How To Use ChatGPT To Find Perfect Domain Names + Installing WordPress

Hey and welcome back to vids Society So Today we’re going to be looking at how To use chat GPT to find domain names so I’m going to be starting a brand new Website and the reason I’m starting this New website is because I want to test a Lot of this AI content the chat GPT Creates to actually find out if it’s Ranking or not so if this is something You’re interested in be sure to Subscribe and click that Bell and when I Upload these new videos you will be the First to know about them so yes chat GPT Can help us find domain names that’s What we’re going to be doing in this Video getting things set up and ready For our new website now this website the Goal of it is to be a natural remedy Website where I’m writing content Informational content about products on Natural remedy that I can promote as an Affiliate now if you watch my previous Video you’ll notice that I used an Affiliate Network called share a cell to Promote products from this natural Remedy store share a cell is not the Only Network that you can use here you Can use any affiliate Network that that You’re part of if you have products you Want to promote and create a website Around it and so that’s what I’m going To be doing throughout the next few Videos so here we are on namecheap this Is where I usually buy my domains so

What I want to do is come over to Chatgpt and we’re going to let it help Us to find a domain name now I’ve been Using this a lot today and if I’m timed Out and not able to use it we’re going To have to jump over and use the chat GPT playground if you’re not familiar With that that’s in another video that I Did here a few days ago but we’re going To go in here and we’re just going to Tell it we’re going to say give me a List Of 25 Domain names For A natural Health Remedy website Only Endings because I don’t want dot Info or any of that other crazy stuff so Let’s go ahead and click Start and let’s See what ideas we have here and then What we’re going to do is we’re going to Take this and we’re going to copy it go Over to namecheap and find out which Ones are actually available that we can Purchase And I’m surprised but it is letting me Uh go ahead and create this content I Figured it would have timed out But I’m going to go ahead and pause this Until this is done here all right so Here we go it just finished up and if I

Wanted to I could have told it to create A list of 50 or 100 you can just keep Going on and on with this but what we’re Going to do is we’re going to go ahead And copy this list And I’m going to go over to namecheap And if you guys want the links to all These tools I’m using as always they’re Going to be below this video and what I Want to do is come up here to where it Says domains And we’re going to come down to where it Says bulk domain search and click on That And let’s just close this and right here In this box we’re going to go ahead and Paste All these domains and then get rid of All these blue boxes here and I don’t Want to show premiums and we’re just Going to click on generate and what it’s Going to do is it’s going to check all These domain names for availability to See if we can go ahead and buy them And you can see here that a lot of them Are available every time I do searches For these domains most of them are Available and that’s really cool so here We have a lot of different ideas we can Use for buying a domain name I really Like this one natural Green I don’t want anything with the name Medicine in it or cure in it or anything

Like that Herbal remedy Mart natural I don’t want That one there’s I like that one Green Hill I don’t want healing Let’s see organic okay so I Really like this one this is what I’m Going to use for my domain name so I’m Going to go ahead and add this to my Cart and purchase it Now you can see here it’s set to Auto Renew because I don’t want it to expire It automatically has domain privacy Which is great and I don’t want to Confirm this order just yet because what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to Be using I’m not going to be using Namecheap for my website I’m going to be Using another web host that I use for The majority of my websites called Hostinger and I’ll put that link below The video if you want to check them out And what I’m going to do is jump over to Them and on this account you can see Down here at the bottom that I have 33 Domains registered on this one account And what I’m going to do is add another One and so I want to show you how to do This just in case you buy a domain from One place and you want to use it on a Hosting account somewhere else this is How you do it so I’m going to go up here And click on hosting and I’m going to go Into one of my domains here

And on the left hand side I’m going to Go down to accounts and details And then right here are my name servers So this is what you have to have if you Want to use a domain from another place And use it on this Hosting account so I’m going to go ahead and copy this and The only difference between this one and This one is the number one and the Number two So we’re going to jump back over to Namecheap I’m going to confirm my order And then we’re going to pay And immediately after it’s done I’m Going to come down here and click on Manage And then right here you can see name Servers I’m going to click in this box And do custom DNS And I’m going to paste the first one in Here and then in the second one I’m Going to paste again I’m going to change The number one to number two and click The check box and what this is saying is I want this domain to work on these name Servers with this Hosting account and What I love about doing it this way is That with namecheap it’s usually really Fast especially if you make this change Right after you purchase a domain name It usually only takes about 10 minutes And you can start using your website Sometimes not even that long so we’re Going to jump back over here to hosting

Or under hosting and I’m going to click On add a website for this account And I’m going to come down here and Click create an empty website and I Don’t have this domain yet on hosting or I have to add it so I’m going to come Over here and use an existing domain That I have at another provider Click select and then down here you’re Going to paste in that domain name you Just purchased And click on continue And you can see here it’s already picked This up that it’s from namecheap so That’s great we’re going to go ahead and Click on continue and finish setup And what it’s going to do now is it’s Going to get this set up for me and We’re going to install WordPress on it So we can get ready to start building Out our website so we’re going to go Ahead and let this finish okay it says It’s a hundred percent but it’s still Preparing the dashboard so let’s jump Back to namecheap and we’re going to go Ahead and see if this is ready yet so We’re going to click on go to and you can see it Redirects us to my hosting or account Which means it’s ready and active for me To install WordPress on and to start my Website so we’re going to jump back over To my hostinger account and I’m going to Click on this logo here

And you can see right here is organic we’re going to click on Manage Auto installer WordPress And then from here I’m going to fill out The website credentials with the title And my email and a username and password To log into the website with then we’ll Click on next And install and now we’re just going to Wait a couple minutes for it to install WordPress And it looks like it’s already done that And it has already down here installed An SSL certificate on it as well which Is great it does all that for us and so If we want to check this out now we can Just click on this link at the top And this is our default website that we Can now start building out and editing So this is how you use chat GPT to find Domain names and so in the upcoming Videos I want to show you how you can Use chat GPT to build SEO optimized Along content uh blog posts that I’m Really hoping is going to rank in Google Because if it does this is going to Change so much stuff and I’m going to be Able to really expand my affiliate Business and hopefully you guys can Follow along and do the same thing with Your business so if this is something You’re interested in be sure to

Subscribe to my channel and I’ll update You guys whenever new videos come out And if you have any specific questions About this process and what I do and I Will try to get to them and answer them As I can but remember I am just one Person I have a lot going on right now Too so I will do my best with that but That’s it for this video guys I hope you Enjoyed it have a great day

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