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Hey and welcome to vid Society I have an Exciting video for you guys a new Strategy that I'm using now to create Product reviews and other types of Scripts using chat GPT using a special Extension for Google Chrome now I do Have to give a shout out to Tim Parker For letting me know about this extension And after using it for a while I've Already created a new product review For my insta vids keyword and post it on My website in a matter of like two Minutes I'm going to show you how to do That and how you can literally take any Product review video and convert it into A review post for you to post on your WordPress website or even to rewrite it Into a different script that you can use To create a new video review for it for Yourself for your own YouTube channel Now all the links to the resources I Mentioned in this video will be down Below in the description box if you Enjoy this type of content be sure to Subscribe and I'll let you know when I Upload new video is like this so the First thing you need is to install this Chrome extension on your browser now This one is called YouTube summary with Chat GPT and I'll put this link below The video you can come here click on Install on Chrome or if you're using Safari it's available for that too now Once you have that installed there are a

Few settings you can adjust on the Plug-in but you don't need to if you Come up here and click on your little Extension here you can see you do have Just a few options we're going to leave It the way it is because it works great This way so all you have to do is go to YouTube and find a video that you like That you want to take the transcript From so let's say for example you're Scrolling through my channel here and You see this video on Victory and you're Thinking I would love to do a video on Pick 3 and how to convert it and maybe Even do a review on it but I don't want To write the whole thing up or come up With my own script well now you don't Have to so you can just click on a video And guys welcome to this can be any Video and I know you're thinking about That you're thinking you want me to copy Your video well really I don't care I Mean if you want to come here and use This kind of a tool in my videos go for It if it's going to enhance you and make You uh better with your business go for It but just remember there are millions Of YouTube channels out there with all Kinds of content so depending on the Niche you want you can use that for it And I'm going to show you how in just a Minute So for this video here you're going to Notice on the top right hand corner I

Now have this box that says transcript And summary and this was added from this Extension you just installed so if you Click this drop down arrow you're going To see where it has the full transcript Here from this video and this video is 17 and a half minutes long so there is a Ton of content on it so what we can do Is we can come up here at the top and You'll see there's some options it says View AI summary so we can click this And what it's going to do is it's going To automatically post all this content Into chat GPT and it's going to Summarize it for us so that's a great Feature but that's not really what we're Going to do with this So if we jump back up here you're going To see there is a button where you can Just copy the transcript that's what We're going to do we're going to copy This and we're going to jump back over To chat GPT and you can see right here Where it took all this content and made A short little summary of it which is Good depending on what you're wanting to Do too but for this example let me start A new chat and we're going to come down Here and I'm going to tell it to rewrite This so for this example I'm just going To put rewrite this content into a Full-length 1000 word blog Post article Now we know lots of times it doesn't do The full 1000 words but we're going to

See what it does here so I'm going to go Ahead and paste this in here and by the Way you don't have to put blog Post Article you can put YouTube script if You want if you want to maybe make your Own YouTube script and read it or even Use it for AI video so you could you Could rewrite this upload it to pick Tree or another tool if you're not Familiar with that check my previous Videos and it will create a full video For you based around that content guys The possibilities with this is unlimited For YouTube marketing so what I'm going To do is go ahead and go in here I'm Going to paste this content and we're Going to click go and you can see this Is the full transcript and down here is Telling us it was too long okay so let's Jump back and so it's telling us that This is too long so what I'm going to do Is we're going to find a different video To use so let me jump over to here and Let's just do this let's say I want to Start a new channel based around web Hosting so let's do uh HostGator review Why because there's really good Affiliate Commissions in promoting web Hosting companies and there's also Really good ad Revenue if you have your Channel monetized so let's look let's Find one that's a little bit shorter Than that last video was long let's do Uh how about this one Bluehost versus

HostGator so let's click on this video Today and I'm in my Incognito browser I Gotta copy this link and bring it back Over to my other one that has this Extension installed today and give it a Second okay here it's loaded got our Transcript let's copy this one We're going to go back Do a new chat and once again and this Time I want to expand on it a little bit More I'm going to tell it to rewrite the Content into a Blog Post article using Proper SEO along with H1 and H2 tags and We're going to see what it does so we're Going to paste that in here And click go So this one's eight minutes and 20 Seconds uh long and it looks like it's Going to take this content and it is Going to rewrite this now into a review So what we can do is just let this go Now and it's going to rewrite it it Didn't put this in H2 tags I wish it did But I can just do that when I post it But what it's going to do is take this And rewrite it so you can now use this Content which is going to be unique for Your own WordPress website or your own Videos you want to create now I want to Show you one that I just did because a Lot of people have been asking me about This product because uh this was a Special offer here this tool here called Insta keywords and it was a three-day

Promo and it's been asking me uh you Know you you still have the link for This promo and I did get the discounted Link back if you guys are still Interested in this Tool uh it's lifetime Access unlimited use for ninety seven Dollars the three Day promo was for Sixty seven dollars but the best I could Do right now is for 97 which is still a Crazy deal but with this I wanted to Make a new post on my WordPress website So I followed the same strategy I came up Here I copied my transcript on this Which was about 11 minutes long and let Me jump over to it here And you can see here where I posted it All in here I just told it to rewrite it Into a word or a website post I pasted The script in here and then this is what It created for me and then I went to my Website on vid Society I have Elementor Plugin installed on this and I basically Embedded my video here's the link where You can purchase it and then down here Is the content that chat GPT created for Me and I just simply copied it and Pasted it in here in a matter of like Two minutes And had all this done so if you think About this if you're an affiliate Marketer and if you promote products but Yet you don't have much time or if You're just not really good at writing

You can go on YouTube find these reviews And you can even find affiliate product Reviews which don't have near as much Competition and take that transcript Have chat GPT rewrite it for you and you Can post it on your blog and most likely You're going to get good rankings for it Especially if you have a website that's Already has some Authority built up to It or if you have a YouTube channel that Already has videos on it and you want to Turn that content into a video so if you Wanted to do that all you would have to Do let's jump back over to the one here For Bluehost and you can see that it Wrote all this content and then it Stopped down here and so we could Continue if we wanted to but you get the Idea of how this works I would just copy This content my title the content and Paste it on my website but if we wanted To do a video let's come back to an new Chat all we'd have to do is tell it to Rewrite this content into a YouTube Video script For a product review and what I'm going To do is we're going to take the content Here from my insta keyword review And paste it in here And go and then it's going to write out A script for us that we can use now to Create an entirely new video whether you Want to do it yourself or whether you Want to take the content upload it to

Pick 3 or any other AI tool and have it Create it for you automatically but all The content is just right here you take It it rewrites it and it's yours simple AI technology is making work and things Like this so much less difficult and so Much less time consuming that if you Just put a little bit of effort into it You're going to find amazing strategies That you can use these tools for to Generate a long-term income now I wanted To remind you too before I end this Video that my YouTube marketing course For 12.95 is going to be launching here On the 27th of this month you can go to YT to learn all about it And to sign up on the waiting list and I'll notify you when it launches in this Course cover is how I generate six Figures every single year with YouTube Affiliate marketing Guys that's it for this video I hope you Enjoyed it if you did or if you have Your own strategies or just questions Leave them below that's it for this one Have a good day

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