Make Money on YouTube Shorts with No Face or Voice – Available Worldwide ($1,000,000/YEAR)

What’s going on guys thomas garrett’s Here and in this video i’m going to show You how to make money on youtube shorts Without ever showing your face on camera And you don’t even need to use your Voice if you don’t want to and we’re Going to be doing this with a very Simple yet secret strategy inside of an Industry on youtube with channels making Millions of dollars a year so with this Strategy inside of this industry the sky Is literally the limit but the best part About this strategy is it’s actually the Secret i personally used to blow up this Channel that you’re watching right now And that allowed me to go from just a Small channel getting a few hundred Views of video at most to getting Millions of views growing my channel and Growing my business to where i never Thought possible and it truly changed my Life forever and what’s crazy is it all Happened just because this very specific Type of video i started creating and i’m Gonna be showing you exactly how to make These videos completely step by step but Not only that i’ll also show you a Shortcut to creating these videos with a Simple software that does literally 80 Of the work for you and if that wasn’t Enough i’m also going to show you a Secret monetization method that you can Use to start making money with these Videos right away and no you don’t need

To be monetized on youtube or have a Certain amount of subscribers to make This money you can literally do this Starting from zero subscribers do it Anywhere in the world and make money Fast and all i ask of you is to simply Smash the like button and once you do That i can deliver on my promises to Help you make money so assuming you Smash the like button already let’s get Into the video all right so like i said I’m going to show you how to make money On youtube shorts using a very specific Strategy with a very specific type of Video and i’m sure you’re like okay what Is this specific type of video so Basically how it works is Let me go show my screen basically right Here i have my tick tock so when i Started there was no youtube shorts so i Was making these short videos on tick Tock and the specific strategy is it’s a Series of videos so best side hustle one Two three four it’s the same reason why People love watching breaking bad Friends their series right so these were So insane and it was like an accident How it happened so you see the views on These they’re crazy high even a million On this one and then each of these Series directed to a youtube video so You can see it just blew my channel up And these videos are from 2020 when i First started doing the series and it

Changed everything for me like i said But the crazy part is we don’t need to Use tick tock because now there’s Youtube shorts and there’s really two Ways to do it you can make the series Like a tutorial which is how i did but The second way which is the much more Simple way Is instead of directing them to like a Longer form tutorial which is what i did You can actually just direct it to a way To make money and you can earn Commissions right away okay so hopefully That makes sense if you have any Questions leave it in the comments down Below but now i’m going to show you step By step how to do it and we’re going to Be doing it in the make money or the Finance space because like i said There’s people making millions of Dollars like graham stefan meet kevin Kevin david andre jake all these people And it’s the the money niche right the Money industry it’s perfect so how we’re Gonna do it is First things first we need to go To like google and we need to type in Best side hustles so then all you do is You go to this blog page right here okay Now we have the text and we’re gonna use Like Each of these as a separate series okay So hopefully you’re with me so far but Now this is where it all comes together

We use a software called in video okay Now to get an account you just gotta Click the first link in the description And then just you gotta decide which Plan to have i have the unlimited but You don’t have to start with that i Would suggest the business because the Free plan you have a watermark on your Videos and that just looks bad when You’re uploading that onto social media And it can actually cause you to get Less views so i always suggest starting With the business plan yearly you get a 50 discount okay it’s up to you but if You use the code Carrots25 when you sign up you actually Get 25 off so just make sure to use that That is my affiliate link i do get a Commission from that that’s how i make Money just like i’m going to show you How to make money with other affiliate Products so it’s up to you you don’t Have to use it but regardless just get Your account now the next step is we go To text to video right here and then you Want to make sure you go to vertical Video okay because this is for youtube Shorts now you want to pick a template The one i like is right down here It’s called swift so i think this is Actually it it’s called fitness promo It’s called swift when you’re doing like A regular size video and you just click On it here and then you hit use this

