Make $10,000 a Month Passive Income Selling Books Online WITHOUT Writing (AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE)

What’s going on guys Thomas Garretts Here and in this video I’m going to show You how you can literally make ten Thousand dollars per month in passive Income just by simply selling books Online now I know that may sound hard to Believe but what if I told you that We’re gonna be doing this with the Number one e-commerce website in the Entire world Amazon and not only that What if I told you that we’re also going To be doing this with a software that Literally does 90 of the work for you And you don’t even have to do any of the Writing yourself still sound too good to Be true well let me show you proof that It’s actually working and right here is Just one little journal on Amazon making Forty one thousand dollars per month and If we scroll down you can see it’s not Just that journal you got another one Thirty two thousand another one 29 000 Another one 28 000. so ten thousand Dollars a month might even be Undershooting it and that’s just from One book imagine if you had 10 or a Hundred or a thousand and they’re all Earning you passive income that’s just The power of this method and the best Part is it’s available worldwide so Anyone can do this it doesn’t take any Special skills and of course I’m going To show you how to do everything Completely step by step and all I ask of

You is to Simply smash the like button And make sure you watch the entire video So you don’t miss out on any of those Steps but now assuming you already smash The like button let’s get into the video Alright so like I said I’m gonna show You how to make money selling books Online and obviously we’re going to be Using Amazon and a software that I Haven’t mentioned yet and that software Is called book bolt and this software is Truly what makes everything so much Easier now it’s not a free software but There is a free trial so make sure you Use the link in the description or just bookbolt and basically That link takes you to this page and you Just click Start for free and then you Register for your account right here the Only thing is there is a monthly and Yearly plan the yearly plan obviously You get a huge discount and then there’s Also a pro and a newbie account type but It’s up to you which one you want to do Whether you want to do the pro or the Newbie with the Newbie you get a lot Less features but for what we’re doing The Newbie is okay to start you can Always upgrade later but it’s totally up To you just make sure whatever you do Use the code Garrett’s for 20 off your Entire order for life and this is the Only tool we need you don’t need any Additional tools so don’t be upset that

You got to use a tool like every Business requires tools this is very Inexpensive you just gotta sell like one Book and you pay for it every month okay So don’t worry about it this tool does Everything we need and it’s so simple to Use okay so once you have your account This is basically the page once you’re Signed in they have a bunch of tools Here but I just want to show you how I Kind of found out the type of book we’re Gonna sell in this video because I’ve Already picked all that for us okay so All I did is I went to Cloud right here And it’s like a research tool and for Category I just went to journal and then Hit search okay that’s literally all I Did and I was just looking at these Different journals and it kind of tells You like their best selling rating for The past 30 days how many books they’ve Sold for the month and all of that okay And I scrolled down here and I saw this One the one minute gratitude journal and The reason that one stuck out to me is Because I’ve been through treatment for Addiction and they always tell you you Have to stay grateful right and they Actually tell you to write three things Down you’re grateful for every day and I Hadn’t done that in years but I started Doing it at the new year because Everyone does that let’s be a better Person this year but I’m serious it

Helps just getting your thoughts down And the best part is they’re super easy To make and there’s a template for it Okay so that’s basically why I decided We’re going to be doing journals for This one but you can pick any of them You’re welcome to do whatever you want But for this one we’re gonna do the Gratitude to journal Niche and once You’ve found the journal that you want To kind of Base your Journal around what You want to do is you just want to click On their title right here and that Literally takes you to the Amazon page And you can click this look inside Button right here and you can literally Look inside their actual journal and you Can just see all it is is the date the Date and today I’m grateful for and That’s all it is over and over again so Like I said it’s super easy to create These however before we actually create Them we got one more step that’s like a Super cheat code inside of book bolt and What you want to do is you want to copy This asyn number right here and then go To book scout and then you just paste That in there and hit search and what That does is it brings up the product With the keywords it’s ranking for and How much search volume there is so what You want to do is basically choose a Title that isn’t a direct copy to that Okay and what I saw down here was

