Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Your Face in 2023 & Beyond ($10,000+/MONTH)

What’s going on guys Thomas Garretts Here and in this video I’m going to show You how to make money on YouTube without Showing your face on camera and the Strategy I’m going to be showing you Today is literally going to blow your Mind I truly believe it’s one of the Most simple ways to make over ten Thousand dollars a month on YouTube Today and the best part is it’s not only Working today but it’s going to continue To work like clockwork in 2023 and Beyond and I know that’s when a few Keyboard Warriors are going to say no Thomas that’s cap that doesn’t work and I know you would say that so how about I Just show you some proof that it’s Actually working so you can see right Here this is one of the channels I’ll be Showing you doing exactly what I’m going To show you how to do making ten Thousand dollars per month right there Mind you that’s just with YouTube ad Revenue alone another reason why I Believe that this is not only simple but One of the best niches to use in 2023 And Beyond is because there’s so many Ways to make money with this Niche and I’ll be showing you how to do all of That completely step by step but all I Ask of you is to Simply watch the entire Video follow the simple step-by-step Instructions in the video and smash the Like button all of which are completely

Free to do and they could literally Change your life forever just like YouTube has done for me so assuming You’ve already smashed the like button Let’s get into the video alright so like I said in this video I’m gonna show you How to make money on YouTube without Showing your face and one of the best Ways to do that is with this channel Right here and this is the channel I had With the ten thousand dollar per month In ad Revenue pulled up and this is Lavender is the channel name and this Niche is technically in the spirituality Niche that’s like the broad Niche and You can see she shows her face on these Videos but not all of them okay so we’re Actually going to focus more on like the Guided meditation slash affirmations Videos like this one and this one you Can see she doesn’t show her face it’s Just a voiceover with stock images and That’s what we’re going to be doing and I’m going to show you you how to do all Of this with a free tool you can use and It’s so simple so that’s another reason Why I think this is truly one of the Best ways to make money on YouTube not Only just because it’s simple but Because people literally watch these Videos over and over and over again Right so it’s not just you get one Viewer and they’re done these are videos They watch every day every morning so

These videos literally get insanely high Views because of that and like I said You can monetize them and make money so Many different ways and again I’ll get Into that in the later steps of this Video but yeah so that’s really the First step is picking our Niche and Again this is the niche we’re going to Be using As for the next step Technically step two would be creating Your channel I kind of group those Together sometimes but if you’re Watching this video right now you have a YouTube channel but I will give you one Quick tip when it comes to actually Naming your channel because obviously You know how to create one I would Suggest naming your channel something With like spirituality meditation or Affirmation in your channel name because It just helps it’s somewhat important But you can always change it later on so Don’t get too hung up on this but if for Some reason you’re like hung up on Coming up with a name check out my no Face YouTube course at no Where I show some cool tools for coming Up with Channel names and I go much more In depth into stuff like that okay but Now after we’ve got our channel name We’ve got our Niche we have to actually Plan the video okay so before you Actually create the video like this you Have to plan because if you fail to plan

You plan to fail and the first step of Actually planning a video is coming up With a video title or topic and there’s Tons of ways to do that right so one way This is one of her most popular videos But you could go to her videos right Here you could go to videos right and Then right here you can go sort by and Then go to the top one right here and Click most popular can literally take a Proven video that’s obviously gotten a Ton of views so it’s proven to work Great and model off of that or copy it In your own way however there’s a tool That I like that is insanely valuable And that tool is called morningfame and I literally use this for all my videos As you can see this is literally the Video you’re watching right now okay and If you want to use this tool you do have To get an invite so I’ll put my invite Link in the description below if you Want to use it and the reason I like it Is because of this okay so this is the Home page you can go up here to these Little hamburger menu and go to keyword Research okay and now right here you can See you have a video Topic in mind right So we kind of have an idea of a broad Video topic okay so we could just type In affirmations right and then choose Now let me make this a little smaller You can see uncommon keywords and common Keywords when you’re starting out you

Want to go with uncommon common keywords Because it’s a great choice for smaller Channels so for example you could go Morning affirmations for Success perfect Okay and then you do choose for step Three and then you can see kind of the Grade for your channel this is obviously Going to be different if you’re a brand New channel because they don’t have any Data on you but it really helps once You’ve started creating some videos it’s Like a cheat code seriously people Wonder why I’ve done so well on YouTube Morningfame is a a large part of that no Joke at all so then all you would do is Choose for step four and this is where You can plan out your entire video Insane right and now we know our topic So now when it comes to actually Scripting the video we know what to get For the script so literally take morning Affirmations for Success copy that and Go to Google and you just type that in Now this is very important to understand A lot of people don’t understand how Copyright works when it comes to Affirmations or short phrases in general Those are not copyright you can take any Short phrase as long as it’s not like Nike’s slogan or trademark because Trademarks are different than copyright But you can literally use anyone’s Affirmations however You can’t go to this website right here

