Make Money Watching YouTube Videos – 2022 (FREE & AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE)

What’s going on guys thomas garrett’s Here and in this video i’m going to show You how to make money just by simply Watching youtube videos and the best Part is you don’t even need to watch the Videos to make the money i know i know Sounds too good to be true right but It’s 100 True you can see the payment proof right Here if you don’t believe me and it’s 100 free to do and available completely Worldwide and i’m gonna be showing you How to do everything completely step by Step all i ask of you is to simply smash That like button make sure you watch This entire video so you don’t miss out On anything with that being said let’s Get into the video alright so like i Said in this video i’m gonna show you How to make money just by simply Watching youtube videos but then i told You you don’t even need to watch the Videos so let me explain what we’re Gonna do is we’re gonna be using a tool Called And that’s where i showed you the Payment proof right here okay so there’s A couple tools that we’re gonna be using And they’re all free every single one of Them and i’m going to show you each and Every one of them so don’t skip any part Of this video otherwise you might miss Out on the most important tool so we Start off with youtube what you need to

Do with this video is you need to find a Very viral video so that’s where the First tool comes into play and the first Tool is vid iq okay so i’ll have a link Down below to get vid iq it’s a chrome Extension but it’s also an app okay so It shows this thing right here once you Download the chrome extension and Obviously you need a youtube account but You have one So instead of like searching youtube to Find like a viral video you can actually Just click here and you can go to most Viewed now with the free plan i don’t Even have the paid plan anymore just so You know with the free plan it is Limited but you can still see like the Views per hour and the past seven days It looks like you can’t change anything Else but look at that this video is Getting 190 000 views per hour okay so This is definitely the video maybe i Wouldn’t use that one i’d probably use One that’s not kid related so i’d Probably do the pub g one and that one’s Still going crazy okay so now that we Have the video let’s go to that video And like i said we don’t even need to Watch the video literally so what you’re Gonna be doing is you’re gonna be using This video and the traffic from this Video to actually send people to this Video to watch it okay so just keep Watching it will all make sense all

Right so now that we have our video you Need to get the actual thumbnail from This video because we’re going to be Sending people to it so we want the Thumbnail so all you got to do is you Got to take this link right here to the Video And then you go to another tool i got Right here which is youtube dash Thumbnail and just so you know it’s Not like A scammy account or whatever i mean it’s Getting 600 000 monthly visits okay like This is a legit website all right so now What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna Take that link and you’re just gonna Paste it in here and then you just hit Get thumbnail images And right here you can see that’s the Thumbnail so you can download it in Multiple different like versions we’re Gonna take the hd one so just hit Download hd thumbnail and you can see It’s downloaded right there okay now We’ll exit out of this and the next tool We’re using is canva again i’m going to Have links to all of these websites Tools whatever you want to call them in The description down below so now what You’re going to want to do is you’re Going to want to go to create a design And then right here you’re gonna wanna Go to custom size we’re gonna do 1080 by

1920 okay so that’s the width and the Height then you’re gonna hit create Design so now we got down here we got This image right so now you’re going to Drag this image right here to drop to Upload okay so you’re going to click Right here And you’re going to just make it bigger So something like that And then what you’re going to want to do Is you’re going to want to grab a text Right here And you can just hit add heading And you see it added right there so now You just drag it up here and then you Can say something like it’s you want Like a heading that will capture Attention we could do pub g and Black pink make this a little bigger Pub g and black pink Collab I get a little smaller There you go okay So you could do something like that and Then at the top you probably want to add In something like Like an attention grabber right so i Would start by doing this i would add Like an element and just take like a Square because you want it to be a Different color than that right so Probably grab something that’s gonna Catch their attention like probably red Okay

And then again what you can do is just Click on this text right here and you Can actually just hit duplicate up in This top right corner and then you can Write omg Viral video right now maybe just take Out the right now and then you’re going To want to center it right And Make it bigger so i’m just dragging that Right there you see and then you just Make it bigger Okay And center it And now you can change the color of the Font if you want you can click on it and You go to the font color right there you Can change the font you can change the Size this way tons of ways to do this so We’ll we’ll just make it white and then I’m personally going to add an effect Okay so i like to add some shadow to That And just pay attention so you go all the Way to the left on the first two and all The way to the right on the second two And then just go to black right here Okay you see how much better that looks Now check this out this is really gonna Get attention click on it again and Duplicate it and then just drag it right On top you see how much darker that is And how much better it looks and i could Have centered that a little better but

That’s just fine for this example okay So now there’s one last thing you want To do you want to see back on elements Right here you’re going to want to type In like a play button And you want to put one of these on There okay so this one’s probably good This white one Well you can make it any color you want But let’s uh let’s make it a little Smaller And then let’s make it white i wonder if That that’s pretty hard to see actually Maybe we’ll go with This gray one yeah now you can do a Couple more things okay so personally This is what i would do i would get an Arrow now and you can just take any Arrow right here like this one’s cool Because it’s an actual like automation Or animation so you could do something Like that and you can like move it a Little bit and now you probably want one Last thing of text right here at the Bottom so i take this text and i would Duplicate it again and now you drag it Down here and then click to watch now And again you can change the color of The font to like yellow And you can add some more um Shadow again okay the shadow really Helps it be able to be seen when the Background isn’t the best do you see how Much better that is right like and then

