YT Influencer Review: Affiliate Marketing With YouTube Training

Hey and welcome to vid Society in this Video I want to talk about my new course That launches today on February the 27th Called YT influencer now in this video I'm going to walk you through this Entire course show you what you get if You decide you want to pick it up but Right off I'm going to tell you that if You pick it up during the first five Days it's going to be 12.95 and there's 29 videos in this Showing you how I do affiliate marketing And earn over six figures every single Year while getting thousands of dollars Worth of free products every month now After March 3rd the product price goes Up to 47 so this is the home page and I'm not going to take you through and Show you everything on here you guys can Come visit the website at I'll put the link below This video and you can come here check It out yourself watch the video there's A demo video on this page as well but What I'm going to do is take you inside The course and show you what you get so This is the Welcome Center immediately After you purchase now before I jump Into this I want to mention to a lot of You are probably wondering well why Should I buy this course from you anyway And who are you because I'm sure a lot Of people watches my YouTube channel They don't know my background who I am

Or what I've done so I've been YouTube Marketing now for uh well over 10 years And during that time I have had Thousands of YouTube channels and I know You may think that's crazy there's no Way but there was a point in time in YouTube when you could do something Called Mass video marketing and use Automated systems and software in order To create hundreds or thousands of Videos and upload to hundreds or Thousands of YouTube channels and so at One point I have tens of thousands of Videos out there I've had so much Experience with YouTube with ranking I Ended up starting my own YouTube SEO Ranking agency and I have hundreds of Clients all over the world and in 2013 I Was able to leave my full-time job to Support my family Through YouTube affiliate marketing and This has become my passion this is what I love to do and that is promoting other People's products and services through YouTube and that is exactly what this Course teaches you and it's even great For complete beginners so if you Purchase this course you're going to be Redirected to the Welcome Center here And this welcome page has a welcome Video and I highly recommend you watch It so you understand better how this Course works and how to navigate through It there's also going to be three upsell

Offers these are completely optional but If you want additional training to help You even go further with affiliate Marketing you're going to have the Option to view a complete case study Where I was able to make over four Hundred thousand dollars in just three Months from one of my YouTube channels Last year and I provide that case study Here it's also available in the upsells After you pick up YT influencer it's 27 If you want to see that and see how I Was able to do it there's also training On launch jacking this is a sixty seven Dollar course which has additional Videos in it showing you how you can Benefit and earn six figures a year from A strategy called launch jacking and Then there's another section called Expert ranker training This is where I really dive into using Other services including buying views And subscribers and even using real People to go out and watch your video And search for it click it interact with It which is going to drastically boost Your rankings in YouTube and I have case Studies to prove that showing you how All that works this course here is a Hundred and forty seven dollars if you Want access to it and one reason this Costs so much is because I have spent Well over ten thousand dollars in Testing some of these services and

Creating my own service that will allow You to rank your videos well above your Competition and on top of that I give You a 20 coupon you can use for my own YouTube ranking agency Services now if You want to start off fast promoting YT Influencer yourself after you purchase It you can scroll down below here and You can come to this link where it says Grab your affiliate link and if you Click this it's going to redirect you Here to jvzoo and you're going to see There's going to be a box here it says Request link and you click that and You're automatically going to be Approved if you refresh your page There's going to be a link here and you Can grab that link and share it with Your subscribers with your email list or Whoever and if they purchase you get 50 Of the commissions of anything they buy And one of the easiest ways to do that Starting off is simply by copying this Image here and pasting it to your Facebook page and then copying this text Here and of course you can edit this Text and adjust it if you want to and Using this as the text when you post This image and that's going to be shared With all the people and all your friends And that way you have a really good Chance of making more sales especially During the first week when it's only Going to be 12.95 okay so let's jump

Into the training uh the training center Here In here uh there's close to 30 videos in Here right now and it's it's broke down Into three sections preparing taking Action and case studies and case studies I'll be adding more to this over time But so far there's four case studies in Here showing you step by step this Process it just works I show you videos That I make videos that I rank if we Come back up here to the top I explained You the type of YouTube channels you Need to create as an affiliate marketer To do well with affiliate marketing I Show you tons of proof in this that it Works and what I'm doing with it And then I'm going to talk about Affiliate networks affiliate products And then different types of videos you Can make as an affiliate marketer for Best conversions under the taking action Video series I'm going to show you how To set up your YouTube channel how to Verify it so you can put affiliate links In your YouTube description and then I Go into recording physical products Recording digital products editing your Videos and then also how to rank without Owning your own product and this is one Of the first ways I ever started Promoting affiliate products was that I Would do product reviews of products I Didn't even own and I did very well with