And take all 50 of their affirmations But you can use a few of them and you Can go to another website use a few of Them but just don’t copy all of them so Yeah basically you would scroll down Where they have the actual affirmations Laid out you can just take a few of These you know you could probably take 10 or 15 of them it’s really not a big Deal just don’t copy them in order and Don’t take them all because that’s not Okay and then we’re gonna enter those Into our script and I actually made a Script template for you that you can use And this is literally like the same Template I use okay it’s very simple but You have the title you have the intro You have the main part of it and then You have the outro and basically we’ll Just go in order and we’ll do this Together okay so we’re gonna go back to Morningfame this is our title we’re Probably we’re probably going to add a Little more to that but we’re going to Copy that and paste it and that’s good For now and then for the intro this is Literally similar to how I do all my Videos you know how I do it I’m like What’s Up Guys Thomas Garrett’s here Right so you could say hey guys welcome Back to my channel X right whatever your Channel name is or say it in some way Like that and then you say in this video I’m gonna share my favorite morning

Affirmations for Success okay that’s Literally all you gotta do that’s a Great intro you say hey welcome and then You tell them what the video is about Which is just repeating your title okay Very very simple now the main part is Where you’re gonna start putting your Affirmations okay so for example I’m Just gonna copy some in order but again Do not do this all right so I just paste Those in there okay so now for the outro This is very very important there’s a Few different ways you can do this okay So I would suggest doing something Either where you make money or you have Them subscribe it depends what you Really want to focus on at the start at The start I feel that getting your first Few subscribers is very important Because once you get monetized on YouTube you can make a lot of money with Ad Revenue okay but I’ll show you how You would do it both ways okay so you Could either say thanks for watching And you can end it however you want but This is just basic kind of idea of what To do you could say thanks for watching Make sure to subscribe or make sure to Like And subscribe and then what you can Do is you can actually put a video on The screen and I’ll show you how to do That at the end but I’ll actually do it On my video too but you could say if you Also want to watch my favorite

Affirmations for anxiety watch that Video on the screen right now okay so You can say thank you subscribe and Watch the video On the screen right and do what I said Where you you named the video that They’re gonna watch and then it pops up On the screen okay so that’s the way We’re just kind of focusing on getting Subscribers and getting watch time on YouTube which is important because you Need a thousand subscribers and 4 000 Watch hours to get monetized now the Other option is hey thanks for watching If you enjoyed this then you definitely Want to click the first link in the Description to and then you would Basically name the product okay so let’s Say the product is about how to manifest Money okay so click the first link in The description to learn how to manifest Your manifest money we’ll just say okay And that’s what’s called affiliate Marketing that link is a link to someone Else’s product but you can sign up to Their product and actually promote it And if someone purchases through your Link you earn a commission so it’s very Very powerful awful and that’s one of The ways that I started making money Online that truly changed my life it’s The first money I ever made and it’s Truly one of the best ways of making Money online because you don’t have to

Make your own product or anything so Those are the two ways to do your outro You decide which way you want to go About it for this example we’ll do the Money making way because I know some of You a lot of you want to make money so We’ll do that okay so that’s our script Very very simple right took us a couple Minutes that’s again why I love this Niche it’s so fast so simple okay so now The next step we’ve planned everything Out now is time to actually create the Video and like I said I’m going to show You how to do it with a tool that Literally does 80 to 90 percent of the Work for you and it’s literally going to Blow your mind and that tool is in video And again there is a free plan but if You’re serious about this I’d always Suggest at least going with the business Plan because it gets rid of the actual Watermark and no one wants to see a Watermark for another company for your Company’s videos you know what I mean Because YouTube is a real company anyone Who tells you otherwise just doesn’t Understand content creation because it’s A real business let me tell you I pay a Lot in taxes but anyways if you do go With the business plan make sure to go With yearly because monthly is twice as Expensive but regardless whichever way You go about it whether free or paid Make sure you use the code Garrett’s 25

