Make Money with ChatGPT on YouTube ($5,000 FACELESS METHOD)

What’s going on guys Thomas Garretts Here and in this video I’m gonna show You how to make five thousand dollars Per month on YouTube without ever Showing your face on camera using open Ai’s free AI software chat GPT and if You’ve paid attention to the internet at All the past week you’ve seen AI apps Absolutely take the Internet by storm Especially on Facebook you see everyone In their mom posting their new AI Generated profile pictures I mean you Literally got AI apps on the App Store Above the most popular apps in the world And if you go to Google Trends you got Artificial intelligence trending higher Than it’s ever trended before but the Question is is it all just hype and part Of me thought it was that’s until I Started hearing everyone talking about Chat GPT so I decided to give it a shot Because why not it’s free and it Absolutely blew my mind it actually made A complete YouTube script in seconds Something that takes me hours to do and Not only am I going to show you how to Use chat GPT but I’m going to show you How to make an entire YouTube video Completely step by step and the best Part is you don’t even have to do any of The work if you don’t want to and all I Ask of you is to smash the like button And make sure you watch the entire video So you don’t miss out on anything

Because this method is truly going to Blow your mind but now assuming you’ve Already smashed the like button let’s Get into the video alright so like I Said in this video I’ll be showing you How to make five thousand dollars per Month using that free AI software chat GPT but real quick before we get started I want to show you that you can actually Make five thousand dollars or a lot more Per month on YouTube without showing Your face and right here are the results From the exact Channel Niche we’re going To be using in this video which I’ll Reveal shortly but as you can see They’re making upwards of 10K per month Just in YouTube ad Revenue by the way And this number is probably a lot higher But I chose just in the middle 5K Because let’s be real 5K would probably Change your life and I told you I’d Reveal the channel Niche so this is the Channel it’s animal inside lighter so It’s the animal Niche and in this video More specifically we’re going to focus On the dog Niche because there’s Actually a secret monestation method We’re going to use that can make you Even more money and you can start making Money right away without being monetized On YouTube so make sure you stay tuned For that so don’t skip anything this is Very important to follow step by step Okay so after you have your Niche

Typically The Next Step would be to Actually create your channel around your Niche but you’re watching the video Right now so you know how to create a YouTube channel already but one thing I Will suggest is make sure you use like Animal or dog in the channel name but Don’t get hung up too much on channel Names because you can literally change The channel name at any point so it Really isn’t that important and I’ll Link to a video at the end of this video Where I show you a cool way to come up With Channel names how to create your Channel and all that if you’re stuck on That part but don’t worry about that the Most important thing is starting to Create the videos because nothing else Matters if you’re not creating in the Video so let’s just hop right into that And the first step for that is coming up With a video idea and there’s tons of Ways to do that like for example we Could go to animal Insider and on their Channel just go to their videos and look At their popular videos and then Recreate a video like that but what I Like to do is I like using a tool called Morningfame I use this for all my videos Like if you scroll down here and you Look at all my videos here this is how I Plan every single one of my videos and The cool thing is you can go to topics Right here and basically what you can do

Is type in a search term and you don’t Have to have like a long search term you Can literally type in dog or dog breeds Right and then watch this so obviously That’s not your title that’s not your Search term you want a uncommon keyword Because it’s great for smaller channels So these are going to be longer keywords Or Search terms and basically you can See right here most popular dogs in the World best guard dog breeds dangerous Dog breeds small dog breeds so you can Just use those and then once you click One so let’s do small dog breeds okay so You click that and then you just go to Continue for step three by the way to Get a morning Fame account you have to Have an invite code so just use the link In the description below to get your Invite to morningfame and the first Month is actually free with my invite so Make sure to use that link and I really Like morningfame because it kind of Tells you if it’s a good video or not Once you’ve started uploading videos but At the start you’re not gonna have any Data inside of it so things will Probably look a little different for you And it will always have like little Helpful tips right here and videos that Kind of explain things if you’re Confused but don’t Focus too much on That at the start until you start Uploading videos what you want to do is

You just want to go up here to Suggestions and now you can do small dog Breeds that don’t shed small dog breeds That can be left alone you can also do Like 10. so now it’s gonna say top 10 Small dog breeds in India it just gives You so many more ideas this one is Probably probably one of the better ones I’d say top 10 small dog breeds for First time owners that’s great right so We’ll choose that one and there’s a lot More you can do once you choose for step Four this is where I plan my entire Description tags all that but the most Important thing is the title because we Need that to write the script which is The next step now this is probably the Most important part of the video you got To get a chat GPT account right now it’s Free the only thing I had to do so for Example if I open up a new window and I Believe it’s and then what you want To do right here is Click sign up and Then you create an account do I’m not a Robot and then at least it asked me I Don’t know if it’s still doing that but You have to put in your phone number and Then get texted at code and then type That in just like with Google and stuff Like that pretty simple right so just Create your free account and then once You have that just you’ll be logged in Or whatever so I’m going to log in quick

