula so we’re going to jump over to Chat GPT here and and if you’ve seen my Last video you saw there was only a Little over 100 entries now there’s 165 There are a ton of different prompts now For this extension but we’re still going To continue using this one here called Outrank article it seems to be the one That I like the best so far we’re going To click on this and then what I did is I searched on Google for H glow formula Review I found several different Websites here the one I liked the best Was this one because it had the most Content on it so I’m going to take this URL and copy it And we’re going to go back to chat GPT And paste it and search And I’m going to go ahead and pause the Video and let this finish okay so here’s The article for some reason this one Didn’t put subtitles in it or bullet Points so I’m going to come down here And tell it to add Subtitles using the H2 and H3 tag Also add bullet points And we’re going to wait and let it Rewrite this again okay still it’s not Giving me what I want and this is a Little bit different than what it’s been

Creating for me so what I’m going to do Is I’m going to have it rewrite it again We’re just going to start a new chat And we’re going to do outrank article And I’m going to come back here again And we’re going to try it Again and see what it does So this time it wrote the article a Little better it did put some subtitles In here it also added some bullet points It’s not very long compared to my other Articles but that’s okay I’m still going To use it and it’s still putting this Little graph in here in fact if we come Over here and let me jump over to a Different chat and then I’ll jump back To the one we just did and you’re going To notice this is the prompt that it Uses and if we go down here somewhere it Tells it to use a diagram down here it Says also suggested diagram and markdown Mermaid syntax when possible so this Part here I could actually take this out I could copy all this and take this part Out and then just use this as my own Personal prompt to do that but I’m not Too concerned about it if it creates Whatever that’s for so what I’m going to Do is I’m going to go ahead and this Title here is not exactly what I want to Use so we’re going to jump back over Here the name of this product is called H glow formula so I’m going to come over Here and in the title we’re going to

Name this natural Or no it’s actually hilling natural oils So it’s healing Natural oils H glow formula Review and then down here we’re going to Take our content Copy it And paste it So now we have our content down here Like I said it’s not as long as what I Really want but I’m still anxious to see How well it does so we’re going to leave It the way it is but I am going to add An image so I’m going to come up here Click on ADD media And I’m going to upload it And you can see here these are the three Images I have saved and I am changing The names of these to the product name And review and this helps with SEO so We’re going to click on that click open We’re going to leave it on full size and Insert into post And then we’re going to click on the Image and left align it And make it smaller About like that and then we can preview It And I want to take this and Link it to One of the other posts so let me come Over here and see We’ll do I can’t remember I think I linked one

Page to this one so we’ll do this one Here so we’ll click View Then we’re going to copy this link Come back to our post and let’s say down Here we’ll put And then we’re just going to highlight This keyword And Link it Two H moles Just like that And then somewhere up here we’re going To put Check the latest pricing Here And then I’m going to take the link for This one Copy it link and this one we’re actually Going to open up in a new window so People will stay on our website And then I’m going to go ahead Mark it In these two categories and then I’m Going to scroll to the bottom and set Featured image click on it set featured Image And publish And now let’s go back to our home page And you can see we have three of them This is the last one we did the H glow And here’s our link if we click on it it Opens up a new link and goes to the page And then we can scroll down we can see We also have it linked here to the H Moles formula review

So that’s all we’re going to do today And I’m going to continue adding these Reviews and maybe some other articles or Content that’s just based around organic Remedies to this website to continue Growing it out so we can just see how Well it does long term so if you want to Stay up to date with this experiment or If you want to start creating your own Website just follow along with me you Can do that all the other thing I wanted To do was to show you what theme I’m Using in case you wanted to use it so Let me jump back over to my dashboard Appearance and themes and this one is Called bloggers and it was actually one Of the top ones so if you come here and Click on add new and right now mine’s Here at the top because I have it Activated but it wasn’t very far down Through here where I found that so you Guys can search for it or just search For bloggers and you’ll find that they Have a pro version too but this free Version seems to be working fine for What I want it to do so that’s what I’m Going to stick with for now so if you Guys want to follow along be sure to Subscribe to my channel and I’ll be Posting a lot more videos about chat GPT About content generating content new Things I find out that you may be Interested in as well so that’s it for This video guys have a great day

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