It in fact I even won some contest by Doing this way so this is a very unique Strategy it just works scrolling on down I also show you how to create faceless Videos using AI how to create thumbnails Easily and for free I explained a YouTube algorithm how it works to rank Videos I give you examples of this we Talk about YouTube filters cloaking your Affiliate links so they don't look Ugly there's two different strategies in Here that you can use for that adding Vid IQ to your YouTube channel because This can be a huge benefit to showing You a lot of keywords how you rank and Potential keywords you can rank for and Even do videos on and then you have your Case studies down here so this is all in The initial training for 12.95 now if You purchase any of the upsells I want To take you in and show you what those Are too so if you come up here to more Training you can see there is a VIP Facebook group so let me talk about this First this is going to be seven dollars A month and the reason I'm charging for This is because I want to be more Involved in helping you guys to succeed And it's so difficult for me to do that Through email and Facebook Messenger so I'm creating this Facebook group Specifically for people who buy the YT Influencer course and if you subscribe To this Facebook group you can join it

Where I'm going to be in there you can Ask me any questions you want to about Affiliate marketing about YouTube Marketing and I'm going to help you Through it so there's no there's not Going gonna be no obstacles you're not Going to be able to overcome I can help You walk through it on top of that I'm Going to be offering giveaways there's Going to be socializing with a lot of Other YouTube influencers who are doing The same thing that you are so this can Probably be one of the most important Parts to Growing your YouTube business Is this Facebook group now I've already Talked about the four hundred thousand Dollar case study this is just one video That explains that it shows you that YouTube channel and what I did to do That next is a launch jacking training So let's go ahead and open this one up As well as the expert ranker and this Here is my agency YouTube course this is If you want to learn how I built my Agency and built my YouTube ranking Service and how I hire tens of thousands Of people every year to do this for me So this is uh this is a big upsell it's Definitely not going to be for everybody But if maybe you're an agency or Something you might be interested in Looking into that now jumping over to The launch jacking training this here I'm going to explain to you what launch

Jacking is guys this is is a strategy That for a long time was really really Popular but today I'm not seeing a whole Lot of people do it and this is actually How I earn my six figures online was Through launch jacking and this is a Strategy where you take advantage of Brand new products that are being Launched brand new uh training courses Uh digital products that are launching And you're getting in front of everybody As soon as this product launches which Means you're going to be already ranked For it so when people go searching YouTube or Google for it they're going To find your video and there's much more Chance of them clicking on your Affiliate link than somebody else's to Buy that product giving you that Commission which can be 50 commissions Or even 75 commissions for that product I'll then show you where you find these Products and how you can increase your Chances of getting approved for it how You use the affiliate links from these Networks making your video what you need To focus on when you create these types Of videos optimizing it for ranking Offering bonuses to increase your Conversions how to build your email list While doing all of this which is a huge Part to affiliate marketing so you can Future Market to your customers and Offer them great products when you find

Them and then also I show you a case Study here of a recent product that I Did for launch jacking and how I earned Over eight thousand dollars and just Like a period of three to four days and Then finally is the advanced ranking Training so in this series I want to Talk to you about growing your channel Organically because a lot of people Prefer to do that but this course Doesn't cover much of growing it Organically it's more about using Services to really get ahead fast of Your competition and to build your Channel fast so you build it with a lot Of authority and you start ranking much Faster and using these strategies can be A bit more risky because obviously You're you're manipulating the YouTube Algorithm a little bit and so YouTube Does not like that but this is how I Start all of my YouTube channels this is What I do for my clients it's up to you Whether you want to do it and take that Risk but what I do is I talk about how To use different types of services to Grow your YouTube channel how to grow And rank really fast I show two Different case studies of ranking and How fast you could rank as well as Buying views and subscribers from Different places and the benefits of it And then a step-by-step blueprint for Success of how I start all of my YouTube

Channels and how every single time they Work and they grow fast and earn me Affiliate commissions so this is YT Influencer if you guys want to pick it Up like I said starting today is 12.95 To get those initial 29 videos to learn How all this is done and then you can Add the upsells if you feel like it's Something that's going to benefit you or Your business now if you've got any Questions you can leave them below this Video otherwise I hope to see you guys Inside that Facebook group

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