Gratitude journals for men and you can See there’s over 38 000 monthly search Volume for that and I think the one Minute gratitude journals for men is Like a perfect title so that’s what We’re gonna go with because you don’t Want to complicate this all you want to Do is find something that’s working Because this is definitely working and Recreate it in your own way it’s that Simple so once you’ve decided what You’re going to do if you’re gonna do a Different Niche or if you’re gonna do The same one which is fine all you do is You go up here to research and then hit Create and you want to go to the book Bolt studio and this is where we’re Going to actually create the book so Just go right here and hit create Project and you can do hardback or Paperback I’m just going to do paperback Cover and interior we’re going to call This the one minute gratitude journal For men and then for the trim size you Want to keep it six by nine because That’s what their book is and you can See that by just going right here you Can see it’s six by nine okay and then You want to do black and white interior With white paper and then you can do Bleed or no bleed but I think no bleed Is better so then for the page count This is really up to you depending on How long you want it to be I think a

Good amount would be like three months Per book because you want them to keep Buying it right you don’t want it to be Like a thousand pages and they never buy Another one so I’m gonna do like I don’t Know because you got like a cover you Might add a couple things besides so Let’s just do like 92. That’s actually the year I was born but We’ll hit create project and then go Right here now the first thing is for This cover right here let’s just hide The template because I’m going to show You how to do that and you can if you Want you can make it bigger here let me Show you so right there you can zoom in And if you hold the space bar and then Drag it you can kind of move it on your Screen okay so that’s just a couple Quick tips but now there’s a few Different things you can do for the Cover some just have like a plain color And then like a design around it and Some use images for the whole thing it’s Really up to you but if you want to put An image for example all you do is you Click this image thing right there and Pixabay and unsplash are like copyright Free websites for pictures so you can go To pixabay and you could type in like Gratitude and you can see this one’s Good or if you don’t like those you Could go over to unsplash and see if They got anything better so type in

Gratitude there and let’s say you like This one more okay so just click it and Then you’re going to want to make it Bigger right so let’s make it bigger and So there’s a couple ways you could do it You can make it bigger and have it on The the back of it and just have like a Plain color on the on the front which I Think might look better so let’s do it Like That that’s probably good so now what You want to do is you want to put your Title of the book right so you just hit This text right here and then you want To add a heading so let’s close out of That and drag it over here okay now Let’s first choose a font okay so let’s Just go right here and then look for Like a good font I don’t know You could go with like you could use a Few different fonts or you can just use One for all of them it’s it really Doesn’t matter it’s up to you let’s go With Alan let’s try that one I like that One okay so it was the and then hit Enter one minute gratitude enter Journal For men okay So now there’s a couple things you want To do so first off you want to click This and you want to align it to the Center and then you want to go right Here to these letters and you want to Change the line height so you can fit it More like that and then you can make it

A little bit bigger like that and that’s Pretty good you could also if you wanted It on like less spaces you could go like That and then like that so something Like that that’s not bad that actually Looks a little better and then you can Add another text box right here and then You can just do by Thomas Garrett’s and then again we’ll Probably just use the same Allen font Right there And you probably want it a little Smaller Like that and and that’s pretty much the Basis of the front cover okay so now if You go back to this book right here you Can see on the back they have like a Little quote there so let’s look for a Quote online and so this is and I just have Gratitude quotes and this is a good Quote right here so this is the point of Gratitude right and I don’t I don’t want To say it’s like the point like I am Grateful because I want it to give me More but that’s just kind of how it Works the more the more grateful the More positive you are the more Positivity you have in your life okay And that’s kind of what this quote is Gratitude is the healthiest of all human Emotions the more you Express gratitude For what you have the more likely you Will have even more to Express gratitude

For okay so that’s a great quote and We’ll just copy that so now back on book Bolt you just go to another text box and You can just add like a regular text box There and then we’ll just put it over Here and we want to make it longer like That at so it can fit more and then you Just highlight all that and hit Ctrl V Okay so it’s a little big so we’re gonna Have to maybe change it to make it a Little smaller like that and we also Have to put quotes around this And then put Zig Ziggler and also again You probably want to Center this and we Could also move this image down a little Bit okay so that’s perfect you know what I mean and like I said if you don’t like This photo as the background you could Just delete it and then go to like your Colors here and choose whatever color You want it’s for men so you probably Want a little more manly of a color like Bluish you know so that’s a good color But I think that image looks super good Okay so let’s stick with that all right So now that we have the cover finished That was really the the part that takes The longest and that really didn’t take Long at all but now we want to do the Rest of the journal and there’s really Two ways to do this you could literally Click on the next page right here okay And click this little puzzle thing And type in gratitude and they actually