Template now this is literally the Easiest part okay so for the headline It’s a series remember so you’re gonna Go make money online number one or you Could say best way to make money online Number one i think that might sound Better as like a title And then for the story this is where you Go right back here okay so For now i’m just gonna copy all of this In here we’re not gonna actually just Steal their stuff but we’re just gonna Copy it and then paste it in here you Gotta remember you only have 60 seconds I would keep these a little quicker i Would basically say um this is what i Would say i would say what it is right We’re not gonna keep that but what it is How much you make How to get started you could add a Couple other things and then at the end You add affiliate link To make money Online okay so basically those are the Things we want there we already have the What online tutoring how much you make Let’s look through this and you can see Right here online tutors working on Their own are typically paid around a Hundred dollars per hour once they Establish themselves okay so we’re gonna Take that we’re gonna copy that and then We’re just gonna paste it right there Okay and then delete how much you make

Right now we need how to get started Okay So let’s see here right here perfect so If you don’t have students of your own You can always sign up with an online Platform to book candidates such as Chelsea international and blah blah blah And we’ll just take just that part Rather than add that part since we Already said how much you get paid you Could add how much ever you want but you Don’t want to have too much because it’s Going to be like in a slide i’ll show You after we do that obviously you’ll See but we’ll just do just that for now And then you can again you can add in a Couple other things But we’ll just leave it at just that Okay now we’re gonna delete the rest of This and now you don’t actually have to Put the link for this but what we’re Gonna say here is But if you’d rather make money From home doing something else click the Link in the pinned comment to learn How okay So You can do it like that that’s kind of Like if you don’t know what the product Is to be but if you Know what the product is going to be you Can be more specific right so i’d Personally suggest finding a product First and there’s a few ways to do this

They got places like clickbank and Digistore24 And basically you just create an account Fill out all the information and then Log on Digistore24 is available in a lot more Countries so i’m going to log on to both Of them really quick and show you a Product for each and show you what i Mean by being more specific with that Last part okay now for digistore24 a Great place to go is you could go to Internet marketing and e-business all Right so this product right here is one Of their best ones secret millionaire Bot okay so if you’re using digi store 24 that’s what you’re gonna use and then I’ll show you how to get the link later So you can actually make the money but If you’re on clickbank which is if it’s Available in your country i suggest Doing because i personally like their Products more okay so you want to go to Marketplace up top right there and then Again you go to e-business and E-marketing okay so right here this is The number one product get paid to use Facebook twitter and youtube and you can Make 29 Per sale and there’s actually a Recurring commission right there for 46.66 that’s crazy okay so if you click On it you can actually see what the Product page looks like so you can

Literally see it’s just a one minute Quiz online social media jobs that pay 25 to 55 or 50 an hour no experience Required So you could literally take that and Post it here So you could say something like Don’t want to be a tutor click the link In the description to find other and Then you just go back to the product Page copy the text there go back over Here and paste that right in here and Then also you want to make sure you Change description to pinned comment That’s very important i just did that on Accident and then i want to make one More change right here instead of just Don’t want to be a tutor i’m going to Say however if you don’t want to be a Tutor dot dot dot because that just Sounds better and then let’s just go Over this script one last time so you Can kind of understand the template and You can easily repeat it and make more Money so it’s what is it how much you Make how to get started And then if you don’t want to do that Click the link in the pin comment to Make money with this other way okay now All you do is you hit next all right so Let me make this just a tad bigger for You so you see how it just auto Recommends like videos and stuff right Here so you have best way to make money

Online number one Online tutoring and then it has this and You see how if there’s a lot of text It’s a little harder to see but it’s not That bad okay and what you want to do is You want to change out the pictures or Videos that you don’t like and then you Also want to make them bigger right so Right here for example you can’t really See that and i would change it to Something with money on it right so what You want to do is you want to go either To videos or images and you literally Just type in money okay so it’s that Simple and now we got money right here You can watch them real quick see what They look like this one’s good so what You want to do is drag this right on top Of that one okay Trim video to fit scene and then hit Done now you see it’s on there but it’s Still covered by this which i’ll show You in a second but just make sure that You like all of these Let’s change this one so online tutors Working on their own are typically paid Around hundred dollars per hour we’re Just gonna take off that last part just So it’s not as small text right there And then let’s just type in um online Tutor or we could have typed in like Teacher or something and um let’s do Let’s do this one right there and then Trim video to fit scene and then hit

