Super Affiliate Formula – Crush Your Competitors And Become The Biggest Affiliate In Your Niche!

What Exactly Is A “Super Affiliate”?

Any affiliate marketer who generates a large number of sales is considered a super affiliate marketer. In essence, a super affiliate marketer is so effective at selling other people’s goods that vendors will fight tooth and nail, yes, fight, to have that affiliate promote their goods. They’ll give her bonuses, future chances for JV partnerships, and perhaps even greater commissions than anyone else. For the majority of seller-affiliate relationships, this is NOT the norm.

Very few individuals would be considered “super affiliate marketers,” and as a result, very few individuals enjoy the advantages that a super affiliate does on a regular basis. In actuality, not even prosperous online business owners who make a living solely from their businesses fall under the category of super affiliates. They receive the same regular commissions as you do, but no extravagant gifts or offers.

To put it bluntly, being a super affiliate is not an easy job, but if you’re up for it, you will benefit in ways that go far beyond simply generating that many more sales. Instead, you will acquire priceless business contacts, gifts, increased commissions, and JV opportunities.

What Does It Take To Become A Super Affiliate?

The requirements for becoming a “super affiliate” are surprisingly stringent in terms of training and technical expertise. You don’t need to have a computer science degree. Not being a software engineer is not necessary. You are not required to possess any specialized technical knowledge. Not even a formal education is required.

In fact, if you examine a number of the current super affiliates, you will discover that they originate from all over the world. Some people are charismatic and excellent writers, but they have no technical expertise at all. Others are highly technical but lack a strong public image. Some have PHDs. Some students dropped out of high school or are still enrolled.

Super affiliates don’t require any specialized technical knowledge. They do, however, require unwavering perseverance, a readiness to network, and the capacity to obtain or employ assistance when required (i.e. when they need technical help, help with writing, etc.).

This might sound cliche, but it’s not. If you want to become a super affiliate, having a positive outlook, sensible communication skills, as well as a willingness to accept your shortcomings and areas of ignorance will serve you far better than having a deep understanding of keyword optimization but being resistant to asking for assistance when you need it.

If I had to pinpoint just one ability that will set you apart from the competition as a super affiliate, it would be a sharp administrative work ethic. You must understand how to assemble a team and assign tasks to it. You won’t achieve your goal of becoming an affiliate marketer who earns a significant amount of money by yourself. You must work well with a team if you want to succeed.

Offer Bonuses To Win Affiliate Contests

How can I set “my product” apart from the competition is one of the key questions that all affiliate marketers ask themselves. You must consider how you can make your product stand out from the competition when you are literally selling the same thing as everyone else.

When it comes to expensive items, this is especially significant. You can count on every marketer and his grandma to promote the next product Mike Filsaime or John Reese release to the ends of the Earth. You should anticipate an even more ferocious effort if the product costs $1,000 and they are taking a 50% or 75% cut.

Therefore, how do you, a clever marketer with limited resources, intend to compete with competitors who have larger lists and larger budgets? When you have to start competing against highly motivated, highly talented, and well-funded marketers, how can you hope to win affiliate competitions?

Sincerely and unavoidably, you must offer the best bonuses to customers who make purchases using your link.

You can always find a tonne of bonuses on the sales pages of high-ticket items. You’ll encounter absurd claims like, “Buy using my affiliate link and you’ll instantly gain access to a vast collection of bonuses worth $43,000.”

You might think when you first see such offers, “I could never offer all of those ‘great’ bonuses. I guess I’m simply not competitive. However, in actuality, you can. Most people are aware that those bonuses are completely useless, and even if they weren’t, they probably wouldn’t have time to look at them.

Here’s what you can do: instead of offering 37,000 scripts, each of which is completely useless, offer one thing that has nothing to do with instant messaging specifically but will appeal to your audience more than the scripts, which they already know are garbage.

Here is a recommendation: the next time a high ticket item (one that costs, say, $500 or $1000) enters the market, consider throwing in Windows Vista as an extra. Which do you believe people would prefer? 7000 more pages of dubious information or a tangible item they presumably want to buy anyway?

The answer is obvious. Avoid the crap bonuses. A nice bonus may take a chunk out of your bottom line, but it will be so much different from anything else people are giving away (which essentially cost them nothing or next to nothing) that you will stick out like a sore thumb. Not only will considerably more people purchase through you, but the word will spread; and you may even gain some fame as a result.

If you’re giving away something related to IM, make it darn good—so good that your competition won’t offer it. But I would suggest something altogether different. They’re getting a lot of IM stuff, anyway, so give them something they need that is unrelated.

Make Sure You Build A List!