Have a template for a gratitude Journal Right here so as you can see it’s the Date they have the quote of the day and They have all this stuff okay and you Could hit just use this template and Then what you would do is you would Select all and then deselect the cover And then scroll down and then click Right there next and then you want to Keep it right there with constrain Aspect ratio and then you hit submit Okay and as you can see it put this on Every single page okay but that’s not How I would personally do it so what I Would do is instead of that because you Remember this is the one minute one Minute gratitude Journal I don’t know About you but that would probably take Me longer than a minute to do and if you Remember on the one minute gratitude Journal that we looked inside right here They only had a couple spots to write Down what they’re grateful for along With the day and the date so I’ll show You how to actually custom make that Yourself so again you’re going to want To go to this puzzle little thing here And you can literally just go to journal And you probably want to go with the Wide Journal okay so we’ll just click That one and we’ll just start with just On page one and then I’ll show you why Okay next and then submit now first Things first you don’t really want it

Right up against the end of the page so I would probably make it just a little Bit smaller something like that okay so What you want to do now is you just want To grab like a rectangle here and just Keep like five lines here so that’s like Five lines and then let’s just make this Bigger And then change it to the color white Okay so now add another rectangle here And Make that white to cover up that little Spot at the start and then all you do is You want to add some text right so just A little bit of text and you could do Day and date like how they did here but I would personally just do date you know You don’t need all that so I would Definitely make this smaller so you just Want to click right here and you make The font size quite a bit smaller Something like that okay and then you Can want to duplicate that bring it down Here and then just write today I am Grateful for and then stretch that out And then all you want to do now is add a Little line so right on this little Thing and then add a line okay So you definitely want to make that you See how much thicker that line is than Those So bring that up here make this way Smaller right so bring that to kind of Match that if you want to zoom in a bit

To kind of make sure it’s the exact same Also if you’re having trouble clicking On it like you see it’s clicking the Journal page you can just go up here to Where it says line click that blue dot And that’ll click on it for you and Right about there that’s pretty good and Then we’ll click the line again and you Definitely want to make this down to Like we’ll do one see if that’s about The same and that looks good and Obviously we can fit more of that right There so what I would do now is I would Just select all of this so we hit we Click on this one and then hit shift Click okay and now you’re going to Create a folder and we’ll call this uh Gratitude Template And now you can click this circle here That selects all of them and then you Just duplicate it and then just drag it Down okay and you might even be able to Fit another one right so let’s duplicate It again And then drag it down Okay So that’s what you would do now you have That and then now what you do is Basically the same thing you right click On this page and hit clone this page and Then you select all and then deselect The cover again and then hit clone and Okay and that’s how you have your own

Custom made template now okay and then If you wanted to like add like I know Some of them do that but on like page 91 You could just add like a page for notes And then you could just select all of This right here and deselect one of the Journals and just delete it and then Just drag it back up here and then that Could just be for notes so just again You add a little text box here and then Just say notes because a lot of times They’ll have like an extra page for Notes and if you wanted to add more of Those you could just hit add page and Then you could clone this page and then You just clone it for 91 which is the One that got added and now you got a Couple Pages for notes okay so that’s Your own custom Journal and if you Wanted to you could just use that Template that they have already built in Totally up to you all right but Regardless whichever way you do it now What you want to do is you want to go up Here to download and then you want to Download current projects CMYK that One’s supposed to be better for the Colors when the book’s being printed so We have just a little bit of color but Still we’ll go with that one okay so I’ll hit download and then I’ll come Back when it’s finished all right you See it got downloaded right there in the Bottom left so I’ll just click that and