Done right there so now just make sure You like all the images and stuff this Is fine right now this one you probably Want to change just because that doesn’t Really make any sense um let’s just put Another one about money right And we’ll put This one oh and by the way let me move This real quick so you see right there It says text is too long split suggested So if you want to split it you could Literally just go right here and then What you can do is you can Just click this button right here to Split it yes so now it just basically Shows this first and then on the same Scene it shows this okay so that’s just One way to do it if you wanted to have Them on separate scenes what you can do Is you can just delete this and you can Duplicate it And then you can just say No experience required And then you can actually change the Video for that one right so then you Would probably type in experience or Something You get the idea but that’s how you Would split it if you wanted to split it But now like i said you want to make These clips Not like showing like that so what you Want to do is go to the advanced editor Now okay they have a audio file right

Here which i’m just going to turn the Volume off for now so that doesn’t Bother you but basically you see on this First scene right here right this is in The way of the image right there but What you want to do is click on this Image right here and go to fit and then You can actually go crop to screen and Then it’s on the full screen right so It’s way easy so you can literally do That and you want to move this back to The center by the way but you can Literally do that for each of these so Fit crop screen boom but the only Problem with doing it that way it’s like A cheat code because it does it Automatically but now you you have like The other parts cut off so what you can Do instead is you can just like Kind of make it bigger how you want Right And then kind of put it however you want Okay or do it like that and then have The text at the bottom so there’s plenty Of ways to do it totally up to you um Just so you’d want to do that for each Of them i’m just going to do crop to Screen to make it easier and quick right Now okay so now that part’s done the Next step is you want to add in a Voiceover so this is where if you wanted To you could use your own voice okay but You don’t have to so the voice over you Would go right here and hit record

Voiceover and if you have a microphone Plugged in that’s how you would do it so Just for example you’d click that hit Record and then right here you can see It’s starting to show the waveform which Is what it’s called and that’s how you Would do it so you’d hit stop And then add okay and you can see that’s The voiceover right there now i’m gonna Delete that the easier way is just to go To automatic text to speech right here And it used to make you type it in but Now if you’re clicked on the scene right Here you can just generate the voice Over right away there’s a few that i Like i like the i think it’s what is it Australian no it’s uh british and amy She’s one of the better ones and then You hit generate voiceover and then you Hit add and then you see it got added There right at the bottom the only thing You want to do is after you add that let Me put my headphones on so if you hit Play Best way to make money online number one You see how it’s not really lined up So you want to make this let me show you You want to zoom it in a little bit Right there just so you can see it Easier and then let me show this so now You see this This scene Is way bigger so what you want to do Is just put your cursor there and kind

Of Do that and then you want to make it Line up with when she starts talking and When the text shows up so now let’s try It Best way to make money online number one There you go Okay so you could even um probably do it A little more like that And then like that that’s probably fine Okay and then you do that for each scene So i’m gonna do that real quick okay so I’m almost done i’m on the last scene Here one thing i want to show you how i Was showing you to slide the audio to Line up with the text another thing that Could be helpful is if you go to Timeline right here you can see the text Right here so if i move the cursor This is the text where it says the text You can actually just slide it so it Starts at the start or like close to the Start and then if you go back instead of Going to voiceover and automated Text-to-speech with your cursor here Just put it to the start or where the Text starts So like right there or like right there And do voiceover automated Text-to-speech and then generate it And now right where i hit add that’s Where the voiceover gets added okay And you might still need to move it just A little bit but i just wanted to show

You that way just in case you like doing It that way more than the first way i Showed you but now the last step is Going to that music file right here that I lowered the volume to zero at the Start and either picking a new song Which you can go to the music tab right Here or just turning the volume to a Level that works for whatever song you Have and the most important thing is you Want to make sure your music does not Overpower the voiceover so i’m going to Try this one at 69 Which ends up being minus 18.6 db so Let’s see how that sounds Best way to make money online number one That sounds like a good level for this Song and now you’re gonna want to go to Download in the top right and then 1080 And then export all right it just Finished let’s check it out Oh i hit download Well that’s how you download it you’ll Want to do that after you watch it so Now we’ll watch it Best way to make money online number one Online tutoring Online tutors working on their own are Typically paid around 100 per hour If you don’t have students of your own You can always sign up with an online Platform to book candidates such as Chelsea international education yzanto Varsity tutors