For 25 off your order when you do Purchase or if you purchase because why Not it’s free money and by the way the Link to in video is linked down below But that is my affiliate link just like We talked about how I love affiliate Marketing I will earn a commission There’s no extra charge to you but Regardless of how you do it doesn’t Matter just make sure you have an Nvidia Account because that’s what we’re using But now once you have in video it may Look different depending on when you’re Watching it they’re always updating it Which shows a good software but this is The home page right now as I’m creating This okay and we’re gonna want to use Something called text to video right Here and this is where you see the true Power of it okay so click that and then You want to just pick a template it Really doesn’t matter just pick one you Like I’ll just pick this one and it kind Of shows you what it will look like and All that okay so you want to make sure That it’s 16 by 9 landscape and then hit Use this template so now this is where We’re going to copy and paste our script Into here okay so for our headline we’re Probably going to change it just a Little bit because this is pretty basic For a headline and that’s what they say At the start of the video so we’ll take This and just go here and paste it but I

Would probably do something a little Different which I’ll show you in a Second but before we do that let’s just Add everything else okay so we’re going To go back to the script let’s copy all Of this in there we’re going to paste That in here and then make sure you Delete intro delete main delete the Extra Spaces and also I always make sure To have a period at the end of each Sentence just so there’s no issue with The AI software and stuff so basically This is what I would do rather than just Morning affirmations for success I would Say something like basically let’s see I Have what four of them so I would Probably say something like four Powerful morning affirmations for Success and that’s perfect and again Once we get to the actual uploading of The video we may even change that a Little more but that’s perfect for now Okay and then we’ll call my channel Um guided meditation example okay Obviously that’s not my channel name but Just for example okay so now what we’re Gonna do is you want to hit next and as You can see this is what comes up this Is why Nvidia is so powerful you can see It just uses the script and makes a Video right text to video so this is our Video and to actually change the like Scenes or the media for the scenes let Me show you that quick because I don’t

Really like this one all you have to do Is take like a word out of this so Success right so so what I would do is I Would go to videos here and just type in Success and this one’s perfect so what You do is you take it and you just drag It right on top of that one trim video To fit scene and then hit done okay That’s literally all you got to do if You want to like highlight a word in Here and bold it you can do that you can Do like affirmations for success and hit Highlight and there you go it’s now Highlighted but now if you want to check Out all of this to make sure you like it I’ve already looked at it so it looks Good to me but basically there’s a one More thing really that I would suggest Doing okay so for example you see how Long this is can you see that you see How it says text too long split Suggested there’s a couple different Ways to do this but for what we’re doing The easiest way is just to go like Literally put it right here like after Each sentence I would probably do it so Today everything will work out and then You go right here and then you just Click and then hit yes and what that Does is it puts it in its own own text Box you see how it has its separate one It’s going to be a lot easier for people To read along with as well obviously There’s going to be a voiceover which

We’ll get into but you could actually do That for even this bottom one so I will Move through my day appreciating all the Things I have so now we could split it Again all right and that’s what I would Probably suggest doing for the long ones Because it just looks better you can see The text is a lot bigger now so now the The last part of this is actually making The voiceover okay and this is the most Important part so we go up to Advanced Editor here and trust me when I say that This is literally the most important Part because so many people want to take Shortcuts in life and business and you Cannot take a shortcut Here YouTube is Getting harder and harder with the AI Voice and stuff like that unfortunately I wish it worked like it used to but it Just doesn’t so you have to either hire A voice over artist and you could go to Fiverr and I’ll post a link down below If you want to use my affiliate link to Fiverr and you can find voice over Artists there for five dollars later Early but I would suggest actually Getting out of your comfort zone and Doing it yourself it’s not hard at all Okay and I’ll show you two ways to do it Very simply alright so now that we’re Actually in the advanced editor before We even do a voiceover or anything you Want to go to this audio which is the Music in the background and you want to

Go to the volume here if I can get it And you want to turn it to zero so it’s Not playing while you’re doing your Voiceover okay and the two ways like I Was talking about you can either record The voice over or upload it obviously There’s other ways but those are the two Ways we’re going to focus on okay if You’re gonna just click record voiceover Right here once you do that up in the Top right you want to select your Microphone that means you’re either Going to need a microphone like this Which is a USB microphone that plugs Into your computer and that’s the Blue Yeti also the Blue Snowball is its Cheaper alternative that still works Great I use the Blue Yeti for a very Long time or you can use like your Built-in microphone on your laptop if You have a newer one because the newer Ones have better microphones the older Ones kind of suck but if you are using a USB microphone all you do is hit record Right here and then what I personally do Is I’d hit record I’ll show you for Example okay so you hit record here And then you press spacebar So now you can read along as it goes so I would just read each scene as it’s Going right pretty self-explanatory so I’m gonna actually stop this and I’m Gonna Cancel it okay now I want to show You how to do a way that everyone can do