Then you open up right there and that’s Our cover and that’s our template okay And now what you want to do is go to and then you can Literally just sign in with your Amazon Account but before you can actually Upload the book you gotta update your Account and just put in your account Information so you’ll do like individual All that stuff fill out your information For how you want to get paid your tax Info just normal stuff for business Related stuff like this okay so once you Do that we’ll go back to our bookshelf Right here and you want to hit create And this is actually a paperback now for The title there’s many ways to do it you Could literally just do the one minute Gratitude journal for men and you could Say something like uh daily practice of Showing gratitude to become happier or Something like that I don’t know that’s Just an example but you can look at like What other people are doing here and you Could see like the one minute gratitude Journal for men simple journal to Increase gratitude and happiness okay so It’s it’s similar to what they’re having Okay so that’s fine right there and then You don’t have to do anything for the Subtitle there’s no series no addition Number for the author you’re just gonna Put your first middle if you want and Then last name you don’t have to add any

Contributors because it’s just you who Did this and then for the description Again you want to like look at what Others are doing some people will just Put like a lot of text like that or add Some features after that so there’s Multiple ways you can do it I’ll just Write something quick and then you can Copy it or just do your own alright so This is just something I wrote out real Quick Um so basically the daily practice of Showing gratitude can not only help you Live a happier life but also change the Way you think about life in general so Many people nowadays focus on what they Don’t have but when you show gratitude For what you do have everything changes It reminds me of the quote from Zig Ziglar which is the quote we have in the Back of the book it says gratitude is The healthiest of all human emotions the More you Express gratitude for what you Have the more likely you will have even More to Express gratitude for and then You can either do it like this with Features and bullet points which I Should add real quick and you can either Have it like that or if you want to just Have another paragraph you could like Basically write in paragraph form about That but I like the bullet points so you Can just do it like that and that’s good Okay and you want to write I own the

Copyright for this and for the keywords You want to go back to book bolt here And then go to research and then you Click on keywords right here and hit Search and then just type in like Gratitude and you can see it shows all These different ones and you could sort It so it shows the most Amazon search Volume right there and you definitely Want to use some of the bigger ones and Some of the smaller ones you know what I Mean so just take some of those and then Add them into right here okay and now For categories you’re going to hit Choose categories and then you’re going To go to non-fiction and I think it’s Self-help is what we want self-help Right there I make this a little bigger For you and then you can choose two so I’d probably do affirmations and you Could do like motivational and Inspirational and then hit save and then It’s a low content book and then there’s No adult content okay so we’ll just hit Save and continue so now you can do Publish without an ISBN so we don’t need That for low contact books and then you Don’t need a publication date and then Right here black and white interior with White paper six by nine no bleed matte And then the manuscript right here I’m Going to hit upload and then in our Download right there it’s our paperback PDF and then hit open and then you want

To do upload a cover you already have so Upload cover file and then right here is Our cover file and then we don’t have a Barcode on it yet so they’ll add one so We don’t check that box and then hit Launch previewer so there you go so That’s the uh the front and then you can See everything looks good so we’ll hit Approve and then it’s just showing like The printing cost lost right there and Then we’ll hit save and continue and We’ll definitely have it available Worldwide primary Marketplace And now you can change the prices okay So I would look at what the other ones Are basically selling for so the other Ones are all selling for about 6.99 okay So let’s just go with 6.99 all right so 6.99 and then it automatically fills in The other ones there and you see that They get sixty percent we get forty Percent okay and then you scroll down Here and then you would hit publish your Paperback book and now you’re a Certified author and that’s so simple to Do because of book bolt so if you just Watch this video and you haven’t got an Account yet make sure to get the account For book bolt using that link down below And then use my code Garrett’s for 20 Off Lifetime and if for some reason this Isn’t a method that you’re interested in Then I would highly suggest checking out The second link in my description down

Below which is a link to the challenge That is true truly the challenge that Changed my life it’s a seven dollar Challenge that I started not too long Ago and it was the reason how I was able To start making money online when I was Just struggling and it’s actually the Reason I was able to leave my nine to Five job and live the life I live now so If you’re not interested in this method I highly suggest checking that out by Clicking the second link in the Description down below but now if you’re Like I don’t like either of those Methods don’t worry you can click the Video on the screen right now to watch Another method and that’s all I got I Love you guys now see on the next video

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