So back in chat GPT you’re gonna say Right a YouTube script about and then You just paste in your title right there Okay so let’s hit send and see what it Does and as you can see I mean it’s it’s Absolutely insane and then once it’s Done I want to show you something else Okay Okay so as you can see it’s a literal YouTube script they say hi there and Welcome to our Channel today we’re Talking about the top 10 small dog Breeds for first time owners so that’s Perfect intro that’s what I like doing On videos like this as well quick and to The point especially as a new channel Alright then they List the 10 dog breeds And then they say those are our top 10 Small dog breeds for first-time owners Thanks for watching and be sure to like And subscribe for more videos perfect Right so what I would do first is I Would copy all this and I would put it In like a document okay so I’m going to Open up a document here and just paste It in there for now okay now there’s a Couple different things you can do if You want the script a little longer Because you probably want to go a little Deeper on each of these rather than just Like one sentence for each one dog you Can do it two ways okay you could ask Them to basically can you go into more Detail for each dog and type that or

What you can do is you can say can I Have three facts about chihuahuas and Then do that for each of the dog breeds So whatever works best for you you could Try both of them to see what comes up Better and yeah so I’ll just do this for Example can you go into more detail for Each dog and kind of see what it does so I’ll skip ahead and show you what it Does and as you can see it gave much More detail there it’s probably much Better for a YouTube video because you Don’t want your video to be super short And it kind of pooped out at seven Because it got so long so again you Could just ask them to do details for Each dog individually or say for the First five and then the second five to Make it kind of split up and easier for Their system because again there’s just So much traffic going into their website So sometimes that happens but I mean Still it’s all you unique content like For example on this plagiarism detector I just copy and pasted it right and it Was two percent plagiarized from this One sentence they also have a short code That requires minimal grooming because It’s in some blog here and that’s not Plagiarism but if you were to Outsource It and go to like Fiverr or upwork Sometimes those people literally just Copy and paste straight from other People’s stuff which is not good so this

Is all unique and it works really well So for example if you were gonna do this Video I would definitely have a longer Script but for this one we’ll just keep It short because I don’t want to waste Your time and I’ll probably just do like Two of these just for example Um so I don’t waste your time or Whatever but yeah so that’s pretty much In a nutshell scripts but now how we’re Gonna actually turn that into a video is With another software and that software Is in video and if you’ve watched my Channel before you know I’ve showed how To use Nvidia before because the Software or just works but in this video I’m going to show how to use in video a Way that I’ve never shown before so make Sure you stay tuned for that and also You can click the link in the Description below to get started for Free but I will say one thing if we go To pricing right here like I said they Do have a free account but as you can See on the business account it gets rid Of the watermark so basically if you’re Using the free account you’re going to Have a watermark on all of your YouTube Videos which is really unprofessional And plus it’s only 15 a month if you pay Yearly and if you use the code Garrett’s 30 when you sign up you get a 30 off Discount for life so it’s really like 10 Bucks a month and if you’re actually

Going to do the work yourself with this Software rather than Outsource it to Someone else you’re saving so much money Because you’re going to pay much more Than ten dollars per video to Outsource It so if you’re paying ten dollars per Month and you can do the whole video Inside of here it just makes sense you Know what I mean but with that being Said just make sure you get an account If you can only afford the free you can Only afford the free I personally have Unlimited but you can can start with the Business or unlimited whatever you want Okay so once you have an account then This will be the home page of Nvidia and Like I said I’m going to show you how to Do it a different way because usually I Show you how to use it in the text to Video option and that’s where you just Put your whole script in a text and then It automatically takes that text and Turns it into a video with text on the Screen and it picks images and videos For you and that’s how I usually show it But the reason I’m not going to show it Like that in this video is because if You do the research and you go to like Animal insiders videos you’ll see that They don’t really have much text on the Screen so you want to kind of mimic what They’re doing and also the other benefit Is basically when you’re doing the Voiceover for the text to video option

