VIDIQ Review: YouTube + AI Tech EQUALS Unlimited Potential

Hey and welcome to vid Society so if You've been watching my channel over the Past few weeks you know that I like to Give out a ton of value and I'm going to Do the same in this video in fact I'm Going to show you with a new tool that I'm using with my YouTube channel uh the Stats of my channel and how much I'm Earning from ad Revenue as well and this Could be huge for some of you who's Thinking about building a channel like This and just wondering you know what Could I earn and add Revenue if I build A channel like this because because you Already know from some of my past videos That I make a decent amount from Affiliate marketing too so what I'm Going to do is jump in here and I'm Going to show you a new tool that I did It's not a new tool it's a tool that I Recently started using again I used to Use it in the past a lot and then I took It off because I just didn't find a Whole lot of benefit into it but now That AI technology has come out they've Integrated with AI technology and this Tool is absolutely amazing and I can Tell you this if you have a YouTube Channel and you use this tool you're Never going to wonder what to make your Next video on because you're going to Have tons of ideas and you're going to Know the most trending topics and Keywords to use so let's go ahead and

Jump into one of my videos and I'll show You exactly what I'm talking about and This is the tool called vid IQ now you Can see here in the top right I'm using Vid IQ with the Boost subscription so I'll put a link below this video that Will take you there where you can learn More about it and you can even sign up For free but if you upgrade to one of The paid plans which I'm using the Boost Right now for this channel then it gives You a lot more features like I'm going To show you in this video now first I Want to show you the things you can do On your video using vid IQ and then I'm Going to go inside of my vid IQ Dashboard and show you all the stats That it provides as well as keywords and Topics and niches and so much more so in This video you can see on the right hand Side that when you install vid IQ you Also get access to a Chrome extension Which I have installed up here at the Top now this adds a lot of extra Features to your YouTube channel if you Hover over here you can see all kinds of Information about your stats if you Click here it gives you a list of other Things you can do we're going to talk About but you can also see here your Views per hour myvid IQ score which Isn't good but that's okay I'm still Ranking number one in Google and YouTube For this which is why I never really go

By their score I kind of have my own Strategy for this and you can see here The total views and the duration and Down here my social engagement which It's saying is bad it says I have no YouTube likes on this which I'm not too Sure about that it must be because maybe I have my YouTube likes turned off so it Can't see them that's probably what it Is but as for as well as Facebook but Down here you can see my SEO score all Kinds of data about this video a video Optimization checklist if it finds any Controversial keywords which is really Important because they're saying the Controversial keywords can actually De-rank your video or not even get it Shown at all and this will show you here If it found any in your title Description or tags then it goes over Some Channel stats it also shows you Your video tags here and along with the Tags that you have for your video it Shows you where you're ranking in YouTube so you can see for this video What I wanted rank for was 11 Labs Review and if we scroll down to the Video tags you can see for 11 Labs Review I am ranked number one for it and Not just that but if we do a search on Google currently my video is right here Now what I want to do is go over here And click on edit video and it's going To take us into the back end of YouTube

Where it gives us more options and Things we can do they now integrate with AI so what you can do is enter a title Here or just something that you think Would be a good name for your video then You can click on get AI title Recommendations and it's going to give You recommendations for really engaging Video titles and these would actually be Really good especially if you wanted a Better chance of getting in YouTube Suggested or recommended video but for This video my goal was to get ranked for 11 Labs review so I wanted to make sure This was at the beginning of the title So I didn't use one of the ones that it Recommended here just for that reason You can also refresh this and get new Ideas if you want if you find one you Like you just click on use and it adds It and that's your video title now you Can also put in your search term here And preview it in the search results you Can also see the peak time and it says Here consider posting before as viewer Traffic grows so between around 6 a.m to 12 p.m or noon seems to be the ideal Time for me to post my videos now Depending on where you live in your Audience it may be different and Scrolling on down we have a vid IQ Scorecard and a checklist that we can go Over we also have an AI description Generator so if you can't come up with a