Because not everyone has a microphone Right but I guarantee you if you’re Watching this right now you have a cell Phone so I’m going to show you a way Where you have no excuses you can Literally do it today okay so what I’m Going to do is I’m going to pull my Phone up and you want to go to your Voice memo app and you want to do the Same thing well there’s two ways Technically you could press spacebar Record your voice memo so you would Start it right and then you would play The video like we just did so you’d play The video here and then you would read It along as each scene comes up okay That’s one way or you can do each scene Individually so for example I could put This here and I could say I’ll start the Recording four powerful morning Affirmation for success and I could stop That if I stop it right and then I would Rename it and for some reason it doesn’t Show the scene for that one but that’s Scene zero one this is scene zero two This is zero three so we’ll name it Scene zero one and then you would do the Same thing you would click here and read This right so that’s pretty Self-explanatory however the other way Is you just do it like I said you press Play and then you do a new recording and You do it all at once okay so the Problem with that which I will say is if

You’re doing it all at once if you mess Up on one of them then you gotta do some Editing or restart if you do each scene Individually you can do it over as many Times as you want so that’s a little Easier but if you have a longer video Just do it in one take and you can do Some editing it’s not that difficult Okay so it’s up to you whichever way you Want to do it but whichever way you do It what we’re gonna do is once you have Your scene I’m just gonna do one for Example so I don’t waste your time I Think you understand but you would click Those three dots and you would share it And then you either want to email it or I use apple so I have airdrop so I would Just send it to my computer and then you See it popped up right here okay so now With our downloads right here you want To drag it into here so you see it’s Uploading scene one okay if you have a Lot of uploads like I do maybe you’d Rather make a folder right here and then Call it whatever you want to call it you Could call it the name of the video Whatever I’ll just say affirmations and Then what you can do is you can upload It into there or you can actually go Back to your uploads and you can move it Into there by just clicking here and you Could say move to folder affirmations Okay so now it’s a little more organized And then all you do is you just click it

And it gets added on there and then you Can just move it a little bit wherever You want So It lines up with the the Audio You can trim it if you need to right Like you just grab it right there and Trim it okay so there might be a little Editing you need to do but very little Especially if you do it it the right way Like how I showed you okay so this is an Example I made and I wanted to show you How to edit because I know I mentioned That and I’m keeping this as big as Possible so you can hopefully see it Good but I’m going to play it for you Really quick okay I want to keep this Part This is an accidental screw-up I want to keep this part too okay so for Example if you’re recording in one long Thing you’re gonna screw up okay and if The screw up is in the middle you can’t Just trim out the middle right but That’s where you have to move this over A little bit and actually just duplicate It okay so I’ll zoom out just a touch And then basically what you want to do Is on the first one you want to just Keep the first part right because you Still want that so you trim each side of That now you just have the first part of That now on the second one you can move It a little bit and you want to Basically trim out the first part

Because we already have it and the Accident and then you just move this one If I can move it next to it so now if we Play it I want to keep this part I want To keep this part too so that’s how you Do that and then if you want to change The music to a more calming one it’s Already Ambience calm piano but you can Type in the mood you can go to whatever Audio you want and then move it on to Here but you don’t want some angry music For a calm affirmations video okay and Then just edit it again go to the volume And then make it loud enough but not Overpowering for the audio you know what I mean so let’s just listen to this Quick four powerful morning affirmations For Success that piano sound sounded a Little quiet for me so I’d probably just Turn the volume up a little bit okay Something like that every song is going To be different but these are copyright Free and you can use them in your video Okay and then after that you literally Just go to export and then you go to Export and once it’s done you go right Here and hit download and you can see It’s getting downloaded right there okay So now we want to go to your YouTube Channel so I got my example Channel Pulled up right here my guided Meditation example Channel and you want To go up here to the top right and hit Create and then upload video so you just