After the fact because you can’t do it Before it’s more work to line it up with The video because you have to line it up With the text that’s on the screen and Everything so for this one we’re going To use the pro editor because not only Can you do the voiceover first and then Add video and images to the screen Directly all in Nvidia which is super Easy to do you can actually if you want To Outsource the voice over to someone Else where you can’t do that if you do The text to video one okay so that’s why We’re doing it differently so you just Click right there on plus and then go to Landscape now like I said we’re going to Do the voiceover first and the cool Thing is I’m going to show you how to do It where anyone can do it you don’t need Any fancy microphone or anything like That okay but the first thing you want To go to video and just put something on The screen so I just typed in dog right There and then right here you can just Add anyone to the canvas and just press Plus and right here you can see add okay So just add that now you can see Everything popped up here okay so you Can do the voice over one of two ways You can do it right there just record it Inside of in video but the way I’m going To show it is by doing it with your cell Phone okay and then what you’re doing is You’re uploading your voiceover after

The fact Okay so like I said you can pay Someone to do the voiceover you just Send them your script and they do it and Then you upload it which I’ll leave a Link down below to Fiverr to a good Voiceover artist for five dollars but I Highly suggest trying it yourself for The first time just to see if you can Actually do it and get out of your Comfort zone a little bit plus everyone Has a cell phone so you really have no Excuse you don’t have to upload the Video If you really hate your voiceover But just get out of your comfort zone Just try it I’m telling you that you Will be proud of yourself okay so let me Plug in my cell phone quick and then I’ll show you how to do this all right So basically you want to go to your Voice memos on your phone and then you Want to pull up your script right here Okay let me make it a little bigger you Probably want to actually talk into your Your phone like you can’t see me right Now but talk into your phone like this Because the microphone’s right there so Keep it a little close to your mouth but Not too close okay so let me hide this Again and let me restart hi there and Welcome to our Channel today we’re Talking about the top 10 small dog Breeds for first time on owners number One the Chihuahua is a small actually For that instead of saying what they say

You could do number one the Chihuahua And then you could say the next stuff so You’d say the Chihuahua is a small and Energetic breed that is perfect for First-time owners they are easy to train And love to be around their owners Number two the Pomeranian the Pomeranian Is a small fluffy breed that is also Easy to train and loves to be around Their owners they are playful and Energetic making them a great companion For first-time owners those are our top 10 small dog breeds for first time Owners thanks for watching and be sure To like And subscribe for more videos All right and then we’re going to hit End right there and now you got your Recording all right it’s the second one Right there okay so now all you do is You literally you can share it so I’m a Mac so I have airdrop but you could Email it you could do it however you Want okay so I’m gonna share it with my Computer and I’ll meet you back over There all right so right there you can See the new recording so now what we do Is we’re going to go back to in video And then on voice over you want to go to Upload your voiceover file and then new Recording and then open so new recording Two right there so then just hit plus Now once you’ve got the full clip there You can zoom in on certain spots which It’s probably better to be zoomed in on

Each spot so you can get it exact Because what you’re going to want to do Is use this scissor button or press the Letter c so you see all this dead space Right here we’re gonna cut that out of The entire video cut the Dead Space out And then cut out our mistakes it’s that Simple okay so right here Dead Space Letter C and then you just delete it hit Backspace and then move that back okay So you can cut out the Dead Space Without listening or you can listen to It and kind of do it as you go and also Make sure the the volume isn’t too loud So you can click here and go to volume And just turn it down a little bit if it Is too loud okay so we’ll do that hi There and Welcome to our Channel today We’re talking so you see right there More dead space so what you want to do Is you can either hit C there and then Go back and you can actually put your Cursor once you hit C you can just drag It and it will automatically stop at Your cursor so that’s a little trick or You can hit C on both spots you see now You can delete that okay and then again Drag it over okay so it’s pretty Self-explanatory so we cut out the Spaces and cut out the mistakes by Pressing the letter c I know you can do That also a quick tip if you cut out Like a big mistake instead of like Sliding the whole clip backwards you can

Just right click that gray spot and hit Delete or you can just click backspace After you clicked on it and uh yeah so Just delete the rest of your mistakes And the rest of the blank spaces you Want assuming you’re following along and Uh I’m gonna do the same and I’ll be Right back all right so I just finished Editing the full voiceover right there There so now what you want to do is as You’re listening to it you want to add In Clips okay so at the start let’s hear What they say hi there and Welcome to Our Channel alright so hi there and Welcome to our channel so you go to Videos right here and just type in like YouTube channel or you could type in Something like welcome and you’ve got a Couple different options here you could You know get someone waving at the start You could add you know text with welcome You know it’s totally up to you I kind Of like this one and so you would just Hit click add and then you would kind of Just trim it if you want a certain part Of the video but you can cut that after The facts so we’ll just click um I’m Just going to hide that we’ll just click Add so right there right at the start of The new clip you see that little break Right there so you want to just drag This over there and kind of see how that Looks hi there and Welcome to our Channel okay that looks good but now you