Description for your video guess what You can come down here and it says here These are recommended keywords for your Description based on your tags so what I'm going to do is just click on the Plus sign and add these and it's going To take these and generate a YouTube Description for me based on those and Here we have a couple paragraphs we can Simply click insert and have us a YouTube description added that easy it Gives us three different ideas here or We can refresh and get more or you can Change your keywords to something else But keep in mind once again depending on The subscription that you have with vid IQ you may or may not have access to all Of these features that I'm showing you Scrolling on down to the thumbnail if You don't want to design your own you Can simply click on create thumbnail and What it'll do is you can take a still Image from anywhere in your video and it Will turn that into a thumbnail for you You can use a solid collar you can use Another image you upload you can choose A caller for your thumbnail or some Other image or just use the current Thumbnail that you have and then if we Go down a little bit further we have our Tag section and here you can see where I Added in my tags and you can see there's Two different numbers here with each one Of these one in a light blue and one in

A dark blue and the the dark blue number Is where you're currently ranked at on YouTube so right now my 11 Labs review Rank number one 11 Labs voice cloning Rank number three then you have some Other options here for using templates For translating a keyword inspector Organizing tags you can copy your tags There is so much you can do with this Including a feature called boost this Video and if you click it it's going to Say we have new recommendations for you Of different tags that you can use and You can add to your tags which is very Helpful and then clear over here on the Left you're going to see where it also Adds links to daily ideas keyword Inspector competitors Trend alerts and So what I'm going to do now is jump over To my vid IQ dashboard and show you the Stats of my channel so here we are Inside of the dashboard of vid IQ and it Is absolutely loaded with information That you can use to grow your YouTube Channel so over here on the left hand Side you have your channel stats right Now I have mine set on 30 days you can See my views my subscribers and my Estimated revenue for the past 30 days Which is a little over thirty three Hundred dollars right now now this part Here this is one reason why I upgraded To the Boost option is because it gives Me all these different ideas and keyword

Opportunities that I can use for Creating new videos so if I log in here One day and I'm like I just don't have Any idea what I'm going to make a video On today I can come here to the Daily Ideas and I can look and see these Suggested ideas it's given me based on The current videos I already have on my YouTube channel and by looking at the Titles of these videos it can give me Ideas of new videos to make and if I Click on open daily ideas it's going to Expand that and show me a whole lot more Down through here now up here at the top Is customized ideas which means you can Add a keyword in there which I added Make money affiliate marketing and it's Pulling different ideas for me to use Here in case I want to make videos on These instead now we haven't even got to The good part yet so make sure you stick Around we also have ai title Recommendations so let's say you have a Video and you have an idea of what your You want it to be but you just can't get The title right well you can simply come Down here and you can put in what you What you think you're one title to be Such as how to use chat GPT click on get Title ideas and what it's going to do is It's going to create some amazing titles For you to use and all you have to do is Copy them and then you can paste them in Your video title they also have keyword

Opportunities so right here these are The top keyword opportunities based on What I already have on my YouTube Channel and then over here the estimated Search volume the competition and the Overall score which is a measure of how Attractive this keyword is to you as a Creator a higher number is better so These fit me perfect based on the Content I have on my channel but what I Want to do is dig into these keywords And find what I actually want to create Videos about so to do this we can come Up here and first we can go to daily Ideas and so what we can do is we can Come up here to daily ideas which I Already showed you what those were but If you click on keywords it's going to Open up this whole new section which is So valuable to a YouTuber because it Gives you top keyword opportunities it Gives you Rising keywords for today this Week or this month and you can expand These and view more of them by clicking These links here and it also has top Search terms for your channel so we can See what people are really searching for And how much they're actually watching The videos and this should give us a Really good idea of what our audience Likes from our channel so we can create More content around that but there's Another tab up here for top keyword Opportunity so if we click on this and

