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Hey and welcome to vid Society in this Review I'm going to be talking to you About a brand new product that just Launched cold voice emotions AI so this Product is based around voiceovers and Emotions and what it can do is actually With all the variations that it has it Gives you the option to to also tweak And make these characters sound like They're cheerful scared frightened so What we're going to do today is we're Going to dive into this product and talk More about it but first there are some Links below this video you may be Interested in one of them is going to Take you to my website where I have a More in-depth review of this and you Also find out about all the upsells the Pricing and there's even a special Bundle deal that they're offering where If you pick up the full funnel at once Instead of buying all of them Individually you can save like 200 on it So be sure to check that out and there's Some bonuses listed on that page too so If you happen to buy it through that Page you get those bonuses in your Members area as well all right so let's Jump in here so I can show you how this Works so when you log into voice Emotions AI this is going to be your Dashboard it's going to break down and Show you here all your campaigns you've Created your audios your ebooks because

It can do ebooks too uh well convert Ebooks into audio so let's go over here And jump into this so first you have Your AI text-to-speech this is the main Area where you're going to be generating Your AI text-to-speech files so all you Have to do is come up here and click on Create new and this is super easy to use So over here the first thing you're Going to do is you're going to choose The character that you want to use for Generating your AI voice over so we're Going to click on her and you want to do This because by default they have it set Up to South Africa so if you paste in Text and if you don't speak English You're going to be a little confused so Make sure you go in here and you change This and what you want to do is just Type in States and you'll see here English United States but there's also Spanish and there's a lot of these other Ones so if I scroll through here you can See that there's all different countries All different languages that you can Choose from but we're going to go up Here I'm going to type in States and Click on United States for English and These are the voiceovers that we have Here and you can see if you pick up the Pro version which I highly recommend you Do because the voiceovers on the pro Version make it worth it so actually the Main ones that I use are on the pro

Version like area she sounds really good Let's listen just to a second of her Hi I'm Arya I can convert your text to a human Sounding voice so that sounds pretty Decent and then you have Jason Hi I'm Jason I can convert your text to a human Sounding voice so these sound pretty Decent and definitely much better than a Lot of these previous AI voices that's Been out there so let's go ahead and We're just going to choose area for now So I'm going to click on select but Before I do that there are other filters Up here you can use so you can come up Here and you can choose between male and Female and it'll filter those out you Can also choose your style but we'll do That here in a minute let's go ahead and Select area And then we're going to click close And now what you want to do is paste in Your text here that you want to convert To audio so we're going to come up here And we're going to do paste as plain Text and uh let's go ahead and have her Read some of this now when you preview This it's only going to preview the First 100 characters so it won't read All of this in the preview but let's Hear what it sounds like Not only does voice motions AI support a Wide range of languages but it also

Allows users to customize okay so you Can see she stopped here on customize And then up here you can see you have Some options so under this drop down box If we tick it you can see we can choose From different emotions so this is Pretty neat so let's do example Terrified so let's click on this and Listen to the difference Not only does voice motion's AI support A wide range of languages but it also Allows users to customize Okay so you can hear that for some Reason it's not it's not pronouncing the Word customized very well but let's go Ahead and try a different one here we'll Do shouting not only does voice motion Say They are so you can see the difference In choosing these options and how you Can use them depending on what you're Trying to create for your audio so There's newscasters there's cheerful Empathetic customer service they're sad Excited unfriendly Whispering Whispering's really neat actually listen To this Not only does voice motion say I support A wide range of languages Stonewise so that is probably one of my Favorite ones although I don't think I'd Ever use it for anything uh but I tend To like that one the most out of all These and then you can add another block

Here and let's say maybe you want to add Another section to this audio file and What you can do is come over here and Maybe pick somebody different So let's get down here and listen just a Couple of these others I want to make Sure I come back up here And do United States actually let's do United or English Kingdom so you can see Here you get different you get different Characters or actors based upon the area That you choose here let's try Sonia Hello I'm Sonia I can convert your text to a human okay Let's do one of the regular ones Hello I'm Abby I can convert your text to a human Sounding voice okay so that's not bad at All either and that comes standard with The front end Hello I'm Alfie I can convert your text to a hue hello I'm Elliot I can convert your text to a human sound This one actually sounds really good too So you need to go through here and Listen to these once you get in it Because some of them they do have that Slight uh kind of robotic voice you can Still notice in the background but you Have so many choices and you can change Their emotions and stuff you can you can Really work with them to make them sound Like almost what you really need okay I

Think I like Elias we're going to go Ahead and select him And then close so let's go ahead and Paste this text in here for this one To paste is plain text and play Not only does voice motions AI support a Wide range of languages but it also Allows users to customize okay so that Sounds pretty good now when you're done With this you can come down here and They have background music you can add So if you click on background music Let's go ahead and do music you can Upload your own we'll click on music Because they have some of their own in Here and you can kind of scroll through Here see what you like let's do Something like maybe happy let's listen To it Okay that's actually good now what I Recommend you do is turn down the Background volume because at 0.5 the Background music is going to be really Loud compared to the voices so what I Like to do is turn this down to about 0.2 click save and then we're going to Generate it You can enter a name for it we'll do This one just call it VM for voice Emotions and then click submit We'll give it just a minute here it Doesn't take very long at all for it to Generate just a few sentences like this You can see it's ready let's go ahead

And play it Only does voice motions AI support a Wide range of languages but it also Allows users to customize the Voice's Tone speed and other attributes Not only does voice motions AI support a Wide range of languages but it also Allows users to customize the Voice's Tone speed and other attributes so there You go it's that easy to generate these Voice overs now the other thing you can Do is if you come over here you see Where it says audio books you can click On this create an audio book and here You can choose your language once again Let's just do English Australia and you Have three characters here actors you Can use and then you can choose their Emotion you can type in your text here And then you can generate that audio File right here there's also an AI Content writer so with here if you click On generate new what you can do is you Can create content for it to read from The text to speech so you can come up Here maybe get ideas for other things You want to post and then you can take That to your your text to speech paste It in there and then they will read that And then depending on the options you Get for the upsells which once again are Covered on my website the links below This video uh you can add team members Here and then there's an option for also

Transcribing so this is very useful if Maybe you have an audio file or even a Video you can upload those here and it's Going to generate the text for you from That that then you can paste into the Text to speech and convert it to an AI Voiceover now the front end of this Product is only going to be thirty seven Dollars like I said there are a few Upsells that you can read about on my Website and if you decide to there's Also a link on there where you can pick Up the entire bundle and save 200 if you Want to do that that's it for this video Guys I hope you enjoyed this review if You do like these in-depth reviews be Sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel So you can learn more about these Products before you invest in them

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