If you want to maximize the amount of money you will make as an affiliate, you need to build a mailing list, if you haven’t heard this by now (and you probably have). A well-known marketer releases a product at least twice or three times per year, and lots of people want to buy it. You can be the first to let them buy this product if you have a captive audience (through your affiliate link).

It is significantly more effective in addition to being simply more convenient. Selling to folks on your list is much simpler compared to trying to sell to someone you’ve never spoken to before.

Almost all research on the subject has come to the conclusion that having numerous contacts (i.e., sending frequent emails) greatly increases your likelihood of closing deals. You have a very slim chance of converting PPC visitors who are simply sent to a sales page. However, if you enroll them in a mailing list, you can contact them repeatedly and present them with a variety of offers.

Starting a free newsletter is one way to achieve this with affiliate marketing in particular. However, in order for this to be successful, you need to provide readers with information in this mailing list that isn’t obvious and uninteresting—information they can find anywhere on the Internet. Provide specific details regarding you and your company, and you will benefit. Hold your cards close; if you skimp on the information’s quality, no one will buy.

Don’t send too much stuff to your list as well. Give them sincere product reviews rather than constantly bugging them to buy. Purchase it in person (or obtain a free advance copy from the seller), give it a thorough review, and then distribute your review to your list along with an affiliate link. Don’t be afraid to say it if the product seriously lacks something. mention it in the evaluation.

If you’re unsure of how to create an opt-in email list, sign up for a free trial of Aweber at for one month. The method is very easy to follow. Simply write a series of messages, load them into your autoresponder beforehand, set up an opt-in form on one of your landing pages, and start driving traffic to the sign-up page.

After that, all you need to do is provide reliable, timely, and high-quality information, followed by taking advantage of any opportunities that present themselves. When a major affiliate product launch is about to take place, get your readers excited by telling them about it and promising to buy, evaluate, and send them details about it. If you play your cards right, you’ll have a surefire method for generating ongoing affiliate commissions.

Warm Up Your Subscribers With Weird Pre-Selling Methods

As a super affiliate, you may believe that you will pick up on the fact that some prospects can be quite resistant to major launches quickly from training. They’ll receive a barrage of emails from all the lists they subscribed to. No matter what, they will consider you to be just another cunning marketer trying to fleece them of a couple extra dollars for a dubious product.

How then can you prevent this? How can you lessen the resentment that the people on your list are probably feeling? You can get things going by “priming the pump” very early on with light conversation.

Instead of sending them email #36 around a significant product launch, get the jump on your rivals. Inform the people on your mailing list one month beforehand not to purchase the item until you have the chance to review it. Even though that hardly seems like a sales pitch, it prepares you for one.

Once the product is available, you can buy a copy, give it a review, and then send your visitors a list of the “pros” and “cons” and a brief summary (or something similar). Include an affiliate link with it.

Additionally, let the people on your list know they are free to share the report in emails and forums. People will be pleading for reviews all over the place soon after the product is released. If your review is among the first to appear in the forums, you might earn a lot of affiliate commissions very quickly

Real Life Super Affiliates

By now you have enough advice to get you started on your super affiliate journey. So I’m sure you’d love to know who are some “super” affiliate marketers in the real world?

It should come as no surprise that some of the most well-known marketers you hear about also happen to be best affiliate marketers. For instance, John Reese is best known for having a million dollar day. In addition to that, he is also the top affiliate for a number of significant product launches. And it’s easy to understand why: He has much more credibility than almost any other Internet marketer, and along with that credibility brings a tonne of eager customers. His list subscribers believe the products he recommends are good, so they buy them.

In order to become a super affiliate, you don’t need to be John Reese. In fact, a lot of “super affiliates” sell their products exclusively online. Selling cosmetics and health products as affiliates has literally brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars—and even millions—for some people. They begin by throwing parties where they showcase these cosmetics and personalized health products. From there, they gradually expand, creating a huge network of customers who place repeat orders. They eventually reach a point where they can stop selling because they don’t have to anymore.

There are also a ton of underrated super affiliate Internet marketers out there. You may occasionally witness the launch of an Internet marketing product from a complete unknown, which will go on to achieve unbelievable success. Before all these people sold their own goods, they frequently sold stuff as an affiliate; they did so without any notoriety at all and made tens of thousands of dollars.


Unfortunately, achieving super affiliate status is not that simple for most of us. However, you can do it without a particular set of skills, anyone can for that matter. All you really need is a firm grasp on and acceptance of what you’re capable of and what you are not. Put in as much time as you can placing your attention on what you are able do, outsourcing what you can’t, and assembling a team of people who complement your interests and your talents.

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