If you see this question mark it says Our algorithms identify keywords that Are opportunities for your channel use These keywords as ideas for your video Content you can always click the manage Button on the right to improve and Personalize the opportunities we suggest For you so if we come over here we can See all these keywords we can see search Volume we can see competition and Overall what you remember the higher This number the more likely it's going To be for our audience and so we can Come down through here and get so many Different ideas of what we want to Create our next video on but I want to Dig even deeper in this so what we can Do is we can scroll down through here And find one that we think we like so Let's just scroll down through here and Here's one that fits my channel really Good make money with chat GPT so if I Click on this it's going to expand it And show us so much more information Related keywords matching terms and what I consider a gold mine are the questions Section and this is what I wanted to get To because this here is what you can use To just create video after video after Video you can see here there are a 176 Questions and if we click on this it's Going to open up all of these questions Based upon this one keyword that we Clicked on and remember there were

Hundreds of keywords And we can see all these different ideas Of videos that we can create for our YouTube channel whether we're making it For an authority YouTube channel or a Faceless video YouTube channel you will Never run out of ideas or titles to use Now there's also another one here called Matching terms and what this does is it Uses your full keyword of make money With chat GPT and shows you other Keywords that has that exact phrase in It that you can use also as well as the Estimated search volume now jumping back Over here we can also go to top Search Terms for your channel and we can see What is most popular on my channel we Can also see Rising keywords these are Globalizing keywords across YouTube this Is also extremely valuable information That we can use to find out what is Currently trending what people are Really searching for on YouTube instead Of going out there and researching it Yourself because you can do this month You can do this week or if we do today We can click on that we can see what are The most popular search words people are Clicking on for today and so if you're Into like YouTube shorts or YouTube Shorts monetization you can see here Shorts monetization or YouTube shorts Monetization There's over 900 000 searches estimated

For this keyword right now and so you Could create a video for this and upload It and whether you have a new channel or Not chances are you're going to get Quite a few views on it just because It's a trending topic and people's going To find your video whether they're using YouTube filters or just searching Naturally on YouTube but let's say none Of these keywords fit what you're Wanting to make a video on so what you Could do is maybe come over here click On this month and then you could come Over to topics where it says all click It and you could choose a category based Upon your Niche and you can find all Different kinds of keywords that you can Use then that have a high search volume And are popular now there's also a Section for competitors where you can Compare your channel against your Competitors you can also learn more About your subscribers you can come over To the SEO section and it says showing 44 videos with 145 recommended tags and I could simply come down here click add All and it would add all of these tags And it's recommending for all my videos Two all 44 videos automatically and if You subscribe to their Max plan you Actually get recorded sessions with These leading YouTube creators and they Have these things going on all the time Like you can see this one here starts on

February the 9th at 12 o'clock and they Have all these videos on here where they Where they record them and if you didn't Make it or couldn't watch it they put Them here so you can watch them lastly There's something called AI coach and This is a personal AI coach where you Can ask them anything about YouTube Growth I don't know if this is Integrated directly with chat GPT or how It works but basically down here you can Tell it to do all kinds of stuff fix This title so you can paste in a title And it'll redo the title for you to Something much better write a script for YouTube video give me ideas write Descriptions about videos whatever you Can type it in here and it will throw Back some answers for you what I want to Do is jump over to the upgrade section Where you can learn about this plan Because if you you use the link that's Under this video and if you use that Coupon code you can save 35 percent for The first three months on either the pro Or the Boost plan and you can get the Pro for as little as ten dollars a month It doesn't give you all the information That I was wanting so I upgraded my plan To the Boost and you can see for one Channel it's about forty nine dollars a Month for three channels at 79 or five Channels it's 150. but what I was really Interested in was this part here the

Daily ideas the unlimited customization The AI description generator the latest Keyword Trends and writing keywords all Of this here is what I was really Wanting in this package and so that's Why I subscribe to this one for and then If you wanted to get the max we talked About that earlier this is where you can Get a dedicated group of coaches to Answer your toughest questions uh live Group coaching sessions with expert YouTubers two times per month and 24 Access to all of the recorded live Sessions and even access to their Discord community so if YouTube is what You're really wanting to dive into and Learn more about and grow your channel This tool can certainly help you to do It but since they integrated the AI Technology this tool has become so so Valuable to me and my business that's it For this video If you guys enjoy these Types of videos where I dive into these Types of reviews and just show you Products and show you training on how to Make money online with affiliate Marketing and AI technology then Subscribe to my channel and I'll see you On the next video

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