However if you don’t want to be a tutor Click the link in the pinned comment to Find other online social media jobs that Pay 25 dollars to 50 per hour No experience required and get started Today So yeah that’s pretty good for taking What like 20 minutes i don’t know and i Was teaching it so very simple to make These and literally on this blog you got Literally 17 Parts of the series you can make very Fast very quick very easy okay so now We’re gonna actually upload the video to Youtube okay so this is just a test Channel But what you want to do is you want to Go create Upload video Also you want to have your channel with A name like Make money online series or something Along the lines of That goes with your niche whatever Series you’re doing make your channel The same name as that okay very Important now we’re gonna put our video Here and then in downloads right here is The video so hit open and now we’re Uploading it and literally for the title All you want to do is uh best way to Make money online number one new series Okay or something like that and then at The end you want to do hashtag shorts

Okay and now for the description this Isn’t really important for the actual Shorts videos because no one’s actually Getting to the description But we’re going to put the same thing in The description that we put in the Pinned comment which can be however you Want to word it you could say something Like uh make 25 to 50 Per hour you could say like slash hour On social media no Experience required you kind of want it To be on like One line so i would probably do it more Like this i would say make 25 To 50 per hour on social media okay and I would say click here Now the next step is very important you Want to go back to your products that You have okay so whether using clickbank Or digistore the affiliate link is right Here for this product and then for Clickbank what you do is you hit promote Okay and then you put in your nickname And then you just you don’t have to put A tracking id but just hit create hop Link and then this right here is your Affiliate link okay so you can just copy This now you want to go to a website Called And then all you do is you go right here And you paste in your link and then you Shorten it okay so now this big

Affiliate link that no one would click On turns into this small nice one so you Just hit copy and back on our video you Paste the link okay now i would always Put a little arrow if you go to my Description you can see the arrow next To the link so you can Copy it from my description or you can Go to Sites like unicode and then just pick the arrows You like i use this one so you can copy That And then go back here and then to paste It you just hit ctrl v and there you go So that’s what you’re gonna put in your Pinned comment as well and you’re Welcome if you want to add more products I would start with one but it’s totally Up to you you could have two three It’s totally up to you again but under This if you’re just doing one product Because i think you get four lines in The pinned comment before it says show More so if you’re just using one i would Do something like No experience required and leave it like That or just do it with out all capital So no experience required get Paid fast something like that all right So that’s what you’re gonna copy Okay and then right now you don’t need a Thumbnail you don’t need any of this Stuff for youtube shorts except make it

Not made for kids And then for age restriction or all this Stuff right here You’re good you don’t need tags you can Add tags if you want but it’s really not That important at the start i would Allow all comments because they help With the algorithm and then you just hit Next you don’t need any of this you hit Next no issues found next and then you Go to public and then publish And now you go to your video link here But now the most important part we got To make the money and how you do that is We do the pinned comment so right here You click the comment and then you’re Gonna paste in what you copied that you Already put in the description so right Click paste and comment but now You have to make sure after you comment It click these three dots and then pin And then hit pin Okay That is how you pin it to the top of the Comments in the comments is what people Are gonna check a lot as the first thing When they see these videos so super Super important and again that’s how you Actually make money and that’s pretty Much all the steps to creating a video On youtube shorts with this series Strategy and if you want to use in video Like i showed you make sure if you Haven’t got an account already you click

The first link in the description and You use code garrett’s 25 to get 25 off And if you want to learn more strategies On how to make money on youtube without Showing your face and get access to all Of the knowledge i have and be able to Ask me questions about anything in our Private community make sure to go to To get access to my no face youtube Course that teaches you all of that and Gives you all of the special access and That’s all i got i love you guys i’ll See on the next video

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