The Secret to Passing AI Detection With 100% Original Content? Let’s Test

Hey and welcome to vid Society in this Video I'm going to show you a tool you Can use to get 100 unique non-ai content But yet it's written from an AI content Tool so this is something that recently Uh had a huge update and I tried it a Few times and the first time it didn't Actually give me a hundred percent Non-ai but the second time it did and Actually posted the content here to my Organic remedy website and the tool is Pretty neat I'm going to show you here In a minute I'll put a link below the Video where you can actually try it for Free with this tool not only will it Create content for you but you can post It to WordPress websites directly from The tool itself and what I'm going to do Is I'm going to set it up on a schedule To constantly post new content onto this Website so because right now I just Don't have time to do it so I'm going to Have it to automatically post stuff on Here and we're going to see what happens To this website but let me jump over and Show you how this tool works okay so This this tool is called article Forge And a lot of you who have been following Me for a while you've know that I've Talked about this tool for a long time It's very powerful in creating content And it does it all on its own and now It's integrated more with AI technology Which even makes it more powerful so how

This works is pretty simple on the left Hand side over here you can see you have An option for WordPress you can add any WordPress websites you have in here and It'll access them directly through this Tool you can set up post schedulers so It'll automatically post directly to Your website which is what I'm going to Be doing and for now I'm going to create A new article and show you step by step How this works so if you click on new Article it's going to take you to this Page and what you're going to do is You're going to enter a keyword for your Articles this is going to be like the Main topic and then you're going to give It a little more detail like what you Want it to write about so for this one I Put in how to reduce stress naturally And in the instructions I put write an Article that explains how to use natural Products to help relieves stress now Over here you can also choose different Languages we're going to leave it the Way it is here we want to scrolling down Where we can customize the article Structure so we have article length here This one I'm going to do along we're Going to do 750 words on this one And you can exclude topics so it says Here enter excluded topics to tell Article Forge what not to write about so This could be competitors you don't want Mentioned topics you don't want brought

Up or anything else you want article Forge to avoid when writing your article So this can be very handy maybe if You're creating content about a specific Product but you don't want other Products brought in and mentioned along With it you can also have it to Auto Generate section headings this is very Powerful I'm going to leave this on and Then down here you can have it to Auto Add an image you can also have it to Pick a video and add it in the article You can replace certain keywords with Links so maybe you're promoting an Affiliate Link in here you can come in Here and you can set up a new Replacement so it'll automatically take Certain keywords and replace those with Your affiliate link so when it posts This content on your blog it's Everything's automatic and you don't Have to go back in and do anything And then you can set this to Automatically post it to your blog if You want to I'm not going to turn this On yet because I'll show you how to do This manually but down here you can also Use another one of their tools called Word AI I'll put a free trial link for That also below this video if you want To check it out and this is a rewriting Tool and I've used this for a long time As well so if you have content or maybe You can just get content from another

Website and you can paste it in here and It completely rewrites it and it sounds And looks amazing and it also will now Pass AI so it's not detected as AI Content Now what's really important when you Create an article from article Forge is That you tick this option here that says Avoid AI detection when you do this it's Going to rewrite it in a way so it will Not be detected as AI once you're done You click on create new article and it's Going to process it and up here you can See that it is now processing the query How to reduce stress naturally and this Is going to take anywhere from maybe Three to five minutes for it to finish When it does this bar is going to fill Up and then there's going to be a little Link down here at the bottom where you Can click and view the article so when We do that we're going to take this Article and go over to Paste it in there and hopefully it's Going to come back as zero percent AI so This was the article that I checked Before making this video it was another One that I created using article Forge And it says here it is 100 original zero Percent AI but the article that I Created before this one showed a little Bit of AI content in it so I'm curious To check this one out and see what it's Going to be if it's going to be zero

Percent AI again or what but you can Also see it's also plagiarism free So we're going to come over here and I'm Going to pause this video for a minute Or two until this finishes so it's done Processing you can see here we can click To see the results so let's click here And here is the article here is the Image and here is a video and you can See it's also titled how to reduce Stress naturally so all this is really Good so what I want to do now is we're Going to copy this And if you have access to the word AI Tool you can rewrite this again right Here to make it even more unique but We're going to jump over to and we're going to paste This content in here and we're going to Check for AI content and plagiarism We're going to scan it and if if you Want to check your AI content I'm Finding this tool does a decent job of It and it's very very cheap to do it's Only like so many cents per scan and if You want to check it out I'll put a link Below the video as well but normally for An article like this it's going to take About a minute and it's done and you can See this one actually is detected a Little bit as AI content but not near as Bad it's only 49 percent so it's mostly Original but it does have ai content as Well so when you look at this there's a

Couple things you got to look at number One Um how reliable really is article Forge So this is definitely a lot more unique Content than just copying it directly Chat GPT and using it which is always a Hundred percent uh AI detectable but Then again how reliable is this tool Also and so does this actually detect Real AI content compared to what Google Would if it tries to detect AI content I Don't know but this is just another tool Out there that I'm using to help me Create content for and these articles You can use these to create and let me Just go up here to go to operations and I'm going to go ahead and post this to My WordPress blog and show you how this Works but I could even take this content And what I could do is create a video From it I could take this and take it to Victory or any of those AI video editing Tools and I could throw this in there And have it create a video for me too so I'm going to go ahead and have it post To this blog as published for categories I'm going to do natural remedies and Guidance because it automatically pulls Your categories for you you can add some Tags if you want to I'm not going to Right now and then you can title it Right here I'm just going to leave it That and then click on post it only Takes a minute and then we're going to

Jump back over to our website here and Refresh it You can see here it is how to reduce Stress naturally so if we click on this You can see here this is our post it's Got our image and down at the bottom it Has our video so another post we have on Our website making it super easy to Automate this process that's less AI Detectable and yet you can see here that It has these subheadings in here that Are actually in h tags and so it breaks It down into subheadings we have our Video which is very relevant our image Which is very relevant and what I'm Going to do is I'm going to continue to Let that let it post these types of Articles on this website and we're going To see how well they start ranking as Well so that's it for this video just Wanted to share with you guys another Tool that I'm using in case you're Interested if you are all those links Are below this video If you guys enjoy These types of videos where I come in And review products and show you Different things and strategies that I'm Going to make money online be sure to Subscribe to my channel and I'll notify You when I upload new videos that's it For today have a great day

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