You duplicate it and it’s just so much Easier to see but yeah so that’s how you Make basically this image that we’re Gonna use so we can get people to see This video and we can get paid okay so Now this is very important we’re gonna Go share and then you’re gonna go to Download right here i totally forgot We’re gonna use an actual image so the The animation isn’t gonna show on an Image you could use the video but it’s Just not as good for what we’re gonna do So you can choose it doesn’t have to be An animated arrow this will still work I’ll show you so just go to png right Here and yeah they even say it right There so right here they say heads up Video audio and animations won’t play When exported as this file type so like I said if you wanna use a video you can But i would just suggest using the png It’s gonna work better but this will Still show up fine on an image which Like i said i’ll show you so if we hit Download here And then move this back and i’ll open it Up just so you can see And you see right here it just shows up As a regular arrow which i actually like The look of this one so that’s totally Fine Now this next step is very very Important okay so now you’re going to Want to go to pinterest if you don’t

Have an account you can create one again This is free um as you see i i’ve been Looking at a lot of stuff for the house Because this is actually the last video I’m ever gonna create in This apartment right so this is the end Of an era i’ll be in my new house soon And that’s exciting But uh Anyways i just thought i should mention That i love you guys a lot let’s get Back into the video Um So yeah Back on pinterest once you create your Account all you do is you go right here To create and you’re going to want to Create a pin Okay so now you’re going to want to drag That pin that we just created that image And put it right there okay as you can See if i delete this You can see you can upload a video right There too so you do it however you want I just like doing images on pinterest Okay so now what you’re going to do is You could use the same title you could Be like oh my god viral video Watch this now It’s Amazing so you’re just trying to get Their attention this is a pub g and Black pink Collab

You have to see this but now this is the Very important part you need the Destination link and this is how we’re Gonna make money so basically once you Publish this and someone clicks on it It’s gonna get sent to this link okay so Now what we’re doing is we’re going back To this tool right here so you have to put a link Here and you can get paid look at the Payout rates i’ll show you quick you can Get paid up to 22 dollars per thousand Views and things on pinterest can go Viral as well so you can make some good Money and this is pretty much all Passive you can make a bunch of these in Minutes right and the nice thing i Should say is about pinterest most the People are in the united states are Better so you’re gonna make a crazy high Cpm which is the earnings per thousand Views okay so now go back to home right Here and for our url what we’re doing is We’re actually taking the link to this Video again so you can take the the Website link up here or you can go to Share and if you hit share you just grab This link here okay so whichever one you Want doesn’t matter now if we go back to Shrinkme you just paste it in here and Then you’re gonna hit this enter button Right here and you again you want to Make sure you have an account created if You don’t have an account created and

You enter a link right there it will Actually just prompt you to create an Account okay so now you see that i got This shrink dot me link here okay so We’re going to copy that but here’s the Problem if we go back to pinterest right Here and paste it in here sometimes it Won’t work sometimes it does though okay But you’re not done yet what you want to Do is you’re not going to have any Boards i have an account so what you do Is you you make boards and then you pin Stuff on it you know what i mean so it’s Like a vision board basically but you Want to create a board and just name it Like viral videos that you have to watch Or something you could just name it Viral videos too but hit create and now You see i’m like clicked on this board Okay so you’re going to want to publish It and you see what happened sorry we Blocked this link because it may lead to Spam so if this happens to you this is The last tool you have to use and again It’s a free tool okay so there’s no Excuses smash the like button if you’re Getting value though so we’re gonna take This same link that we shortened and We’re gonna go to again link’s down below but This is a completely free tool and what It is is it’s basically a middleman Right so you put out your links on link Tree they get direct the link tree and

Then you can have multiple links so what You would want to do here is you would Add new link after you create your Account this is what it will look like Call this uh viral black pink And pub g video right And then you put your url you see right Here let me make it a little bigger your Url and then you just paste it in there Okay so that’s your link you can see Right here on the right it shows your Link and you can change the appearance Of everything but basically you could Just make a bunch of these okay so you Could add another link so this could be Viral video number two um and then we’ll Just do so now you’re gonna See another button and then up in this Right corner you see you’ve got your Linktree link right there so you’re Gonna copy that link okay and now back On pinterest you’re gonna paste that Okay so now you got your link tree link Now let’s try it publish There you go baby let’s go don’t you Love when a plan just comes together i Mean that’s so amazing and literally if You just follow this step by step by Step you can do the exact same thing and Just start creating a bunch of these Pins with a bunch of viral videos and Making passive income However if you want to make some more Money than this because you’re not going

To get rich doing this i’m sorry there’s People making videos similarly saying You’re going to make a hundred dollars Per hour not going to happen i’m a Realist i’m always going to keep it real And honest and 100 with you it’s not Gonna happen you’re not gonna make a Hundred dollars per hour that’s insane But if you wanna make a full-time income Online check out the links down below i Have two links i have the seven dollar Challenge that truly changed my life Which is the first money i ever made Online was after i Participated in that challenge truly Changed my life but if you want to get Started on youtube and make money on Youtube without showing your face on Camera go to no or hit that other link down In the description down below but yeah That’s all i got i’ll see you guys soon When my new house is finished hopefully In like three weeks it should be done But like i said the end of an era this Is the last video in this room in this Studio Thank you guys so much for watching i Love you And i’ll see you on the next video

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