Hit continue if it’s your first time in YouTube Studio but then you want to Click here and double click on your Video now the title we can again use That same title that we said so it was The four powerful morning affirmations For Success okay so like I said you can Add a little more to that on my videos You see I always do something like in Parentheses like uh watch this first Thing in morning you could do something Like that it’s kind of just like an Extra thing for people to click on or You could say just must watch right Something like that all right now the Most important part like I said is your Call to action at the end of the video Which is either having them subscribe And watch another video or actually Linking to an affiliate product okay and The example I used was at the end when We said click the first link in the Description to manifest money okay and We’re actually going to use a website a Free website called and This is an affiliate marketplace where There’s tons of affiliate products that You can promote for free okay so you’ll Just hit start here and create a free Account I already have an account so I’m Just going to log in quick all right so Once you’re on your account and you go To Marketplace up here you want to Scroll down on this left side and you

Can actually see spirituality has its Own category which that’s our broad Niche like I said so you can just click On that and right here the first product With a 280 81 gravity score which means A lot of Affiliates are having success Promoting it Um that’s probably a product you want to Promote right so you can actually make Forty seven dollars and a recurring Rebill of seven dollars on average okay So you can see right here a 48 dollar Average conversion and this is a wealth Manifestation offer so it’s like Manifesting money right and if you want To click on it here you can see the Product page and all of that pretty Basic product page with the video sales Letter so it looks good super Professional and to promote it you just Click right here promote and your Account nickname and you don’t need a Tracking ID it’s optional and then hit Create hop link which is just what they Call the affiliate link okay now this Link right here you can see it looks Pretty ugly right so we’re not going to Use that we’re gonna copy it though okay And then you’re gonna go to another free Website called bitly if I can spell okay so you don’t need to Create an account you can if you want But you can just go right here and then Paste that link and then you hit shorten

Okay so you see this super long link Right here turns into this little link Okay right there now you can see it so Hit copy and then now what you want to Do is I’ll just show you for example What happened so if we paste that link In it actually takes us to this link Okay so or that page sorry and then if We go back here now what you want to do Is you want to add that link to your Description and this is a brand new Example Channel but basically you want To verify your channel and I show you How to do that my no face YouTube course And no face YT but you just go into your Settings and you type in your phone Number they send you a text message and Then you verify it takes like two Seconds but I’ll just leave it like that For now I’ll probably have to delete the Https but um so we’ll just do that for Example okay and then I would do Something like this do you Want to manifest wealth Click here So you could do something like that and Then I always put even if you look in my Description this is exactly what I do Something like that so do you want to Manifest wealth click here and obviously It would be the actual link I’m just Doing this for example okay and that’s How you actually monetize your video and Make money but I will say one thing the

Thumbnail right here a lot of people Think it’s not as important as it is but You have to have to have to understand How to make good thumbnails or again go To Fiverr and pay someone five bucks to Do it okay because a good thumbnail can Make or break your video it doesn’t Matter how good your video is if people Don’t click on the video because the Thumbnail or the title isn’t that good No One’s Gonna ever see that amazing Video right so I’m not going to show you How to make a thumbnail in this video Because it’s getting super long but if You want to learn how to do that and so Much more trust me when I say that I try To do everything completely step by step And super in depth in my no face YouTube Course at no so if you’re hung Up on any of that trust me that it’s the Best resource I have for doing YouTube Especially without showing your face Obviously and then next you don’t really Have to have any playlists you can if You want but basically if you want to Create one you could do like uh morning Affirmations you could have a playlist For that that you could have a playlist For I am affirmations and then you save It to it and hit done now it’s in your Playlist okay you want to go to no not Made for kids and then this right here Is for tags okay tags are not that Important I’ll be honest with you

However I always use them and I’m not Going to get into that on this video Because they’re really not that Important I would use them like I would At least do like some of your main ones If you’re not going to use morning Fame So you could do like morning Affirmations for success and then just Type in some more okay but again I Suggest using morningfame invite link Down in the description below but now We’re pretty much done you just want to Go next if you did use an end screen Like I talked about at the end of the Video that’s where you would hit add There but if it’s your first video you Can’t do that so then hit next no Copyright issues found obviously because We did this the right way next and then You want to go to public and then Publish and that’s how you do it I mean It can’t be done more simply than that Right and like I told you there’s so Many ways to monetize that specific Channel one of those ways being digital Products which as you can see on the Screen right now that channel I showed You at the start she has courses a book And she’s growing an email list all of These things are very important to Having a business and things that I’m Teaching in my program at no Shameless plug but it’s not required if You can’t afford it don’t worry because

I got a free YouTube course which is the Video on the screen right now that you Can watch completely free and that’s all I got I love you guys and I’ll see on The next video

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