Want to make it a little bigger so you Can just drag this up like that and and There you go all right so now we hit Play after that today we’re talking About the top 10 small dog breeds for First time owners so that video actually Isn’t bad but again you could go to Video and do small dog Um if you wanted to use a different one This one’s cute okay so I like this one So we’ll use that one and then add it And then again we’ll drag it to that Spot right where that part of the Voiceover ends and then what I’m Personally gonna do is I’m gonna make it Bigger again so bring it up there and Then go like that I’m gonna add some Text okay so what we we’re gonna do is Go to text and you could go to just Regular text or you can find these Little like pre-made text right here and They kind of have like animations which You can add after the fact but they’re Pre-made right so we could look at like Minimalists right here See if there’s any good ones let’s do This one and you’re going to want to Make it the same size as this okay and Then just click on this twice double Click it and you can edit the text okay So I would do top 10 dog breeds and then I’m going to hit enter for first time Owners okay because I want them on two Separate lines and then you just want to

Make this bigger like that and then make This smaller like that so it can Hopefully go on two lines there you go And go like that And there you go okay and what you can Do is you can hover over that and then Highlight like the top part and then Right here for text color you could Change the colors okay so like we could Change it to a darker yellow like that And then you could go to text effects And you could add more text Shadow if You want so more blur or you can get rid Of the blur and kind of just like uh Have that little black thing coming off The side like that totally up to you Okay and then also on text effects here You see how the text background’s yellow You can change that right there text Background filled to Black and uh you Could change that background to Black Too or the outline one other thing I Should show you is for the the video Behind here you can add different Effects by going to effects right there So if you want to do like a focus blur So if you click that right there and Then change like the intensity a little Bit you see how the background’s kind of Going crazy so I kind of looks cool Right so now watch it today we’re Talking about the top 10 small dog Breeds for first time owners so that’s Just a couple tricks which you can do

But basically you don’t have to even do Any of that all you want to do now is You just want to add in videos and Images of what’s in the voiceover right So like for example we’ll listen to this Wawa is a small and energetic breed that Is perfect for first-time owners so you Could get like a video of the Chihuahua Like barking or being happy or running Around because that’s energetic you get What I’m saying it’s very simple it just Takes a little bit of time to add that Stuff but at the end of the day this is Going to be a legit video and these Videos can go viral I’m not telling you Your first video is going to go viral But if you take the time to actually put In the work and make a good video your Videos will speak for themselves okay But if you try to like take shortcuts And use like AI robot voice for your Voice over instead of doing it yourself Or hiring someone to do it it you’re not Gonna get any views you’re not gonna Make any money and you have to actually Put in the work okay so I hope that Makes sense but I guess I’ll uh finish This up off camera and come back and Show you like the end result and uh then I’ll show you what to do next all right So I just finished editing the video and The last thing you want to do before you Actually export it is you want to add Some music okay so you can use some

Music right in here it’s copyright free We can just go to like let’s go to Playful and move your cursor to the Beginning and then you just hit add okay So we’ll just add this one and then for The audio right here go to volume and You just want to have it pretty low you Don’t want to have it like overpowering Your voice over so let’s just test that For first time owners that’s probably a Little quiet I can’t really hear it Every song is going to be different but We’ll just stick at like uh something Like that and then all you do you go up Here to export and then go to 1080 and Then export it now it’s going to take a Little little bit to actually export so I’ll come right back when it’s finished All right so it’s finished let’s uh Let’s watch the finished product here hi There and Welcome to our Channel today We’re talking about the top 10 small dog Breeds for first time owners number one The Chihuahua the Chihuahua is a small And energetic breed that is perfect for First-time owners they are easy to train And love to be around their owners Number two the Pomeranian the Pomeranian Is a small fluffy breed that is also Easy to train and loves to be around Their owners they are playful and Energetic making them a great companion For first-time owners those are our top 10 small dog breeds for first time

Owners thanks for watching and be sure To like And subscribe for more videos That video is pretty good right I mean Come on but now we’re not finished yet We got a couple more steps so just keep Paying attention all right so right now I’m gonna go to just my example channel Right here and then I’m gonna hit create And upload video and then you just hit Select files and then the video is right There so you can double click it or hit Open so I’m just going to double click It now I’m going to move this over here And we have in morningfame we have our Title right there so we’re going to copy That and we’re going to go over here and We’re gonna paste it but now there’s two More things we gotta do in the Description is the most important Because that’s where we’re going to put Our secret monetization link and I’ll Show you that in a second and then we Have the thumbnail but before you can do Either of those you have to go to your Settings and you got to go to your Channel and go to feature eligibility so Right here you see standard features Enabled you already have that Intermediate features you have to verify Your phone number so you can get custom Thumbnails but then the third one this Is actually new and you actually have to Do like a verification so you either Have to do a video verification send a

Picture of your valid ID or you just Have to be uploading for like two months Okay so I would just suggest doing the Valid ID I mean that’s very simple just Take a picture of your your ID or your Past board or whatever and then you’ll Get access to add the links into your Video descriptions now if for some Reason you don’t have an ID you can add The link to your pinned comment but you Definitely want to be able to add it to Your video description okay so now back Here like I said we got to add the link In the description okay and the fastest And best way for the dog Niche to get a Monetization link is to go to this free Website called so just hit Start here and create an account Completely free now if you just go to The marketplace at the top right there And then just literally search for dog It’s going to be the first product that Comes up so you see brain training for Dogs it’s got a high gravity score which Means people are having success selling This as an affiliate and how it works is You put this link in your description And every time someone clicks that link And purchases you can make up to 42 Dollars per sale and most importantly You have recurring commissions so you Can make money recurring that’s what you Really want I okay so all you have to do Is go right here and hit promote and

Then you see we have our nickname right There t Garrett’s you don’t have to add The tracking ID or anything you don’t Have to add that but just hit create hop Link and then you get this long Affiliate link and there’s just one more Step for this so you want to copy this And then go to another free website okay so if you scroll down you Can just paste in that long link right So paste that and then hit shorten Okay so now this long ugly link is this Nice short link and that’s the link You’re going to want to put into your Description okay so I copied that and Then back in our channel right here is Where we would put it in our description Okay so you would say brain training for Dogs and then you could just put the Link there I like to use arrows in my Description if you go to my video Description you’ll see arrows but just Do it however you want but it’s just Important to actually have that because That’s how you can make money as you’re Going you don’t have to wait to get Monetized on YouTube or anything okay so Obviously I can’t do it in my Description so I’ll just delete the H But you get the idea there right now for The thumbnail this is arguably one of The most important things okay I’ve Already created one for this video Because I don’t want to waste your time

But I’ll show you it you can see right Here this is the finished thumbnail and You can see I just kind of looked at Theirs and kind of modeled it off of That you know what I mean and this is With a free software canva that I Created all this okay and I show you how To use canva and create thumbnails in my No face YouTube course at no If you want to learn more about that but Basically all I did is I just added an Image of a dog like I went to photos Right here and I typed in dog actually I Typed in small dog and then I got this Image right here okay and I clicked it I Added it and then I added uh like some Grass to the background and I think I Just used this one right here I added That to the background and then I just Added some text and put some effects on It it’s very simple to do once you know How to do it but like I said I show you How to do all that in depth in my no Face YouTube course so just make sure You actually make a thumbnail very Important so for now I’m just gonna Upload the one I did so right there and Literally nothing else really matters That much you want to make sure you put No not made for kids and I still use Tags but tags like right here they Really don’t matter as much as they used To but if you want to and if you’re Using morningfame you can just copy and

Paste a bunch of tags from there right So if I go back over to morningfame They’re gonna put all these tags right Here anyways so you can literally just Copy these and then put them in here and Then all you want to do is you want to Go to next next and you see no copyright Issues found which is great and then Next and you want to go to public and Then publish now you want to go to the Video link here because we’re not done Yet and then what you want to do is Basically take from your description Right here and you want to copy it and Paste it into your comment okay and then Obviously add the H so the link works And hit comment and you can see the link Actually works there but make sure to Click these three dots hit pin and then Hit pin again and that’ll put your Comment at the top of the comments that Way everyone will see it first so you Can see if you click this just for Example it takes us to the brain Training for dogs and if anyone Purchases through this link you earn a Commission and I know that link may seem So small but that link is truly what Changed my life YouTube mixed with Affiliate marketing is the reason I am Where I am today and there’s a link in My description that’s actually the exact Challenge that I got started with and Allowed me to start making money with

Affiliate marketing and truly is the Only reason I didn’t give up in my Business and it actually allowed me to Quit my nine to five job and live the Life I live now all because of a simple Link so if you’re interested in Affiliate marketing definitely check That link in the description down below But if you’re like ah I’d rather just Focus on YouTube without showing my face Then you definitely want to go to my no Face YouTube course at no Because I show you so much more about All of this and you actually get access To me in our private Facebook group and Everything but don’t worry if you have No money at all and you just want to Learn more about YouTube you can click The video on the screen right now and That’s all I got I love you guys I’ll See on the next video

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